Saturday, March 25, 2017

Me and lunch lady friends. I really enjoy my job and it's because of them. They all bring something different to the table and I love them all!

I think Kenadee needed my phone for some reason for the YW activity. I found some random pictures on my phone. haha! 

Oh. My. Gosh. THIS! We played a few computer games when I was a kid. I loved when I saw this meme. hahahahaha!

I've been getting a bunch of extra hours at work when people are sick or just take the day off. This day in particular I was over the main dish and made the taco soup. Heather had all the cans out that I needed when I got there and this blew my mind! 

Yay! Our semi-annual Women's Conference. I love this tradition and I can't believe that Kolbi will join us next fall! Jackson will also turn 12 and will able to join Taylor for the Priesthood session. Crazy!

 I text and made sure Kolbi made it home while we were gone. He responded with "Who's Kolbi?" Then sent this picture. I thought it was cute of them. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On March 14 (3.14 "Pie Day") we went to the city council meeting where they decided to do a "land swap" with another section of land that this company owns. Meaning basically, the school won't be built in our neighborhood, but homes will! And the school will be built in another (currently undeveloped section of property) where this company was building homes. We knew this was going to go down during city council so our neighborhood brought pies and we celebrated afterwards. We invited the school people and council members to join us. It was a nice little positive during a crappy week! 

Jeri asked if she could bring us dinner and Taylor gladly accepted the help. That late afternoon Megan text and had me turn on our oven. I was kind of nervous that both Megan and Jeri would show up bringing us dinner at the same time! I decided that even if they did, I would make sure they knew that their efforts were appreciated and we would eat everything they brought. As I was outside changing some lightbulbs, two cars pulled into the driveway and EVERY female member in the family got out! I immediately got tear eyed and tried to hold it together. We had made plans to do sealings together as an entire extended family for the first time ever, in anticipation of Dave's surgery. He has prostate cancer and having it removed come Monday, the 10th. So here I was needing to cancel our family plans, and they all showed up in the middle of their own crisis, with SO MUCH food and beautiful flowers, and were serving me! I felt so loved! I still can't believe all the thought and effort that went into making that happen! 

Another nice little positive is that Clint and Natasha had their baby girl!! HOORAY!!! Kendall Nicole Rucker was born on March 16 at 5:05pm and weighed 7 lb 5oz. I am so excited to have another niece and for Clint, Natasha, and Cash to have a new member of their family! I love baby Kendall's dark hair; she reminds me of my girls!! She is just so darling; I love getting all these pictures of her! I can't wait to meet her in person.

The morning that grandma flew into town, the 17th, St. Patrick's Day, we celebrated that as much as we could. With individual treat bags of gold colored candy. :)

 All these girls went up to the hospital with Jeri, so she had some support, while Dave had his prostate removed. The doctors are very confident that they got it all out and that he won't have any side effects from this surgery! Good news!

We found a little time to play while grandma was in town. We went to Cafe Rio and watched the new Beauty and The Beast. It was amazing!! I have been looking forward to this movie for months and it didn't disappoint! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Oh man, so many feelings. On March 13 at 4:04 pm I got a call from my mom. She was obviously shaken up and barely got the words out, "Anita passed away this morning." What?! That took me (and everyone) by the biggest surprise. It took a minute and I made Mom repeat it because it didn't make any sense in my brain. It was a fast conversation and we hung up. Taylor had just gotten home from work. My mind was racing all over the place and I just knew that I needed to be over there in Provo. Taylor drove while I mumbled nonsense. I had no idea where to go first. I decided on my cousin, Kari's, house. She lives in the same ward as my aunt. Her husband Tim met us at the doorstep and we had the longest hug and both cried. Tim is pretty awesome. I've always liked him, but I think we have a special bond now. We had a few moments over the next week that were very special. Tim gave us another sentence of information because so much was still unknown. 

We then went over to Anita and Ron's house. Kari was outside with some neighbors and friends. She immediately ended that conversation to give me a hug and we both cried. Oh man. I'm crying now as I remember it all. I needed that hug probably more than Kari did. My heart was broken for her. Ron was inside cleaning out the fridge clearly trying to think of other things. My cousin Brad was there and Ron's good friend. Ron was very distant. He was every time I saw him over the next week. I can't even imagine being in that position! Just so, so sad for Ron and my cousins, and their children. :(

By that night, a lot of my aunts and cousins were posting their favorite pictures of Anita. I loved seeing them all and read every comment. 

The medical examiner determined that she died of natural causes. That her arteries closed off not allowing the blood to flow. 
My mom flew into town for all the funeral events. It's been 50 weeks since I'd seen her! haha, and it took about an hour before she swore at me! hahaha! Right where we left off. ;)

I made the kids go to school that day because my needed to rush to the funeral home shortly after landing, so there was a big welcome when they got home that afternoon. It made me happy to see Jackson be the first one in the door (he's normally the very last talking to his friends for every minute possible!) and asking where grandma was while the door was still open and backpack was still on. It's safe to say all these kids adore their grandma!

That night, Friday March 17, was a gathering to pay our respects. I had a LOT of family come into town for the funeral. All of my aunts and uncles were here plus a bunch of cousins. It was so nice to see everyone. A funeral is never a fun reason to see your family, but it was an excuse to make it a priority. I loved being surrounded by my family that entire weekend. 
The siblings took these pictures after me and my cousins left the viewing. I am so glad they thought about it!

That night I learned that I have a cousin, Tiera, with my same thumb!! My thumb (on the right) was smashed and broken by a door when I was 3. The doctors told my parents that it broke the growth plate but it shouldn't really affect my mobility. BUT, now I wonder if the growth plate was broken and maybe it's hereditary?! I guess Tiera's sister is also like this. Hmmm. 

After the viewing our car load went to dinner at Pizza Factory. I laughed as we got out of the car because Taylor was with his sister wives! hahaha! I thought we were acting creepy in the picture, but apparently they weren't serious. Those 5 are all sisters too! 

I'd been dreading the actual funeral. I was tired of crying; it was exhausting. Taylor had been very sweet and understanding even thru my stressful moments of trying to get my house cleaned (I'm kind of weird and want a spotless house when I have guests come over). 

So the morning of the funeral was another gathering for people to come by and pay their respects. A bunch of us left for a few minutes to grab some caffeine before the funeral started. We thought Anita would approve and probably be leading the pack if she were here. :) For some reason I had the thought to take some pictures while we were there, and I was so glad I did! 

All of these people, minus uncle Rusty in the back, were the family that stayed at my house. I freaking love these people! 

The funeral was perfect! It really was amazing! All of my cousins did a great job. I was so proud of them; they all held it together and delivered their thoughts perfectly! Taylor showed up with the kids for the funeral and the rest of the days events. I was really glad to have them there and for my family to see how much the kids have grown. 

My mom wanted me to take a few pictures of the burial. They didn't turn out great, but I got a few. 

After the burial there was a luncheon. It was very tasty and we were all very grateful for the ward to provide it! 

Here is my grandma, Elaine Gardner Malone, with all her great grandchildren that were there. 

Then grandma with her grandchildren that were there. I think we counted that I have 38 cousins! 

A cousin picture from this angle. A few were missing when this picture was taken. 

That Saturday evening we hosted everyone that wanted to come over for a See's chocolate party. Anita, and her sisters, love that brand of chocolate. I have a fond memory of Anita and her See's candy. I'm not sure why we were on the plane together (I must have been in high school...) but Anita and I flew into Seattle together and we were waiting for someone else to land but in the meantime we went and found the local See's that was "nestled" in the side of the mountain. I pushing all sorts of buttons in the rental car; Anita enjoyed my enthusiasm and we laughed and laughed. :) 

We had more people trickle in throughout the night after this picture was taken. 
I've obviously spent a lot of time reminiscing and thinking about memories and how crazy all this is. Anita is the reason I'm even in Utah. This is where we would come for vacation after my parents got divorced. We'd come visit the closest extended family member we had. Anita took me to the Mount Timpanogas temple to walk around the grounds after it was opened. I fell in love with it and really wanted to get married there some day. (I did!!) There was one time when we were visiting Utah. I can't remember the real occasion. But I was sleeping on her couch and the next morning she announced to everyone how gassy I was while I slept! haha! 

Kari posted these pictures on our Malone cousin facebook page. I loved them. :)
Anita, Carol, Susan

My grandparents with their children. Minus Lloyd on his mission, plus one spouse. My mom is in the pink dress sitting in the center. 

All of the siblings together. My mom is the upper right. 

This was the last time I saw Anita. She had been up to WA and hung out with my mom and my mom gave her that horse to bring back to me. haha! I stopped by her house as I was headed back north. We got to talking and she gave me all this extra stuff. The flavoring, some blackberry jam from one of her scouts, and some fancy cheese. She's that type. She'd give you the shirt off your back if you needed it. Not only if you needed it, but if you liked it and it brought you joy. It still seems so weird to have her gone. I think of her hubby, kids, and grandkids often and pray that they can feel their Saviors love and feel at peace as their world continues to be rocked.