Monday, February 29, 2016

My mom sent the kids a surprise package! It was all the "ingredients" to build a car, with a picture included. SO fun! I hope I remember to be thoughtful like this when I'm a grandma. They seriously loved it and were on a sugar high all day!

Friday, February 26, 2016

We had all the girl cousins come over. They don't get much time together and I want to make some excuses to be together. They were all seriously so well behaved! And we had two whole pizzas leftover... I don't think that will happen when it's the boys turn. They seemed to have a fun time and all entertained themselves. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This made my heart SO happy! Those first few weeks and month of your first baby are hard! Plus Courtney had to head back to work after 4 weeks, plus Isabelle is really fussy baby. I wish I was closer to help her. So seeing Izzy smile at her momma really made my day!

We had some alone time with the Becks and played Farkle. I totally won, too. :)

Kenadee had an appt to get her jr high shots (how are we both old enough for that?!?) and also to get her finger looked at. She yanked it on the bed frame of her brother's bed and it swelled up bad. I remember that happening to me many times as a kid, and the swelling went away. Her's was swollen like 3 days later, so might as well have it looked it. Anyways, I decided to check her out early for a little girl time before her appt. Some Swig and fabric shopping. Dr gave us an order form for an x-ray, but I'll wait a few days to see if the swelling goes down and it straightens on its own. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kenadee and Brynlee teamed up for a science fair project. I actually didn't really even know much about it. They did it all at Gwen's house; bless her heart! I love watching these two (and all the kids in the Brown family) grow up together!

Doing the shooting part of the hunter safety program. For a cumulative 65 hours, us four got our hunter safety. That was a LONG week. Kenadee is only one old enough to actually put in for hunts though. She's anxious if she'l draw a tag this year. :)

I had to take the boys shoe shopping. Man, they wear out shoes fast. Jackson only wanted the $60+ Nikes :( but Fisher was content with some $10 (with a coupon) ones from PayLess. BUT... Jackson liked these solid white ones from PayLess.... 

Oh, man. This boy has SO much personality! He pulled out this target from the Hunting Expo and asked if I noticed what the man running that station wrote on it... He was 100% serious, too. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

I offered to bring Fisher's scout troop home from a field trip. These 6 boys were SO loud! The two in the middle seat did NOT want their picture taken, but I totally tricked them. Fish's face cracks me up in this picture! He thinks we got his friends good!

We can see the sky again! I didn't realize how much I took the sky for granted. We couldn't see the mountains, or even pioneer crossing, for so many days. So when we finally could, the beautiful mountain line and sunsets were spectacular!

I seriously can't say no this girl sometimes. She's jus so pleasant and grateful. I don't know if she's even been in a fun cart before, so when she asked, I had to give in. That is something I can compromise on!

This "teacher appreciation" week is kinda awesome! I changed it to "employee appreciation" because I'm not a teacher. ;) I got so many perks this last week! Kolbi too, thanks to my co-workers. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Oh man. The Hunting Expo is a must for us! We spend hours here and don't even go to all the booths set up. The kid area is the hit!

I hope one day he'll realize the goofy faces aren't cool, until then, he is a great shot!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day!

I braided Kolbi's hair into a heart. 

Kenadee had her first real valentine. Jace, in our ward. He's a nice boy. I later thanked his mom for the cutest gift basket from Rocky Mountain Chocolate. There were a box of chocolates and a caramel apple in it. 

I've been wanting to try icing cookies like this for years. I finally got around to it. I need more patience if I want to get better at this. The tie dye one on the bottom row was the kids favorite and fought over. 

 We didn't do anything fancy int the morning, with it being Sunday and all. I finally got a picture after church and let them indulge themselves. 

My husband in the best. His annual flowers for his daughters. 

Jackson wrote this me. He must REALLY love me, if he likes me more than a McDonalds breakfast! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

We've had some nasty inversion for like a week. Horrible air! BUT, the fog in the morning was kinda pretty. Reminded me of back home. The trees looked like they had been snowed on. 

Taylor sent me this picture. He had the day off of work, and picked up Kolbi from kindergarten then took her out to lunch. I think this girl loves that she doesn't have all day school like her siblings! She gets special treatment, for sure!

Later that same day, my car wouldn't start. Both cars wouldn't start, dead, within 9 days. Car trouble is probably the thing I hate the most in this life. I was left stranded at the school. Thank goodness Gwen had checked her kids out of school that day and were headed to Idaho, or else it would have been a lot worse. A good friend was picking her kids up too, and so we all piled in. It was luckily just the battery, as I suspected, and was a quick fix. Just not what you WANT to spend money on. :(

I finally hung stuff on my walls! I sent so many pictures to family asking for help with this big wall. I cut out cardboard and taped them to the wall, then rearranged it all 128 times. I also hung up some frames in the hallway, they just need pictures now. ;)

I have wanted to do this curtain rod idea for many years. It is in the boys room, and it is made from plumbing pipes. I LOVE it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Watching a little Super Bowl with the Becks. The Broncos won! Wahoo!! So happy Peyton got another ring!

Taylor and I are both the webelo leaders. We like it! We get to see a bunch of Jackson's friends, and they feel comfortable over here. I probably do more than half of the work, but for two weeks Taylor nerded it up and taught them about engineers. We took about a nerf gun, made a blue print of the trigger, made our own new trigger with a 3D printer, then assembled it with the new trigger, and it worked! Taylor loves his job, so that is a great blessing!

Jed was up at some work conference up in Salt Lake. They were meeting with clients all day for a few days. Well, it turns out that Jed didn't need to be there for the last evening and morning of the conference. Megan couldn't get away from the kids, so they offered the room of the hotel to us! WHAT?! Heck ya! Our kids are pretty dang easy, all things considered. They go to bed early and sleep perfect. But it was so fun to "get away" for a little bit! We were in the Grand America hotel, and oh boy, we aren't near fancy enough for that place! I will never step in a hotel that nice again! We did a little shoe shopping at City Creek, walked around Temple Square, and ate everything in site. A perfect 16 hours together!