Saturday, February 25, 2017

Our first real house project! Taylor installed under cabinet lighting for me! It was more expensive than I thought it'd be because of course, we lighted the most light. ha! The kitchen was the biggest mess for that 24 hours, but it is seriously exactly how I imagined it to be! The after picture is horrible. I took a video to show the true coloring! Ha! It really is even and not harsh light. We do still need to install a different light plate that has a dimmer on it, but I LOVE IT! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Taylor was out of town for 5 days traveling for a training in Indiana. Unfortunately, he was too far away from Indianapolis to go see the stadium. :( 5 days was too long! I hate cooking dinner when he isn't home, so I stocked up on cereal. We ate a ton of that too in 5 days!

I took Kolbi out to Rumbi. She was lovely and cute and grateful! 

It was teacher appreciation week while he was gone, which worked out great because I was able to bring a few lunches home, for dinner! We can't take any school food home, so I brought all the lunches home that the PTA brought in for the staff. 

Kolbi gave her teacher an amazon gift card for teacher appreciation. She put her picture on it and these were a few of the contenders. haha!

I had two field trips lined up for scouts the week he was gone, too. Luckily one of the moms offered to help me out. We went to deliver bags of cookies to an assisted living home, then walked across the street to the fire station to talk about first responders. They are all new to our Webelos den and did a pretty good job during the field trip. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We finally took the kids to see Moana. It was super cute and the music was fantastic! 

Taylor changed all 16 spark plugs in his truck. I loved that he was inside his truck. Ha! It looked so uncomfortable! The next week he changed the brakes and pads. He's been motivated lately!

We took the kids to the BYU men's volleyball game. I loved it!! It was a lot of fun and my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw him bring THREE cougar tails up the steps! 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Some random pictures..
Fisher had his Book Bazaar project. It's basically a big book report. The class gets them all set up so visitors could walk thru. I did my motherly duty and Fisher felt supported. :)

We've wanted to take the kids to the theater for a while, so we took them out when the new Lego Batman movie was released. We haven't been to this theater in so long and we were so surprised to find it totally updated! We all LOVED these recliners! 

Jed came by to use the drone on our house. Their company was trying to run it as much as possible to get the kinks worked out. I loved this picture he sent from the scan!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Taylor and I ran some errands and happen to find ourselves in Costco the evening before Valentine's Day. I loved seeing all these men around the flowers. There were probably a dozen (with not a single woman!) just around these roses. Plus a ton more around the other flower bouquets. It just made me happy!

Our annual morning breakfast of heart shaped pancakes! In true Fisher fashion he held the heart pancake and made it "pound" moving it a few inches closer to me. Love his sensitive side!

Taylor with his annual flowers for his daughters. It's so crazy to compare the previous years; I can't believe how much they've grown!

No pictures of Taylor and I though. We ate dinner at home and had sparkling cider to feel fancy. :) Jackson had his first Valentine this year. Londyn, from his class asked him. I totally didn't even get a picture of him shopping for her at Target. He picked out the perfect pink teddy bear and some skittles, her favorite. She gave him this Reese's heart. It shocked me how many treats were in there! When he came home and told us he had a valentine, the other kids started teasing him. "Why would you tell Mom and Dad??" I loved Jackson's response, "What?! How would I bring anything for her? I need their help to drive me to the store and buy something." It just shows that he's maturing and starting to see more of the picture. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

For part of Christmas, the Becks rented a huge cabin not too far away for a family get together weekend. We've all been so excited for it! And it was perfect! Seriously! No fights or even a tiny argument between anyone! We seriously ate and laughed, then ate some more! 

I giggled when I noticed that these two matched with their pink under armor shirts and grey pants. Handsome!

These two were inseparable! They took this emoji version of uno everywhere with them! They even slept in this tiny hallway together in the same sleeping bag. So cute! 
Funny story: the first night Kolbi and June slept in the top bunk together in the room that Kristen and Scott were in. We woke up and the power had gone out during the night. A little bit later Kolbi asked if the power was still out. When Kristen told her it was, Kolbi responded with "Dammit." Well, so Kristen said. No one else was in there to hear it. With her little speech issues I was trying to figure out what she actually said. At dinner we finally thought about it again to ask her if she remembered. She did remember that conversation and exactly what she said. And sure enough, it was "dammit." hahahaha! We all had a laugh, and I had a teaching moment. oops! 

The adult men played this unique pool game for hours and hours. After one evening game, Fisher said, "Grandpa, I've been watching you guys and I think I understand how to play. Can you play a game with me?" And nice grandpa stayed and played an entire game with him. So sweet! Lucky kids to have grandparents who care so much about them! 

The girls watched a bunch of old chick flicks from the year 2000. It was awesome!

Our late night adult conversations were amazing! Scott made those nachos for us all too. We kind of thought he was crazy, but they were so good!

This was exactly what we needed! I can't wait till next time when Sam and Madeline can join us! Hopefully Jeri doesn't forget the sliced turkey next time... ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Some Super Bowl selfies. :) I always love watching this game and am always sad the next Sunday when there isn't any football to watch.

Taylor and I were feeling really fun so we brought a bunch of friends with us to Trafalga. :)

I guess everyone was extra nice or something at Trafalga because after we got home we decided to load everyone up in the car and took them to Pizza Pie Cafe. My kids freaking love this place and feel right at home. ;) Everyone was being extra nice with no bickering. At one point Kenadee asked where the forks were (because we don't go here for the salad bar...) and Jackson jumped up eager and said, "I'll show you!" Thank goodness for these little tender moments. It's what makes it all worth it! These people are my life! As hard and challenging as it is most days and most hours, these guys really do bring me SO must joy!