Friday, June 30, 2017

Yesterday Taylor and I took our webelos group to hike to Battlecreek falls. They were all very well behaved! I enjoy this calling! About 4 months ago we got a second calling, teaching 5 year olds in primary. I'm getting worn down of having two callings; as soon as one is done for the week I need to start prepping for the second one. Anyway, we had one boy who couldn't make it so we let Fisher tag along; he'll be joining our group of boys in two months anyway. The hike was great and it was great to spend some time with Taylor after he'd been gone all week. We also got the courtesy cones from Arctic Circle on the way home too. :)

Why not add another late night this week?! All the girl cousins came over to hang out and eat pizza for the evening. I love having them over and love that they all have each other!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Uh, I love these two! 

Taylor was traveling for 4 for a work training. He said it was ok and I tried to be a really fun mom while he was gone. 

A little grocery shopping... and eating. :)

Ride bikes to get Happy Meals. Check! 

Jackson and a friend played "Better Than". They started out with some batteries and ended up with this hiking fanny pack and a mini basketball hoop. haha! We have such a nice neighborhood that will 
play along with these tween boys. 

Since Taylor was gone for 3 nights (well, 4, but one was a Sunday) the kids took turns having a late night each night. We tend to have a bunch of kids at our house anyway, but the kids each felt special getting a designated night of their own. Sweet heart Kolbi offered to have hers a different week. Ah!

He got home late last night and we had a little morning date to Kneaders this morning. :) I sure miss this guy while he's gone!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer is my favorite!! I love lazy summer days spent by the pool!! 
We are checking a few things off our fun list. :)
We took the kids to pick out their own little bundt-let. 
We went to the movie theater.
We rode bikes to get Happy Meals. 
We ate ice cream for dinner
we had several late night with friends. 

It works out really nice that two kids at a time get to invite a friend with us on our summer adventures. It's fun that they get a friend and it also makes it so there is less fighting! 

haha! Yep, this is me!

Kenadee's coach sent this to me. She actually got picked up for state from another team. Yay! That was an awesome and very unexpected phone call. I'm so excited her season isn't done!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I love the Lehi Roundup! There are always fun activities that keep us plenty entertained! We went to a concert in the park, a skate board competition, a pet talent show (learning about and watching the police dogs was pretty awesome!), the stock parade, the rodeo (which was a first for Kenadee, Fisher, and Jackson), and the big parade. It really is the funnest week! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I'm so grateful for Taylor! There isn't a single day where I don't love and appreciate him. It's totally cliche, but he helps me be a better person every day! He helps me to see a different prospective, not be so fast to judge, to love unconditionally, to forgive easier, and to be more open minded. He really is my better half and the glue that holds this family together. I love this man so much! Happy Father's Day babe!

Kolbi has this huge craft bucket and made this gift all by herself! I was so impressed! She found a picture of her with him and clipped it to the bag. She even had those little crinkle papers at the bottom of the bag; so cutesy! 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Round two of 7 Peaks. This time without any friends. It was awesome too! My kids got along so great with each other. I was able to go down a few slides with Kenadee and Jackson. It was a great day!

Taylor was asked to go on a scout over nighter with Jackson's troop. He really didn't want to go, but happily helped and even taught a class about sharpening saws and knives. I sent this to him of us shopping. 

Taylor was telling me some stories about how he had to get after a couple of boys, pretty hard too, a few times. Remember, not only are every one of those boys Jackson's friends, but we were their Webelos leaders too. But Taylor also said how good Jackson was behaving. It made me so happy to hear! Even though I could see Jackson doing some of those same naughty things, he didn't. He was the first to work and offer to help. I later asked his scout leader if he was always so well behaved and he confirmed that he was. Happy, happy momma heart! Jackson can be a punk; I mean he's an 11 year old boy, but he is also thoughtful and obedient. He also destroyed everyone in the rope tying competition. That's always fun, too. :)

Dave and Jed were both out of town so Taylor needed to go feed the horse and mules. He sent this selfie to Jed as proof that he didn't forget. haha.

Then we headed down to Spanish Fork for a bbq with friends. The Hoopers moved 1.5 years ago to Charolette. So we haven't all been together since then. But they are adopting a baby that is being delivered in Vegas so they are over for that!! Hooray! We are all so excited to see this baby and so happy for their family!