Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer Fun 2017!!

We wasted no time getting things checked off once coming home from our trip. 

Sonic's happy hour. Check!

Visit a new park. Check! 

Go to a motorcycle race. Check! (two in one week. haha!) We all really love these!

We also had an "ability walk" to support our niece Ada. All the money that is earned/donated goes to families with kids with disabilities for their treatments and therapies. It was pretty awesome! They had a bunch of carnival games and characters and mascots. 

Oh man. I hate grocery shopping in the summer. The kids eat SO much more when they are home all day! It seriously blows my mind how much more money I spend on food in the summer. 

I saw this on instagram and it's so true! But if you asked my kids, they'd tell you how often I tell them no that they can't have a snack!