Wednesday, October 18, 2017

We took Jackson out to site in some guns today. He sure is a good kid and is really funny. He makes it fun to be around him!

These two are such dorks together! haha!

I have such a good husband! He is such an example to me! He doesn't ever hesitate to serve! The other day we were just finishing up scouts outside; sending the boys home, and a lady that was walking up the sidewalks asks us to make sure the neighbor didn't tow her car because she just got a flat tire, and was heading for the church to sit inside and wait. Taylor immediately offered to help her. She hesitated saying she just called her husband and we were enjoying family time. I assured her that we were having scouts, it was over, and that we didn't have anywhere to be. Anyway, Taylor changed out the flat for her spare. She was super and grateful and appreciative. The next evening this card was left in door. Such a generous gesture! Looks like we'll be having a date night to Olive Garden on her! 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Not a ton of pictures since everyone has left. I've been playing catch up with work, laundry, two church callings, and the normal housework.

This made me happy. I never know how true anything is anymore, but non the less. Let it be written, though; Lehi is a great place to live!

 Kenadee went to a swim meet here in Lehi to watch her friend, little did we know her cousins were also at this meet! I had too much going on and couldn't run over there, but I enjoyed this picture my sister-in-law text me. 

Grandma gave the kids gift cards for their birthdays and they finally got to shopping. I sent this picture to my mom; I knew she'd appreciate it. :)

We were getting caught up watching this season's Survivor; Kolbi clearly loved it. It was like 8:00. haha!

Then Clint sent these pictures, which are adorable! I am so happy for them!! It's a big deal to buy a house and I am so happy that they have found a place that's perfect for them!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kolbi had a great first game tonight! It was hilariously adorable to watch! Kolbi has a lot of friends on the team, including this cutie, Aftyn. It was so sweet of my Dad to stay to watch the game! He made Kolbi feel so special! He is such a good grandpa!

Monday, October 9, 2017

It's bittersweet that our kids have outgrown this little motorcycle. It's just another sign of them growing up. Clint has been asking for years of when we're ready to sell it. So the sweet part of it is that my cute nephew gets to ride it now. It was a very tender moment to watch Cash ride it for the first time! I'm so grateful we could be there to see it. Cash was super tough and was reassuring everyone, "I'm ok!" when he'd fall over. So cute! Then Clint's reaction.... the sweetest thing to watch. He was very emotional and it was so awesome. I don't get to see my siblings be parents very often, but this was a cool experience. Something I'll always remember.

Today was all about the food! We hit up Bahama Bucks! I haven't been there for years and forgot how delicious it is! I'll be hitting that place up come summer time!

My kids were out of school by the time we got back, so we loaded everyone up and went to the pumpkin patch. The kids had a blast running around together and picking out pumpkins!

More food! Baked Bear with the whole gang this time. :)

Then some delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse with just the adults! Yummy!

The kids made time to run around as super heroes with robes and blankets as their capes. It is so sweet to see them be friends!

I can't believe this visit is over! Mom, Courtney, Heath, and Izzy leave tonight and then Clint, Natasha, Cash, and Kendall leave tomorrow morning. Dad is sticking around till Wednesday morning because Kolbi has her first ever basketball game tomorrow evening. It is always SO good to have family in town! It's crazy because we don't know when we'll see each other again! There isn't another event happening; so we'll have to make it a priority; come up with a plan and make it a plan!