Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We put our house on the market one year ago. I can't believe it's been that long, but at the same time, it feels so good and normal to be in this house. I really liked this house in PG. I loved this kitchen! I kinda smile now seeing this picture, because my new kitchen is SO much better and I LOVE it more than I ever thought I could love a kitchen. :)

Taken today. I didn't clean it up AT all, but that's real life folks. I seriously LOVE it! 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sam and Madeline got engaged! We had an Easter egg hunt and all the kids ended up holding letters to spell "Will you marry me?" So cute and happy for them. Before Madeline headed back to Arkansas, she wanted to do a little dress shopping and totally found one! She is in the Army and has a few semesters left till she graduates, so they will be moving back there after they are married. It's such a crazy dating story. Last summer, Sam went to Arkansas to sell pest control, and knocked on her and her roommates door. He flew back in August to baptize her. Now they're getting married! CRAZY!

Not sure where I was, but the builder stopped by and it slipped out that today was his birthday. So Kolbi hurried and made him a birthday card. She's such a good girl!

Just a little snuggling with Scott. :)

 What?! Maddie and Josh got engaged too! They also have a wild dating story! Jed "swiped right" on the Tender app... and that's how they started dating! haha! Also went dress shopping with her and the girls and she found one! Her wedding will be very casual and country. I'm actually very excited for it. I get to wear my cow boy boots!

I decided last minute I wanted to wear something new and special for my sister's wedding. So I shopped and shopped all weekend, but I found something I felt really pretty in. I honestly can't remember the last time I shopped for myself. I've bought jeans and plain v-neck shirts from Target, even a maxi skirt last summer from Target. But it has seriously been years since I've shopped for myself. I keep hoping that my body's hormones will start working right and I'll loose all this weight that has crept up on me. 

Women's conference with my girl and in-laws. Always a good time!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Fisher's turn for a late night. 

What are the chances?! We all had black sweats on too... :)

Kenadee took my phone while baby sitting the Johnson's. She shattered my screen phone while running out the door with it... :( She sure enjoys watching these kids!

I had my first root canal the other day. I was so mad at myself at myself! I didn't make it a priority to find a new dentist. Taylor didn't like our old one and it just kept slipping from my mind. My kids didn't miss an appt. It had probably been 2 years since I'd had a cleaning. We are changing insurances too, so I made an appt and had to get all the work done before our dental plan ran out. So mad at myself. This picture was before they put the crown on. It was so strange to have the tooth all sanded down. LOVED the gas though. 

Tay sent this picture to me. Love them!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Today all of Utah cancelled our regular church meetings so that everyone could watch the Provo City Center temple dedications. They had 3 separate dedications to choose from to watch. We went to the noon, which was great. I got to sleep in, and Taylor still got an afternoon nap. :) This was Fisher's first temple dedication to be apart of. I love that my kids get this opportunity. I hope Kolbi gets to as well, when she is old enough. Elder Oaks conducted our dedication and made a comment that tens of thousands of Utahs were watching today. Crazy! It is a very beautiful temple, that is for sure!

These murals were one of my favorite parts! SO pretty!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

We didn't even know that this tooth of Kolbi's was loose. (I don't think she even realized it. She has like 2 others that are currently loose.) But Grandpa Beck pays the grandkids $1 if they let him pull it out. Easy money made!

I've never been a big fan of St. Patricks Day. We all wear green, but that is basically the extent of it. My energy and mood have been much better lately, so I put a little bit of effort into the holiday this year. We had Lucky Charms for breakfast, a totally green dinner, and treat bags of gold candy. :)

Our ward is a brand new ward, and thus we are lacking a lot of basic equipment and necessities. They decided to hold a ward auction and dinner. Every family paid $10 for dinner (It was a nacho bar. And anyone that knows us, knows we love nachos!!) Then whoever wanted to donate items could, then there would be a "silent bidding" to the highest payer. All the money earned went back to the ward for the items we need. People were so generous; I couldn't believe the items that were donated! Laser tag, family photo shoots, a day at the lake, every family member to get their teeth cleaned plus x-rays, 2 children to have all their cavities fixed. These big items were valued at $500+! Then meals, treats, jewelry, a swig basket, Mary Kay gift baskets. We brought a movie night at home basket that had redox codes and tons of varies treats/sweets. I think that sold for $27. We walked away with picture of Christ and some tennis lessons for Kenadee. This guy, Dan Wilson, went to school with Taylor. He's actually Jed's age. He is an amazing artist! Like seriously talented! He donated 3 of his framed pictures! I'm so happy to get this picture, and hopefully it's the first of many of his works! Not sure we'll ever be able to afford a family picture, but that'd be awesome! 
The ward auction was such a great idea and we all had a great time!

Monday, March 14, 2016

First name and middle name right next to each other... it MUST be true! ;)

 Then... a bunch of food pictures. :) Took Kolbi out for a birthday cake topper ice cream from Arctic Circle. It was so tasty!

The girls were at friends houses, the rest of us ran an errand and stopped at Wendy's. Cause that how I drown my sorrows. haha! We were all matching, too. 

Taylor and I had a late night Taco Amigo run. Maddie sent a picture to the family of her and Josh there, and it got Taylor craving it. So were showed up at 10:45, the night of daylight savings, so our clocks were already set to 11:45. haha! No shame!

Kenadee had my phone with her while she was babysitting and apparently Jackson didn't get the memo....

Taylor thinks I'm so weird. Sometimes when I'm bored or want to waste time, I'll read the comments on Facebook with my only intention to see how people respond and choose to be upset over stuff... it paid off today. This made me so happy!! hahaha!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Taylor got to go on Kenadee's field trip to Clark Planetarium. They seemed to have a good time! The took the train up to Salt Lake, ate lunch there, and had worksheet they needed to fill out while up there.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My friend Andrea's husband, Brandon, works for the church. Kind of like a security "guard" for the church's apostles. So travels a lot with them. I follow Elder Holland on Facebook and he posted a bunch of pictures of his recent trip to Peru. I knew Brandon was there with him, so I flipped thru all the pictures and sure enough, Brandon is in one of the pictures. :) It made me so happy! What an awesome job to have! He's facing the crowd on the far left of this picture. :)

I'm trying so hard to make new friends in this ward. I want to fit in and have real friends SO bad. I'm making a big enough to attend anything I can, remember people's name, and listen instead of talk about myself. I have to remind myself all the time that it took several years to feel super comfortable in my old ward and to the point where I could have a real conversation and laugh with literally anyone in that ward. (vs the introduction type of conversations) I haven't been brave enough yet to invite anyone over for dinner though. Maybe a few park play dates since the weather is warming up. Not sure I'm there, yet though. Any way, someone I visit teach told me about these non coffee based frappes at Swig. I got one and sent her a selfie of it, trying to put myself out there and grow the friendship. Swig was out of chocolate, so I tried the salted caramel, and it was really yummy!

The weather has been so great lately! 

We took the bikes out over this past 3 day weekend. I brought our real camera, but turned it one and it said it didn't have the memory card in it.... apparently Taylor took it out to put some scout stuff on it and have it printed. Oh well. I took like 3 pictures on Taylor's phone to document it. :)

Kenadee on my bike... I'm not good and sharing. I can only imagine the nerves when she starts to drive.