Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maddie got married yesterday!!! Oh my gosh! Crazy! So happy for her! We love Josh; he's such a nice guy. He's always the first to offer his chair. Here we all are setting up for the wedding. We stopped to eat some lunch and snap a picture. It was so hot out. We were in it all day, too. It was bad. Taylor woke up at like 3:50 to go scout for deer that morning. I got everything we'd need for the wedding and brought it up with us when we left the house that morning. I brought clean garments for Taylor, but not for myself. :( We were all a sweaty mess. My garments were soaked. We ended up coming home for 1.5 hours. Just enough time to shower (hallelujah!!! ) and put together an end table that had been delivered in the mail. 

Then we headed back for finishing touching and for the ceremony. It was seriously beautiful! 

They had a popcorn and donut bar. I had a few pieces of popcorn and a donut hole; they were both yummy! I loved the country feel with the burlap, galvanized tin, and exposed wood. The lace and ribbon really softened it and was perfect.

Scott took this picture from the audience of us girls. Taylor and Jed walked Jeri down the aisle. I walked with one of Josh's buddies. It was kind of weird. We didn't link arms until we had to. I totally cried during her wedding. Just so happy for her!

Oh man. I ordered my pink lace dress a month ago (Jodi too) and it never shipped. After emailing them several times, they finally offered a refund. So 4 days before the wedding, I had to go shopping for a back up plan. Thank goodness DownEast had something in stock, in my size, that was flattering. It wasn't the exact shade of pink as the other girls dresses, but it was good enough and I didn't have to run all over the valley to find something. 

I love the dancing at weddings, even though I am so out of the loop at what music is "in" right now, plus I have no dance moves! Taylor danced with Kolbi and even me. He HATES dancing! I also danced with Dave; that was good. I really like my father-in-law. He's a good, good, man!

The clean up went amazingly fast! A bunch of people stayed to help and it made the biggest difference. So grateful. We got home about 11:30 that night. We started a tradition 13 years ago, after Jed and Megan's wedding. I can't even remember the details. We must have been really hungry (their wedding was at a real venue, so we had way less work to do) after we left the reception. Someone had the idea to go to Denny's. Why not, right?! Everyone got water, and when the waiter got to Scott, he made the joke that the drinks were on him. We laughed and laughed. It must have been really late to think it was as funny as it was. haha! So after Kristen's wedding, we did the same thing. Denny's. Here we are almost 13 years since the last wedding. All of us have kids and we're old and never stay up till midnight anymore. But we just HAD to go to Denny's again. I couldn't believe how packed it was. And how many kids were there! I also couldn't believe how awake Taylor was for waking up SO early that morning. It was a good time and I was glad Madelyn could be there this time. We'll probably need to go after Sam's wedding too, so Josh can participate in the family tradition. :)

 Then here's a few sneak peek pictures that Maddie had taken the evening before the wedding. I love how they turned out! I can't wait to see the rest!

Friday, July 29, 2016

 This was a total last minute text. They were at the park by our house and their neighbor was having his annual party for his real-estate customers. We hung out for like an hour, and I got sick to my stomach from the 5 bites of that corn dog. The kids had fun running around with friends. 

Taylor sent this text to show me that they were off the mountain and about to start helping with the wedding set up. I sent him that picture. We were cleaning the church before heading up to Alpine. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Man, I'm bad at selfies. I'm trying to not be "that" mom, that won't post pictures unless I look perfect and flattering. So...  The boys have been loving helping me in the kitchen. I enjoyed their help! 

We had my niece Ada over for 2 days while her parents, Jodi and Andy, were in Powell. Jeri took her a few days, as did Megan. I really worried about what to expect and if we'd have a big language barrier. She's 8, a few months younger than Fisher. I struggle to understand most of what she says, but she was fully capable of telling me what she wanted to eat. She really is a sweet girl and we enjoyed our time with her. I was in tears right before she left. We told her that her family would be here soon to pick her up. She gave me the biggest and longest hug and said, "Love you. Thank you." It seriously touched my heart! She was genuinely thankful to stay at our house. Then I cried again when her family showed up. This was the first time she'd been left for trip, that the older kids went on. Her older sister, Sydney, RAN to the door to see her. She was just so sweet and hugged her family so tight. So grateful that this little lady is in my life and my kids' lives. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our only Pioneer Day pictures. It was very low key. We stayed at home and started watching an old Survivor with the kids. We enjoy watching those together now that the kids are older. We also are watching one called Brain Games and some show talking about the secrets behind magic shows. We kind of like tv at our house! ;) When it got dark enough we had some pop its, sparklers, and some other small fire crackers that I don't know what they are called. It's good to hang out together!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Taylor took the kids EARLY on a hike today. Kenadee got back from girls camp late Thursday night (her leaders told us that she stayed up till 1. Bless their hearts!) and then baby sat until midnight last night. Taylor woke them up just before 3 am. Poor girl, but she chose to go. 
We normally are very cautious when Taylor goes up the mountains. He always tell me exactly where he's going and when he expects to be back. This trip was the only exception. And I started freaking out. It was pretty bad, I won't lie. Bad enough to where I called Jed, and him and Dave took off, up the canyon to find him. I was totally crying. Kind of embarrassing, now, but my emotions totally got the best of me. Jed found him on his way out the canyon. It was even my nephew's birthday, so I felt so bad asking him to go search. I'm super grateful for my in-laws. 

Taylor even said, "What time do you think mom will start freaking out?" to the kids. He thought 2:00 and was proud of himself for getting cell service before that. I made it to 12:30. They were fine. Great even! It was just taking them hours longer than he expected, and the kids kept wanting to go farther. I totally cried when I heard Taylor's voice on the phone. 
Anyway, they had a great time! Kenadee fell asleep on the couch with the boys playing xbox right next to her. She was exhausted. I'm really glad the kids got that experience with their Dad!

Jackson will love this when he is older. ;)

Oh, I love these guys!

Friday, July 22, 2016

When it was time for Jackson's date, we totally teased him. 
T: "We decided to take you to a sewing class. It should be pretty cool because you can pick what project you want to work on."
C: "I thought it'd be good for you to learn a new skill."
T: "I think they are making doll clothes tonight."
C: "I'm sure you could make a pillow case or something, though."
J: "Oooh. Ok."

Jackson is such a good kid. He really truly is. He is wild and loud and isn't super obedient, but he is a GOOD kid at heart. He totally acted like sewing for his date night would be an ok thing to do. I sure love this kid. He is hilarious and really quick witted, like his dad. 

We got our favorite Dominos pizza (the kids are never allowed to eat it, because it's too expensive. haha) and took it to the park. Then we went shopping for some more baseball cleats. He was invited to play in a fall "super" league, and grew out of his cleats and pants. He got two years worth out of both, so I can't be too sad about needing more. While we were in Under Armor, Taylor leaned in and whispered something to me. Jackson hounded Taylor until he finally told him, what he told me. That there was a lady in the store who was dressed really inappropriate. Taylor told him that if he hurried, he might could see her before she left. He rushed his booty thru that store and got way too close to her cleavage for his comfort. He immediately got the biggest grin with the biggest eyes, as he walked back to Taylor. hahaha!!!!

Then we got some treats and watched Batman Vs Superman. He's been begging to watch that movie. There were like 3 other people in the entire theater. I sure love hanging out with my family. They are some pretty awesome people!