Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fisher was so cute one morning! He was about to go to a friend's house and came back to me while I was cleaning the kitchen and asked, "Has anyone given you a hug yet, today?!" No one had, so I appreciated this one very much!

This was the first of many trips to 7 Peaks. The kids rotate of who gets to invites friends. 

Summer fun list item: get free breakfast and lunch. Check! The government has a program set up so that kids can get free meals during the summer. It rotates which school is it at, but stays at each participating school for a weeks. It is currently in American Fork, which is the closest one to us and I had a friend working there, so we showed up. I ended up being asked to work and picked up 4 days worth of hours. 

Sodalicious. Check!

Jackson has been dying to try to hydro drip some stuff, so I let him till his heart's content. 

Krispy Kreme. Check!