Saturday, July 29, 2017

Taylor took Jackson on a little over nighter campout and hike to Lake Hardy the next morning. I was totally jealous, but so, SO happy that Jackson got that opportunity!! It looks like they had a blast!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Pioneer Day happenings... 
my cousin posted this and it made me so happy. :)

We went to the Thomas' house for a bbq and fireworks. They always put on a good show and we love catching up with our friends. 

Taylor had to work on the 24th, for the first time ever, so I made plans with Gwen and we went to Wheeler Farm for the first time. The kids all enjoyed having a friend which makes it much more fun for everyone!

We decided to make a day out of it and got treats at the dollar store then to the dollar theater. Fun and entertaining day!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Kenadee's date night! Yay! We were so excited to hang out with her after she'd been gone at camp. :) We took her to the play Beauty and the Beast, which was way better than I thought it'd be!! Then out to get ice cream! She is such a fun girl and so confident and responsible! I am so glad I was blessed with her!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jackson was invited to go to Deer Creek with some friends. Looks like he had a great time. He got to wakeboard for the first time; he got up on his second try. 

The Hooper's came into town for a weeks weeks. The baby they are adopting is being delivered in Vegas so they came "home" while playing the waiting game. We got to see them a few times while they were here and even got to meet baby Finley! I am so happy for their cute family and I also they move back here! 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

We have never been to Bear Lake, so when Jackson had a baseball tournament here it was the perfect excuse to take off for the weekend! The tournament was in Montpelier and it's the smallest little town with one gas station and grocery store, but also kind of cool. There were wooden bears everyone and we couldn't help getting some pictures with them. 

 There were literally over 700 pictures on my real camera.... So this really is the condensed version. 

 Jackson only had one game on Friday so we spent the other half of the day at the lake! Jed and Megan happen to be at Bear Lake for their annual get away with the family's good friends. It was so nice of them to take us out on the boat and let us hang with them for a few hours. I have only been on a boat once and Kenadee also once, when she was a baby. So we had a lot of firsts!

I tried getting up on the wake board probably a dozen times total. I got up twice, but couldn't stay up very long. I didn't realize how exhausted I was from trying till it was attempt 12 and my grip was so weak, I couldn't even hold on anymore. I was SO sore that evening and the next day. I was shocked at how exhausted my body was! Such a fun time though! 

This kid! His first try on skis and he was up! He stayed up a long time too! I was SO impressed!

Fisher tried a few times and just couldn't quite get it. 

Taylor got up on his second try; it's like riding a bike!

Kenadee tried a few times, was super close, but just couldn't get it. Not to be outdone by her little brother, she had to try one more time and totally got up!

After a half day at the lake, we went back to the little motel and enjoyed some AC, a shower, wifi, and movie. I couldn't believe how curly my hair was!

Snuggling in one bed watching a movie after a long day. I also introduced the kids to the game show network, because that's better than the disney channel. Haha! 

This weekend really was a prefect mix of baseball games, relaxing, friends, and chilling at the beach. Jackson played well all weekend; getting some base hits, and making plays in both right field and second. I really like watching my kids play sports!

More time at the lake Saturday, after the game and before heading home. This time we took the tube out. I giggled the entire time! I loved it! I freaking loved being on the lake.

 The Rasmussen's and Bennett's were seriously SO sweet and accommodating letting us crash their party and use all their stuff! I can't believe what nice people they all are! 

Fisher found a $1 that got washed up. He was beyond thrilled!

Kolbi sliced her foot right as we were about to start heading home. It wasn't that bad, but she freaks out when she see blood. 

We tried the legendary raspberry shakes on the way out of town and they did not disappoint! They were fantastic!!