Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oh man! This girl! She is the sweetest thing! So while I was in WA, she went to different friends house everyday so Taylor could get some work in. On Thursday, the day I came home, she was with her friend McKinnley's house. They had to run an errand to the dollar store for the friend's sibling's class, or something like that. The mom let the little girls pick out one thing each. Kolbi started off with a treat for herself, but then thought, "I should get something for my mom!" So after much debate (as I'm sure you can imagine), she settled on this glass rose. She was SO excited to give it to me! Like SOOOOOO excited! This girl is a piece of heaven! She also has way more sass than other child, but we won't talk about that!

Mom text asking if the kids missed me.... Ya, Kolbi didn't let go of me the entire evening. 

We are having a local couple build some furniture for our house. He is a firefighter for Salt Lake, so he has a lot of "off" days. They sent some updates! I love how they're turning out! Can't wait to see them all finished and in my house! I need to find some dining room chairs, and fast!

Oh sheesh. So maybe 16 house after I got home, half of that being sleeping time, Taylor left for a coyote hunting trip. He's been so excited for this trip and I'm happy he could go. People are still showing up to fix little house things, so I can't go get errands done, because they are going to show up.... Then one doesn't show, and the other is here for 2 minutes and realizes he didn't bring enough materials. Grrrr. So frustrating. I left the door unlocked and a note, because someone was to be coming back. (I didn't want to waste another day of not getting any errands done, and not have someone show up again) So the kids and I ran errands for 4 hours on Saturday. Oh man. Not so fun, as you'd guess. But now we have curtains and food. :)

 Courtney sent this picture of bath time. Freaking cute little girl!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I got my baby fix!! I was able to spend a week up in WA loving on this precious baby! I can't believe my sister has a baby! So crazy! She is doing such a great job with Isabelle. It's so hard to be a first time mom. You aren't confident at in anything you're doing; it's seriously so hard! Courtney is so awesome. So proud of her! 

Waving to the kids.

Heath is doing so good with Izzy. That makes my heart happy. Glad Courtney is in good hands!

Taylor took the kids to church. He even curled Kolbi's hair! What a good dad!

Sweet baby girl! 

Dairy Queen and Safeway selfies. haha!

Mmmmmm... OakTable for breakfast the morning I left. This is the fresh strawberry waffle. SO good!

Giving Izzy some last minute Auntie advice before I leave. So sad to leave her. I wish I could see her grow up in every phase, but I'm excited to see the girl she becomes. :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

My couches finally showed up! Hooray! I am so excited! These, along with that aqua chair, are the first brand new, real, furniture I've ever had. (my night stands were new, and a few bookshelves) SO stinking exciting! The tables are still a few weeks out. We are having someone local build them. :)

While I was at home waiting of the delivery people to show up, Taylor was out hunting rabbits with Jackson, Josh, Maddie, and Josh's brother. This is the first trip Jackson has been on, where he's holding a loaded gun that wasn't a bb's. Not one picture of the two of them together, but at least he took some! I guess Jackson did great and was totally safe. He didn't hit anything, but came pretty close. So glad they could have this moment (or 10 hours worth!). 

Then two days later, he had more family to hunt rabbits with. Sounds like they had a great time and shot quite a few! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

I went out to sushi with some friends! Always such a fun night! We giggled and giggled, and stuffed ourselves silly! (Danielle, me, Kari, Andrea, and Traci)

Jeri got tickets to see the Provo City temple. It was totally crazy trying to check all the kids out and get there as soon as I could get off work, but we made it! The temple was very pretty! Lots of red wood inside and the brick outside is very unique. I love that they kept it as true to the original tabernacle as possible. 

After the temple, Kristen and I traded a few kids. Kenadee's face in their picture is hilarious to me. Apparently she kept losing the card game and was kind of pouting! haha!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I finally FaceTimed my sister and got to see baby Izzy! She is stinking beautiful! Taylor got me a ticket to fly up to WA to see her! YAY! So excited to snuggle this sweet thing!

My uncle Tom posted this picture on Facebook, but I wanted to keep it! This is my grandma and grandpa. Elizabeth Rothrock and Bud Rucker, my Dad's parents. I can't believe how much my aunt and uncles, and Dad, look like their parents!

Heath tagged us in this. hahaha! Totally true! 

 Still doing my hormone therapy and feeling better than ever. I keep tweeking the amount of my meds, and so far, so good. Kolbi goes with me while the other kids are still in school, and she hangs out in the waiting room while I'm back with the doctor. She's a good girl!

I won the family college bowl game! Wahoo!!! Jackson won the kid picks too! Yay for winning some cash!

I got my brother a magazine subscription for Christmas. I ordered it beginning of November to give plenty of time for it to start before Christmas. Nope. I was way late. :( Natasha sent these pictures of the boys to show that the magazine finally showed up! Seriously, so cute! I hate not seeing Cash grow up! 

This. Total truth.