Friday, October 6, 2017

My family is in town! My family is in town! Hooray!!

The kids braided grandpa's hair. HA!

We got some good shopping in before doing the prep for the baptism. I love being able to do the simple things with my family! 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I'm not even sure why it was just Kolbi and I, but we got dinner just the two of us at Whistle Wok. We both love this place! 

 I've been wanting to an escape room for a while and luckily all the Becks wanted to also! The room definitely got loud but we had a blast! It was the hardest room possible and we were shocked at how much we were struggling! Some how we finished with just barely 30 seconds before time was up. :) Megan was awesome and took a bunch of pictures while we realized how not smart we were! 

We did a little geocaching for part of our adventure during Webelos yesterday. The boys seemed to really enjoy it!

Then today is the Beck's 40th anniversary! Hooray for them!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Conference weekend! Jackson got to go with the other Priesthood holders to watch that session. Yay!

 While the boys watched, the girls and younger boys played! Jeri had all the supplies bought and ready for everyone to make bath bombs. Kenadee loves bath bombs and the rest of us were excited to try some. Fisher was SO excited and was involved in making a ton of them! 

Then some more General Conference on Sunday followed by dinner at the Becks. I really like spending time at my in-laws!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Kenadee's softball team ended last week. They ended up being undefeated the entire season and won first place in the tournament. Those made for some good games over the last few weeks!

Jackson has a few more games for this season. Both kids sure have improved this year!

Friday, September 29, 2017

The kids have started hunting for the muzzleloader. Taylor has taken them both out a bunch of times. Kenadee was taking pictures,

then Taylor told her shut up because they were putting a stock on one and she was trying to get the boys to stand in a certain spot for a picture. haha! This picture made me laugh. I could just see it happening! Jackson gets first dibs and has gotten one shot off, but missed. All 3 of them have had a blast every time they've gone out. It makes my heart to so happy to see these memories being made. :)

Taylor has been working 4 10's at his new job at Bullfrog Spas, so he has every Friday off for hunting. Super convenient, right?! So one Friday, they woke up early and hunted, then after getting lunch at home and chilling for a few hours, they took off again, this time with the horses.

Meanwhile, I took Fisher and Kolbi out to Cafe Rio. :)