Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kenadee is spending so much time with her friends lately! It's weird to not have her around much, but she's been having a good time. 

I screen shot this from a video my mom sent me. She went to the Neil Diamond concert with a few of my cousin in Portland. I loved seeing the video of my mom and she had the time of her life! 

We've spent lots of time at the pool! I love the Lehi outdoor pool! It is so close and convenient, plus the kids always find a friend there! 

The new horse, Gus, had some goop eye so we were up there 1-2 a day giving him medicine. Kolbi was the only one home one evening, so she went with us. 

I got invited to play volleyball with some neighborhood ladies. I didn't dare commit to playing every game so I'm just a sub, but I am loving it! I haven't played in lots of years and have forgotten just how much I love it! I made a lot of digs and came home with bruised arms more than once. I even played against Trisha Millet from my home town! It was a shock, but was also so good to see her for a few minutes!

Just a random pictures of brothers sitting on the deck. 

I worked some in the summer lunch program that the governments provides. I worked a few days in American Fork, then 3 weeks in Orem. These positions go fast when one opens up and it's hard to get into, but I don't think I'll do it again. The kids were old enough for me to be gone, but I hated being gone that long! I felt like I lost 3 weeks of my summer, too. I got to work with Heather for all 3 weeks in Orem, so that was great. Jana even got to work with us one day.