Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Some randoms: 
Jackson blew a big bubble and was pretty proud of himself. I was quite impressed myself. 

I was texting my cousin Marisa, and she sent this picture of her and my other cousin, Cassie. They were hanging out for a few before Cassie left AZ and headed back home. It made me happy to see their faces. They are some great women. 

We started this Reading Bingo that Megan sent to me, to encourage lots of summer reading. It. Is. A. Hit. Basically, they each have a designated amount of time to read pre-approved books. Then they get a prize when they do that 5 times, to make a "bingo". Then a bigger prize once they fill all 25 squares making it a black out. Kolbi was the first to get a Bingo. To my surprise, she choose to stay up late with Taylor and I. Before we got to that though, we went out to eat with the Becks to celebrate Sam's 22nd birthday. Kolbi was SO excited to have one-on-one time with us. She had her evening all planned out. Play a game (Clue), then eat ice cream and watch a show. She sent this text while we were out at dinner. SO SWEET! 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

We celebrated school being out for the summer with our first hike of the year. It's been warm enough for a while now, but we finally got around to it. He hiked to HorseTail Falls, up above Alpine. The weather was great and we hiked on the other side of the water, so there was hardly anyone there. It ended up being a 3.5 hike round trip, with a 1,500 ft elevation. Kinda overkill for our fist hike, but we all made it!

Fisher earned himself $5 by being the first kid to catch a lizard. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I can't express how proud I am of Kenadee! She graduated from elementary school today as well as NOVA (a program at their school that focuses on improving their lives and "saying no to drugs"). At the program today she also was awarded the Hope Of America award, only 6 kids in her grade got this award. It is for outstanding leadership, moral character, and academic accomplishment shown this school year. This girl has no idea how strong and amazing she is! Ske always goes above and beyond. She is everything I wanted to be when I was 12. Kenadee is thoughtful, a wonderful example to her friends and siblings, smart, beautiful, kind, a perfectionist, has tons of friends, and is so, so brave. I can't believe I am this lucky to be her mom! Her smile on the top left is favorite! That was her face when her name was called to receive this award. My heart is full.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kolbi and I met up with Annie, Meg, and Tess at the park to celebrate her birthday! It's always a good  time when we get together! Happy birthday to her! I never would have thought what good friends we'd become when I first met Taylor's ex girl friend. ;)  And I am loving our warm weather lately! 

Jed and Megan stopped by with some caramel corn. Super sweet of them! Brady and Jackson were match-matchy and I thought it was cute. :)

Sam called randomly tonight asking if the kids had any baseball games that night. Turns out, Kenadee was starting her game in 15 minutes and the boys was immediately after that. So they drove down with Dave and Jeri and cheered on the kids with us! I really appreciated their support!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The boys had their annual Father's and Son's campout last night. Looks like they had a great time, and I am grateful the ward has these every year. Oh, and the breakfast that the bishopric made sounded amazing!

Friday, May 20, 2016

I LOVE this day! The day of the dance festival!! Basically, the kids learn some choreography to a current popular song, then perform it with their entire grade. It doesn't sound that awesome, I know. But I seriously love it and look forward to it every year! I love seeing my kids faces light up with pride in their work and have us there to watch! They love the attention and I will gladly give it to them! 
Kolbi only had AM kindergarten perform (the PM performed in the afternoon). She loved it and was all smiles for me! 

Fisher was kinda "cool" and wouldn't give me big smiles unless I prompted him to. He looked SO tall out there! I never thought he was tall for his age, but maybe he is. He did a really good, especially considering he has no dance background! He totally blew a kiss back to me once the dance was over! 

Jackson danced to Dynamite. The exact dance that is on the video game Just Dance, so their were waves of actions at a few parts. It had a really cool effect that a picture can't capture. He practiced a lot at home. "I'm gonna try my best and ask Mr. Moulton if I can be on the front row!" Dabbing was clearly his favorite part; he had a huge smile right they started that part. :)

Kenadee's dance had partners, and she was with Brynlee! These two have been best friends for like 9(?) years so I was so happy to get pictures of these two together. More pictures to add to their collection of them being together. :) It was a really cute dance!

Jackson ended up carrying extra chairs in to the classroom after the dance. I can only imagine he was trying to impress the ladies! ;)

I am so grateful to have so many GOOD kids surround my children! It is seriously a huge blessing, and I don't go a day without being grateful for them!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

haha! Fisher brought home a medical glove from "career day" in second grade. Taylor was quick to teach him how to use the air from his nose to blow it up! Side note: I have a picture of Taylor doing this same thing the first time he met my mom... 

The Elmers came over for dinner. It was really fun! We have a good time together! The kids seriously played the entire time, mostly in the church parking lot across the street. 

These kids! They are seriously the best! They all had great baseball/softball games! It was Fisher's first time on base! He has struck out every other time (he's at the tail end of the batting order so he only gets up once per game). He has a great swing, but just couldn't connect. I was SO happy for him! Jackson got walked tonight, and Kenadee got on base both times she was up. I love these kids like crazy!

The second game this week, the boys and Kenadee's game was at the same time. So, I was at Kenadee, and Taylor was at the boys. Fish got walked again (so happy that he swings at strikes and can tell when they aren't!) and made it all the way home! Taylor videoed him sliding home for me. So here's a still shot of that. :)