Friday, September 30, 2016

I had my first deer hunt!! 2016 sure has been a year of "new's" for our family. I had a muzzleloader tag. (Taylor had archery and Kenadee has her first, a rifle tag!) Taylor really wanted to take me out for opening morning, so after quite the process, I got work off, and found 4 families for the kids to all go to a friends house. With a softball tournament and Cleer Creek for Jackson, it made it very hectic to get them with their multiple bags packed. My friends were asking if I was so excited, but I honestly couldn't be happy about it yet, there was just so much work to be done. But once we got all the kids to their friends house, the happiness really sank in! I was really excited! And super nervous. I didn't want to miss! Taylor told me over and over "You will. Everyone hunter does. And that's ok." Jed came up with us for the first night. He'd stay at the bottom, near camp, and spot for us as we start hiking to get closer to the deer. I felt so helpless and almost like a burden to them. That I was cramping their style. Obviously Taylor was super nice and accommodating, but Jed was just as kind! (not like I thought he wouldn't be!) They both kept reassuring me that I was fine and was being plenty helpful, and that THIS is what they love to do. Ok. :)

My two helpers getting a good look the night before the hunt started. They spotted a few decent guys the night before. So we made a plan that Taylor and I would start hiking and try to get where we wanted before it got light. We woke up bright and early and took off. I decided I liked hiking in the dark. Taylor knew right where we were going, so I didn't have that stress of not getting lost. It was nice and cool though. A few young men ended up behind us and passed us up, so we made a plan B where the other bucks were at the night before. 

At one point we saw a buck running away from us. I had my loaded gun and freaking couldn't even find him in the scope. I couldn't see anything in the scope. I totally got "date gut" and couldn't even remember where my face should be so I could see out of the scope. I only had like maybe 10 seconds to find him and shoot before he jumped over the top of the hill and onto the other side. That damped my spirits and confidence!
But it didn't take long for Jed to find a group of bucks for us, so started heading that direction. Hunting is so different than I thought it'd be. It's way harder! I was so anxious to "get there" that I wasn't hiking very quite and Taylor kept having to remind me to slow down and be quite. We got 250 yards aways and Taylor loaded the gun and handed it to me. This 4 point was in the perfect position that I needed him to be. Total broadside and just slowly taking steps. I immediately found him in my scope and tried to slow my breathing down to put the crosshairs on his body. I very slowly pulled the trigger to where it surprised me when it went off. Boom! 
Muzzleloaders give off a lot smoke! So Taylor took the gun to reload it while I tried to look thru the binoculars. Jed moved his head down and blinked right as I shot (he didn't know I was that close to shooting, Taylor turned the radio down to make sure the deer wouldn't hear us). All 3 of us couldn't find him. Let's be honest, me looking doesn't really count, I can't see anything! This 4 point that I shot at had a few 2 point buddies hanging around him and they stayed there, almost looking back at him at "Dude, let's go!" Taylor told me that's a sign that the deer went down. Because if he didn't, he'd take off running, and the buddies would too. But I didn't want to get my hopes up until I knew FOR sure he was done. Jed was being super nice, "Either that deer went down, or you have a magical disappearing gun!" I didn't know if he was being silly, or nice. I guess I was hoping for both. 

Sure enough, once we got close enough, I could finally see his legs sticking out. He didn't even take a step! One shot at 248 yards! WOW! I totally starting crying! I could tell I would. I had so much anxiety and it was killing me that it took so long to find out if he went down or not. I kind of bawled. I was so happy and proud of myself!

Taylor had all the fun! We hiked out with our packs on, holding all the meat inside. Those back pack were heavy!! Heavy and trying to hike out of this nasty steep stuff. It wasn't very fun. I kept rolling my ankle on the uneven ground. We couldn't get down fast enough!

It really was a fun trip! Lots of work involved that has nothing to do with the hunt itself. haha. I do look forward to my next hunt though! I hardly ever get someone to watch my kids, so the next time I do, it probably won't be for a hunt next year, but I do I want to hunt again. :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

This weekend we took the family out for what I'm sure is going to be the last hike this year. Dave took us up as far as he could, then we hiked to make sure everything was good with the tent. It's a good thing we did too! The snow storm a few days earlier knocked it down, breaking a pole, and causing a big puddle inside. It took way longer than we expected to dig the snow out and to find a log to prop it up temporarily. But we got it fixed and ready for the muzzleloader hunt! I wore my watch for the hike and it clocked it at 4.5 miles, but it doesn't take elevation into effect. Taylor mapped it out when we got home and it was more like 5.25 miles. Kolbi didn't complain once and actually out hiked Taylor and I! I freaking love this family of mine! I'm so grateful for these moments when we are all together!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Girl time!

Taylor was traveling to Chicago for some work training, so I met up with Annie for a nice long dinner. We haven't gotten together in too long so it was really good to catch up! I sent her the next picture to prove that I was indeed eating my left overs in bed. haha. The joys of the "single" life. hahaha. 

I always love women's conference! We had a smaller group this go around, but it is always a good time. Especially when sitting next to grandma and she grabs the chocolate covered cinnamon bears as fast as she possibly can when she reads the label. haha! I laughed so hard! This time Elder Uchtdorf's talk stole the show. He talked about faith. One thing he said, something along the lines of, "Even if blessings are withheld for a time, it is for your own good." I loved his talk and already want to listen it again!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Maddie got her wedding pictures back! I think they turned out so good! Everything about her wedding was beautiful and perfect!

Monday, September 19, 2016

I loved this from instagram. 
 While at Taylor's work conference he met Mark Eaton. I honestly have no idea who he is, but I guess he use to play for the Utah Jazz. I laughed so hard when I saw this picture he text to his family! Look at the door next to Taylor... it's a huge door, but because of where the door handle is, it makes Taylor look like he's way smaller than he really is. This guy is 7'4", nearly a full foot taller than even Taylor's dad. hahaha!

My mom posted this to Facebook and I loved it. My grandma Malone has been in WA for a few months now. Isabelle is growing so fast. I wish I could see my family more often. 

Oh, I ripped my only pair of jeans. I noticed the other day that the inner thighs were wearing thin, but it's still not a very good feeling. These jeans have gotten too big anyway, but I wasn't quite ready to buy new ones. Oh well though. The good news was that the new pair I bought were 2 sizes smaller than the pair I ripped. So that's good!

Kenadee woke up bright and early for this service project. A neighbor sent this picture from the diabetes walk down in the River Woods area. I'm so glad I have a child willing to sacrifice to serve others!

We finally "ding dong ditched". It's been on our to do list for a few months now. I love doing little acts of kindness!

I sent this picture to Taylor. Just our daughter playing with her friend in our GRASS! It still surprises me to see the grass. I guess it's only been there a week. haha.