Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We left for Arizona once everyone was home from their last day of school on Thursday! Yay! It's been 3 years since we've been down there so it was long over due! We stopped for the night when we were about half way there, and let the kids swim before going to bed. Then getting back on the rode early to finish the drive. 

We made it and had a great time meeting baby Kendall. She is so adorable and well mannered and also has the best hair!

Fisher wanted to spend every waking moment next to Cash. He is so good with younger kids! It was cute to watch them play together. 

Clint had a motorcycle race Saturday morning. I was so excited! After how many years of my brother riding, I've never seen him race. My dad got there super early with Clint and they had a whole set up going on by the time we got there. It was pretty awesome. Clint unfortunately got a major flat tire in the first lap. We were bummed, but there were a ton of crashes and injuries. One person even got life-flighted out. So, we'll all gladly take the flat over an alternative. We stayed and watched a bunch of other races and got SO dirty and dusty from being so close during the side-by-side races. 

After spending like 6 hours at the races, we grabbed some pizza and ate it at the lake. We took advantage of the great lighting and got a bunch of cousin pictures. It was totally chill and a great way to end the day!

Despite multiple applications of sunscreen, my sister and I ended up with identical burn lines. Oops.

Kendall is such a good baby! She would swing and just smile at anyone who would talk to her. She is just darling!

Next up was Kendall's blessing day!! She looked perfect in her blessing dress, which was also Natasha's dress (and shoes) from when she was blessed! I couldn't believe what good condition it was in and also totally in style! Clint did a great job giving her the blessing. He couldn't hold back his emotions and it was very special to be there to see and feel it. :)

Natasha's parents offered to switch houses with them so that all of us could stay in their big house. It was SO generous and so lovely. There was so much space for everyone. Prescott is such a beautiful area! I really liked it here!

Clint and Natasha have a tradition of going out to eat on Memorial Day and they let us all tag along. It was the coolest country restaurant! The portions were huge and delicious! Court left for the day to see one of Heath's old friends, so they missed this days events.

After breakfast we walked across the street to the courthouse where there was an art show going on. There are some crazy talented people in this world! One of my favorites said he did all of his drawings with a #2 pencil! Wow! Then I also loved all the Indian chiefs and ones of Native American children. 

Grandpa got all the grandkids some ice cream from the cutest little candy shop in downtown Prescott.  

No pictures of proof, but my family of 6 and my dad went out to a local school and played some whiffle ball. It was SO much fun! My dad played so hard! It was awesome. 

Then a few last random pictures. :)

We got to celebrate my Mom's birthday real quick before we needed to leave to back home. I seriously love every moment I get to spend time with my family! When you don't see each other very often, you don't have time to take advantage of! I just LOVE my family!