Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I sent this picture to my mom; she got me a Seattle puzzle for my birthday. I love doing puzzles in the winter. 

Taylor sent her this picture... hahaha!

We had an ideal fall. It was long and just lovely. Then winter hit, and hard! We've gotten quite a bit of snow and it is colder than freezing everyday so it's just staying put for a while. It was snowing beautifully when I went to Macy for a few groceries. There was tons of snow in my hair in the few seconds I was walking out to my car. It really was so pretty!

Kolbi built this snowman all by herself and basically in the dark. haha. 

My kids have been on a big "toast" kick lately, because our cereal is lacking. There was a good sale, so I price matched at Walmart. Now we'll eat cereal for every meal! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jodi text this morning asking if we were around. Ada wanted to bring something by. Every Saturday their family gets donuts. I guess today, Ada said, "donuts for Kolbi!" To be honest, I probably would have tried to convince my kid to give donuts to a friend who lives closer to us, but not Jodi. She was super humbled and followed her sweet daughter's wishes. I'm so glad to have Ada in our extended family! She really has taught us all so much! 

The other half of our family was with Dave on a side by side ride. They bundled up and had a great time! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I can't even remember the story I was telling Taylor as we were casually watching a football game on tv or something. But I was telling him something about Fisher. Taylor looked across the living room and laughed at how he was sitting. Then looked down on himself.... hahaha!

I had a few errands to run in Orem, so I somehow convinced Taylor to go with me. He loves me. We had some lunch in the food court to celebrate being together. :)

We were setting up Christmas (a day before Thanksgiving! Gasp!) and Kolbi was cracking me up! 

We had a nice small and quiet Thanksgiving up with the Woodruffs. It is normally quite the crowd and is pretty loud and you can't really talk with everyone. This year was the opposite. This isn't all the kids, but I snapped this picture when I thought about it. ;)

All the adults at one table. We had some good laughs, then made our shopping plan for Black Friday! 

Love these guys! They are so genuine, self-less, thoughtful, and generous!

Then lots of shopping fun! 

I begged my mom to take and send pictures of their Thanksgiving. My sister hosted and had Heath's sister, my grandma, my uncle, and my cousin come over. I was happy that they had so much family with them! I miss them all terribly. It's been 8 months since I've seen any member of my family. Sad. :(

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A random picture of Jackson. He ate the leftovers in everyones bowls. That use to be my job. :(

With Taylor gone coyote hunting again, this weekend, I tried to plan some fun things. :)

Jackson also had his first Court of Honor. Seriously, when did he get so grown up?! Had I known I'd be standing up there receiving a "mother's pin" I wouldn't have worn this. I actually spaced the Court of Honor and had to thrown on a dress and run across the street. He doesn't think scout is the coolest thing anymore, but he goes and participates every week. I've been lazy but will get a scout shirt soon. ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We voted! Sheesh, this was an election for the books. No other words will said about it. 

Three of my favorite veterens. Dave's grandpa, J. Paul Beck was in the Navy. My mom's dad Lloyd Malone was also in the Navy. Then Jeri's dad, Gary Woodruff was in the Air Force. These pictures of them made me SO happy! Such a great group of men. Wonderful men! And handsome. ;) I ran an errand in the evening of Veterans Day, and when I got home the flag seemed to glow with the lights on it. It made me happy and proud to be and American! 

Taylor went coyote hunting with a buddy this weekend. He always has a good time and I'm happy gets this opportunity. I spent the weekend in front of my sewing machine sewing my girls new skirts. They both desperately need new church clothes. Its been WAY too long since they've gotten new stuff for church. My original plan was to give them as gifts for Christmas, but the need is for them is urgent, so they got them. :)

These guys had their primary program! I can't believe it was Jackson's last one! CRAZY! Kenadee and I sat together and cried like babies. Jackson thought it was hilarious watching us. The Spirit is always SO strong during their program. I felt like I was going to burst! 1- because I felt the Spirit like crazy 2- to hear all these voices, to hear my kid's voices, bear their sweet testimonies with these songs they've learned. Oh, how I hope they gain a strong testimony of this gospel! That is probably my biggest wish for them!! For some reason, I was focusing on Jackson during this program. Maybe because it's his last one. Maybe it was because his class did a "solo" verse of one of the songs and pulled at my heart strings like crazy. Maybe because he's growing up and I desperately want him to be a good sibling, a good friend. Thinking that he is currently preparing for his mission and he doesn't even realize it yet! 
(then two of Kolbi's new skirts) 

Kenadee had her first Young Women's In Excellence. It was awesome! I hope she realizes how lucky she is to be SURROUNDED by so many good girls her age!

I sent this picture to Taylor and joked that Jackson's friend was snuggling with our favorite blanket. It was really funny. Then I sent him the next one saying I saved it. haha.  

Friday, November 11, 2016

We have had the nicest fall weather! T-shirts and flip flops in November; it's crazy! Kolbi went to the park with a friend and the mom sent these pictures. Makes me happy to see my kids happy! :)

Taylor's family have some obnoxious group texts. But every once in a while there are some amazing gems thrown in. This sketch was in the news as a man that was groping women and running off. Jed totally made it a side-by-side with Taylor! I died laughing!!

Kenadee went to a play with Brynlee at their school. It was kind of fun (for everyone) to just drop them off and pick them up when it was over! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

I am officially in my mid 30's! Crazy!! I'd been wondering for a few days if my dad would call me on my birthday and to my surprise I woke up with a message from him! :)

Kenadee picked up the entire upstairs the night before and woke up extra early to decorate with streamers and balloons. Sweet girl! 

Jackson used his Halloween to make a monster for me. Very thoughtful. 

I sent this to my mom to show her I loved the scarf she sent. :)

We finished off the day with some cake that a co-worker made for me! :) It's always fun to feel special and loved!