Friday, January 27, 2017

Webelos. Taylor was teaching them about fires in the freaking freezing outside. Jackson was sick inside, so we were outside for way longer than anyone would have preferred. 

The garbage bag had a hole in it when Jana went to empty it in the big dumpsters. Marinara spilled all over her! Her garments stained! haha! She came in laughing! I probably would have broke down and cried! 

We took the kids to the dollar theater to see Trolls. Trying to be fun and it was good outing after the pox scabbed, but dark so he wouldn't get weird looks from people. 

Taylor was out of town so Kenadee and I ran some errands and got some chinese food for dinner. She's starting to be really fun again! We talked about school and the things she's learning in science. That was some fun conversations! haha!

Finally went and got cleanings for everyone. Way behind schedule, but finally got around to checking our new benefits. Fisher actually broke a filling probably by grinding his teeth, grrr, and he don't be losing that baby tooth for a few more years, so we needed to fix it. Then Kolbi (the mom, who always, not so gently reminds everyone to floss...) had a few cavities that needed fixing. Oh the irony! The rest of us 4 were cavity free! The kids LOVE the dentist and that makes me happy and life good. :)

Kenadee text me while at work right before I went off my lunch break. She text from a friend's phone (her phone only works when connected to wifi, so not a real phone) and told me to save that number. I totally sent a selfie back to her friends phone. HA! It's getting so fun to embarrass her! 
Good story: It was my turn to drive carpool, so we passed Kenadee at her bus stop on the way. Taylor and I totally rolled down the windows TWICE and waved and shouted out the window, "Hi honey! Have a good day school! Did you remember your lunch? Remember who you are! Don't talk to boys!" She was so embarrassed! haha! Awesome!

All the adult Becks met up for dinner to celebrate Jodi and Jed's birthday! We only took a video (and got this screen shot from it) of the waiters singing to them. It was a great night!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Oh. My. Hell. Jackson got chicken pox. !!!!! What in the world, right?! I can't believe chicken pox is even a thing anymore! He seriously had less than 1% chance of getting it, because he was fully vaccinated, and he got them! :( We actually noticed them during sacrament meeting. I thought it was just a blemish on his cheek and didn't want to embarrass him or make it a big deal. A few minutes later Jackson showed Taylor his arm and asked what the dots were on him. Uhhh, he took him to the bathroom, stripped him down, and sent pictures to his mom and sister. 
 Day 1:

Both Jeri and Jodi were very confident that it was chicken pox and didn't think I need to take him to the doctor. Not worth the $130 visit when they can't do anything about it. So Taylor sent him home from church and he stayed home for a week and half. They scabbed over on schedule at day 5 (meaning he isn't contagious anymore), but wanted to stay home a few extra days till it didn't look so bad. I can't blame him there!! 

They were SO bad! They say since he was vaccinated that it should have been a mild case, meaning 50 or less pox. NOPE! He got it pretty severe and had 50 on his face/neck/ears. Probably more actually. They were on top of each other on his ears. I felt SO bad from him. His spirits were good. No fever, aches, and had a normal appetite. That being said, the first symptoms are a fever and that's when they start being contagious. Well, we went all over town the prior Saturday. I felt horrible and said a prayer that we didn't accidentally expose anyone! One of my neighbors has a little girl with a major health issue and I immediately thought of them. Even though I don't know what vaccine their daughter particularly can or can't have, I felt so bad thinking that we would expose someone like them. Jackson was basically board out of his mind and slightly depressed because he had zero social life! I felt so bad for the kid! I learned a lot from google about chicken pox, including that it takes 10-14 days to have symptoms after being exposed to have symptoms. Sheesh. So there's no way to know where he even got it from. I just can't believe that he wasn't exposed to it till he was 11.5 years old! He was bound to get it at some point, because the vaccine didn't work for him, but I am just shocked that it took this long to get. 

I'd still go to work, but didn't get anything else done. He's old enough to be alone and I wasn't worried about him causing trouble, but he was just SOOO bored! We played games, watched movies,  and go grab an almost daily treat at some random drive thru. 7-11 hot dog, swig cookie and drink, slurpee. He freaking wore that robe all day, every day! 

Taylor took him to Wendy's one day, while I was working, after they scabbed over. 

Aunt Courtney sent a special surprise for Jackson; so thoughtful!! A huge bag of sour gummi worms! That really made his week! (it got delivered, in his name, while they were playing in the snow..)

He finally went back to school!! Two hours into school, I get a call from the office (my old neighbor for lots of years) and asked a bunch of questions. He wasn't contagious at all at school, so I didn't even think to tell the school office what he was home sick with. She confirmed it was chicken pox (due to rumors) and made sure he wasn't contagious. I told her the quick story of many days he'd been home, at what day the scabbed over etc. She said there was a concerned student so she called to get some answers. 
I went into work a little bit early to go talk to them to put my mind at ease and to clarify any more questions so that they could answer confidently. A mom was checking her daughter out of school that is in Jackson's class, when I walked into the office. That mom is in my ward (clearly not a "friend" yet, I only recognized her face, but didn't even know her name) I just sat there and listened until she left. She was very concerned and not super happy. I learned that this lady's younger son is a heart transplant patient and has a very weakened immune system. I understand her concern. Totally! I just hope that she doesn't think we are reckless parents and only care about ourselves. I hope her concerns stay within reason (ya know when you're mind wanders and you think the worst even though it really isn't even possible??). I also kind of hope that she doesn't ask play 20 questions with her kids, like I do with mine, and find out that her neighbor was the chicken pox kid. Just in case her mind does wander... 
Then an email gets sent out to the entire elementary school. ;)
I can't wait till all of this is 100% behind us! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I am always so grateful when the snow falls during the weekend! So we can fully enjoy it before it starts melting and the roads are plowed and dried. ;) The kids quickly got to work building snow forts while Taylor replaced the spark plug in the snow blower. That snow blower sure is helpful now that we have so much pavement to shovel! 

Our favorite way to sled is to pull the kids behind the car! Utah is so good at plowing their roads so you have to be strategic of which roads to drag them down. The church across the street wasn't plowed yet, so we took full advantage of it before moving to the road behind us where there aren't any finished homes yet. ;)

We seriously got dumped on! There was SO much snow! I loved watching it pile on them while they slid across! haha!

They got right back to work afterward, snow down their shirts and all!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

 Everything at work is obviously on a much larger scale than in your kitchen at home. We have a few very large mixers and I've always wanted to lick the beater. haha! Today after Lacy was done mixing the cream cheese frosting for the cinnamon rolls I finally got the chance! It was everything I hoped it would be! Now to lick the beater when we make mashed potatoes; that beater is even bigger! ;)

Kenadee quite frequently babysits my friend Alisha's kids. She loves being at their house! When we got word that their little Mayci had been sick with one thing after the other, Kenadee took a little gift over to her to cheer her spirits. :) When Alisha sent this picture it made my momma heart so happy; I am so grateful to have such a wonderful daughter who is always thinking of others and tries so hard to do the right thing. I hope Mayci felt a little extra love! 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I finally broke down and bought new passes of all passes. Jackson got one in July and Kolbi in October. I've been meaning to get everyone else one for a while and January made sense because I always have extra money in my budget in January. I plan on getting our moneys worth at 7Peaks this summer!! 

Taylor lost this race! :)