Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Someone wore my same dress to church. :( I hate when that happens!

Taylor took Lucy out to feed (while they were out hunting) and she was running in counter-clockwise circles around Taylor. She hates when she isn't around the other animals. When she came around to his right, she totally kicked him. haha!

After 10 months of living here, I finally got a rug for the front door! Hooray!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jackson is 11! Where has the time gone?! Every year we watch their "birthday video" and it really seems like time has flown by! This kid is as hilarious as they come. He has us constantly laughing! He has more friends than anyone else in the family, he constantly has friends over! He is super sweet and thoughtful, too. I just love him so much and am so grateful for the opportunity to be his mother!

We played the balloon popping game. 

Jackson ended up winning and dominated. He popped 8 people's balloons!

We piled in the truck, headed to the park, and played a game of whiffle ball. 6 of these guys are on his fall league team. 

I thought this gift was awesome! I made him wait to pop it till after I got a picture. haha!

Not many pictures of his actual birthday. He got a lot of baseball gear, like a bag and water bottle. Jackson is officially a man now because he wears deodorant. ;) He picked Costco's muffins for breakfast, Little Caesars for lunch, and french toast and sausage for dinner. Then cinnamon rolls for dessert. :)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hunting season is here! Taylor and Jed both had archery tags this year, and both got a buck! They have been hunting that bigger buck for a few years and Jed got within 40 yards of him. He ended up having to stand in the sun for hours waiting for him to get up and move. haha! It was worth the work; he's a stud! I'm so glad Taylor has Jed for a brother! These guys are two peas in a pod!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kenadee and Jackson both got invited to play in a competitive baseball and softball leagues this fall. I was totally sad that Kenadee chose softball over volleyball, but she can obviously do whichever one she wants. She is playing really well and is fun to watch. 

Jackson is playing with 8 boys in our neighborhood, then 2 more from a neighborhood over. It makes the games really fun; to talk to friends. :) It is really weird to see them in different colors. This new league of Jackson's is really different. They play by a lot of the "real rules", so there is a learning curve for them. I hope they keep this team together for a few years so they can learn how to play together and grow together as a team. 

Jackson was awarded both his Arrow Of Light award and his Webelos award! I am so proud of him and his accomplishments! It was awesome to be his Wolf and his Webelos leader; I will miss having our group together and him not be there. It will be really strange to have him move on to Boy Scouts; I know zero about that program! I love this kid's genuine smile! Good job, Jackson!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to school! I can't believe how fast summer went by! The kids have been fighting non-stop, so I'm ready for school to start. BUT, that means I also start back at work. Kenadee rides the bus to the junior high, and I really wanted to go to her bus stop to take pictures, but I knew I'd totally embarrass her, so I held back. The other 3 still ride bikes with a bunch of neighbor kids. I love where I live!

Someone shared these pictures on fb. The Meadow staff totally showed up at the jr high and had music playing and were cheering for their past students as the new 7th graders showed up for their first day at their new school. I freaking love our school!! My kids are so lucky to be so loved by the people around them! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Jackson got his back to school hair cut. Last month when we cut his hair, he begged me for steps. I said no, but Taylor said he didn't care when I told him about it later. So, he got steps this time. 

My mom had given her sister this toy horse while they were together in Idaho a few weeks ago. I text my aunt as I was driving up north and was going to pass Provo, and she happen to be home. Anita ended up giving me a jar of blackberry jam, some fancy cheese, and this flavoring for the kids to have a special drink. She totally reminded me of my mom. Just selfless and willing to give you anything she had. I sent this picture to my mom to show our few minutes together. I had a car load of boys in the car, or I would have loved to stay longer. 

I sent Taylor this picture after my shopping trip of his camping food. I knew he would appreciate my time and effort in getting it together for him. He hates the store. HATES it. Maybe not Cabelas. :)

Sheesh. Jackson has an all or nothing personality. We've never been a Ramen type of family. It's full force right now. I honestly don't really care either; one less meal for me to make. But Jackson only likes it with plastic forks. The metal ones transfer heat to much for his liking. We're out of plastic forks (one guess as of why...) so I guess a plastic knife is second best?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kolbi's date ended up being way more dramatic than it needed to be. We wanted to take her to a play, but the only day we could make it work (between wedding, work, hunting) was the ONLY day they weren't having the play. So last minute change, Kolbi wanted to see the Jungle Book movie. Ok! The only time that was showing was too early (we had 11 new teachers to meet between the 4 kids). Our final plan: the BFG and treats. Done! She was super happy and the show was pretty darling. We stuffed our faces in the theater, than also at Sonic afterwards. :) 
Kolbi is a silly girl. She is very sarcastic and loves to scare people. She loves to help me and asks pretty frequently what chores need to be done. She is my pickiest eater and hardly ever likes what I cook for dinner. She loves playing with the boys and can rough house with the best of them. Kolbi is super good at reading and has a ton of friends. She is super thoughtful and won't hesitate to give a bite of her treat to her siblings. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Annual berry picking with the Browns. I swear, I do have other friends! ;) We got a combined total of 17 pounds of berries. Yet, somehow, that won't be enough to get us thru a year a jam. haha. 

We started this tradition in 2008. It's pictures like these, that really put time in perspective for me. Isn't it funny what time does? I remember my mom saying something similar, but now I feel like I kind of get it. I don't remember the hard times when I look at these pictures. I don't remember the naughty, the fighting, the dirty house. I just see pure joy, and it gives me a happy heart. 
Here I am, currently, feeling over whelmed. Frustrated. Like I've failed. Lonely. But I know that in 5 years from today, I won't remember how mad I was at the kids, or how I felt like I didn't have any help, that my efforts aren't recognized. Somehow all those things fade away, and you only have the most important things left. I'll look back and remember the happy times. Crazy, right?!