Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jackson had his maturation program and he begged for Taylor to go with him and NOT me! haha! It sounds like the guy did a really good job!

For Easter the kids each got a coupon to go out to ice cream with just Dad and Mom. They all seemed surprising exciting about it! We took Kenadee to get gelato and Harmons, Kolbi got a shake at Culver's, Fisher picked Froyo, and we took Jackson to Baked Bear. All of which were really yummy, but the gelato was definitely my favorite!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Kenadee is TEENAGER! Insane! I remember this being a big deal to myself when I turned 13, so I tried to make it special. I even got the fancy balloons from the local party store. haha! She wanted either cinnamon rolls or french toast for breakfast. Before deciding, she asked which one she could eat more of. HA! French toast it was!

It was time for a phone. She's responsible and I'm ready to get ahold of her whenever I want! She isn't  going to love the restrictions, but it isn't a toy; it's a tool. 

She wanted donuts for dessert, so we picked the "alligator" from Lehi Bakery. :)

I wanted to take Kenadee out to lunch without her siblings and she chose Costa Vida's nachos. Heck yes! 

Kenadee is such a good girl, she has her weaknesses, but is always trying to improve and be more Christ-like! She is brave, strong, obedient, thoughtful, respectful, and so outgoing! She can talk to anyone and that is actually something the families she babysits tell me! She is so personal and friendly! She has done nothing but bless all our lives! Love you Kenadee and I am so proud of you!

I felt so bad for not getting Kenadee a ticket to the race. If I could have gone back a few weeks, I would have made a different decision. :(  Oh well. I'm cheap and after the phone and softball gear, I couldn't justify the cost. She had her best friend over though with her at home, so hopefully that lightened the blow. 

We rode Trax up to the stadium, per a recommendation of our brother-in-law, and that fantastic! 

It was such a good race! I loved every second of it! I absolutely loved having my family come into town for those two days! I always look forward to any chance for making memories with them!

Friday, April 21, 2017

I called my dad back in February and asked if he'd come visit sometime soon. He said he had just looked at the SuperCross schedule and they were scheduled to race in Salt Lake on Kenadee's birthday. They haven't been to Utah in like 5+ years or something like that. So come April, he and my brother decided to buzz up for a quite two day trip. So awesome! They got into town late Thursday night and stayed until Sunday morning. 

I had to work early Friday morning, so when I got home, I took the kids to the park while Taylor, Kenadee, and Clint went to shoot the muzzleloader. I took my real camera and ended up with a bunch of pictures. :)

My dad has been growing out his hair. He said he wants to get it long enough for a pony tail; I couldn't tell if he was serious or not. haha. The kids loved combing it and if Grandpa was sitting down, Kolbi was in his lap. It was really cool. He's a fun Grandpa to them. 

We went out to eat a lot while they were in town. The first night called for a family favorite, Pizza Factory! The kids got two colors of crayons and they each got the same colors as each other. I was impressed with how Kenadee made those two colors work! They have the best chicken alfredo pizza! We actually had leftovers too! 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I love Easter! I love being able to celebrate Christ's resurrection! It was really nice to be in primary too and to be able feel the spirit as we taught that lesson. It was a great day! 

My mom had brought this game idea for the kids but we didn't have time to do it during her visit. It was a taste test with mystery flavored peeps. haha! It was fun and the kids enjoyed it even though most didn't come close to correct flavor. ;)

Annual Easter egg hunt at Grandma Beck's house. She filled a bunch with money this year and the kids were all great about making it fair for everyone!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

13 is the best age for a birthday "party"! Kenadee didn't want anything big or fancy, just a couple hours with her best friends, at the mall. DEAL! These girls are always together, and I love them all! I'm so grateful that she has surrounded herself with such good girls! They shopped for 2 hours, then we drove home for pizza and more hanging out. I can't believe Kenadee is almost 13!

The timing of this scout hike wasn't ideal in the least, but it was something he couldn't make up with us, it had to be with his troop. So we made it work. I was very grateful that Bro. Cox (in the bottom picture) thought to take some pictures! He is such a good scout leader; he knows his stuff and is super passionate about his calling. He is such a great guy. These boys use to all be in our Webelos den; this was my favorite group of boys ever! I miss having them over every week, but it's good to see them growing and improving. :)