Thursday, June 29, 2017

Uh, I love these two! 

Taylor was traveling for 4 for a work training. He said it was ok and I tried to be a really fun mom while he was gone. 

A little grocery shopping... and eating. :)

Ride bikes to get Happy Meals. Check! 

Jackson and a friend played "Better Than". They started out with some batteries and ended up with this hiking fanny pack and a mini basketball hoop. haha! We have such a nice neighborhood that will 
play along with these tween boys. 

Since Taylor was gone for 3 nights (well, 4, but one was a Sunday) the kids took turns having a late night each night. We tend to have a bunch of kids at our house anyway, but the kids each felt special getting a designated night of their own. Sweet heart Kolbi offered to have hers a different week. Ah!

He got home late last night and we had a little morning date to Kneaders this morning. :) I sure miss this guy while he's gone!