Saturday, December 31, 2016

This was our New Years Eve company. :) The kids picked some friends to come hang out. We kicked them out at 10:30 though. ;) Then we watched the last few episodes of 24 that we'd been watching as a family. Fisher and Kolbi both feel asleep before midnight and Kolbi looked like a giant as Taylor carried her to bed. So crazy how big my baby has gotten! We also noticed that Jackson was the only person who all his friends he invited over, weren't red heads. ha!

And I happily started a new puzzle while all the kids were entertained and happy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Taylor took the kids and I on our first ever rabbit hunt. It wasn't super successful, but the kids were good sports and we had a good time together. I was happy that Taylor wanted us as his company. :)

Our Christmas break was pretty ridiculous this year. We barely had a 1.5 weeks off. But I'm trying to remind myself that we are off for the year a bit before Memorial Day, so give and take, I guess. We made the best of it, with lots of food and friends, though. 
Lunch with the ladies from work. 

These boys have been inseparable. Glad they have each other. 

All the adults met up to celebrate Andy's 40th birthday at Costa Vida. Taylor and I sent him an amazing video we made. We were chilling, driving down the road listening to ACDC wishing him a happy birthday. It was pretty amazing!

Fast food for the win again. :)

Sunday, December 25, 2016

It was a Christmas miracle! All our old snow had melted with a bunch of rain fall, but we woke up to a white Christmas!

Santa came!!!

Christmas is always amazing and never gets old! I seriously love watching my kids faces light up when they unwrap gifts! They all got everything they wanted, and that is a good feeling as a parent. haha!

It was really nice to have 9 am church on Christmas morning also! It was so nice to feel the spirit so strongly and to hear so many awesome hymns dedicated to Christ. The closing song was AMAZING!  She played it on the piano, which I think sounds so much better than an organ, and she freaking killed it! I was in tears by the second line. It was seriously amazing! I gave my friend a hug afterward and thanked her for playing that for us. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sam and Madeline came into town for Christmas, but needed to fly home Christmas morning, so we all met up on Christmas Adam (we moved our Christmas Adam traditions to the day before). It was a really good time! Megan was awesome and got some great pictures! Yay! We had dinner, exchanged gifts, then played games and had a dance party! 

We took the kids to Taco Time, because we're high class like, while we were out running errands. :)

Then for Christmas Eve dinner, we invited Dave and Jeri over for dinner. We were happy to have Sam and Madeline there too. We had a great dinner of ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, and green beans. Then we stayed up later than we should have playing games and laughing. It was a total last minute invite, but I'm glad they could join us! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our annual Christmas Adam traditions of new pj's and family game, appetizer dinner, and sleeping around the tree while watching Elf. (I guess I've never made it a big deal in years past because Taylor didn't realize we had a tradition of an appetizer dinner. haha! Well, we do!)
This year the kids really wanted robes for some reason! So they got some robes along with their pj's. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I love the elementary school programs! They always have an awesome Christmas sing, and one perk to working at the school is getting a front row seat! They practiced hard and were singing their songs starting weeks before the program. I love it! Somehow, two of our kids are tall enough to make it on the top row; Jackson being on the front row. ha! 

Jackson was so funny to watch. He was SO uncomfortable! He hates being the center of attention and was acting all strange, like taking deep breathes, and was so relieved when his grade was done! Of course he begged Kolbi to wear her pink scarf!