Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Somehow, I convinced Taylor to come to the zoo with us today! It really wasn't that cold and the only animal we didn't see were the giraffes. The lions were amazing today! They were right up against the glass just chilling. Then the two males all of the sudden got in this tiny fight. One roared at the other and swiped at its face. The other roared back. Jackson was literally two feet away from their mouths with the glass in between. Even though that is nothing compared to seeing how they act in the wild, it was still kinda crazy. And awesome at the same time. Good little morning!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Kolbi zonked out. I thought she looked pretty cute with her new blanket. This was early, like 7:00. 
Everyone kept stealing my new blanket, so they all got their own new soft ones for Christmas. 

We used our new movie stuff and took the kids to see The Good Dinosaur. It was really cute! 

Taylor and I went out to eat almost every day he was home from work. I think it was like 10 or 11 times. I don't want to think about the money we spent doing this, but the time we had together was great! I think this picture was at Taco Bell. haha! We did got to nicer places too. ;)

Shopping with Kenadee. She loves to browse, but is horrible at making decisions.

I needed to exchange some sweats that Taylor picked out for me. We decided to take the kids along for a few returns. Kolbi was the cutest statue in every store we went to. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Santa found us in our new house!

Santa brought everyone a new bike. I'm totally envious of Kenadee's bike too.

Kenadee's big gift from us was a shopping spree. Gift cards to Target, Old Navy, and Hobby Lobby.

Jackson got a long board.

Fisher got a rip stick.

Kolbi got a karaoke machine. 

Then they all wanted pictures with their stuff. 

Aunt Courtney got them all their own remote for the xbox. Now they can all play at the same time and no one has the "crappy remote." haha!

Natasha is the best at taking (and sending) pictures! I seriously love getting pictures from her. Mom and Courtney need to step up their game! haha! She sent these of Cash opening his car that we got him. They seemed like pretty cool cars; I hope he enjoys them! I hope Cash knows how much he is loved by me! 

We went up to Becks at 5:00 for dinner and gifts. Jeri had to work that afternoon, so evening time worked out the best. Kolbi and June play so well together! Kolbi is a year older, but they are inseparable. They were waiting patiently for their turn to open their gifts. 

Grandma and Grandpa got each family a Cinemark movie gift pack. It had a reusable/refillable bucket for popcorn, two big refillable drink cups, gift certs to refill each a few times, concession certificate, candy for the movies, and a big gift card for the movie tickets themselves. Such a good and useful gift! I'm so excited for them! Plus, our local Cinemark has kettle corn. ;) 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I love Christmas! Like seriously everything about it! Taylor was going to lose personal days if he didn't use them by the new year, so he was home from work for TWO entire weeks! 

Playing games in their pjs.

This is our 5th year doing the "Polar Express". It started with us sending them to bed early, them finding their golden on their pillows, then heading out to see Thanksgiving Point's Christmas lights with hot chocolate. Now, they are smarter, so there is no tricking them. Nothing is ever as magical as it could/should be. We wanted to get there earlier than we did, hoping there wouldn't be a line, so Taylor was grouchy during dinner. Then Jackson spilled his hot chocolate on the new rug in the mud room. So that delayed it even more. Maybe if I didn't write down everything that went "wrong", then I honestly wouldn't remember them. That all I would remember was the magically perfect family. But truth is, nothing is ever picture perfect while you're in that moment. Oh well, the kids loved this evening! This is one of their favorite traditions.

Christmas Adam means new Christmas pjs and family game. Apparently Reverse Charades (so everyone acts out while one person guesses) doesn't come natural to all kids. haha! Then we watched Elf while sleeping in the living room. 

A better picture of their pjs. Kenadee asked for sweats, Jackson wanted basketball shorts, and Fisher and Kolbi wanted matching sets. :) I've never been into matching clothes for my kids. Never. I love that they have different preferences and different personalities. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Point.  Maybe these were with a previous trip there. Hmm.

Courtney sent these pictures of baby Izzy's room. I'm dying to meet this new niece! I loved these pictures. That rocking chair is the same one that us siblings got rocked on while we were little. Mom had it repainted for Court. 

Peyton still has place in my heart, even though he doesn't play with the Colts. I loved this picture of his son with him. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Random tidbits:

We've gotten quite a bit of snow and the kids are loving it! They can get all their gear on without any help, too!!! YAY! I feel like I've won as a parent, because I've "made it" to this point in my mothering. 

I really feel this is true!

Mmmm. I've only had these at my in-laws house. Jeri hides a stash in closet so everyone won't eat them. I've probably only had 3-4 of them in my life. They are SO good though and I saw them on Costco. MmmHmm. One for me, one for a friend. 

I have made caramel every winter for probably about 5 years. I've used this same candy thermometer every year. This year, I FINALLY realized that the clip in the back is adjustable and could be lowered to attach to the pan. Instead of the usual, just setting it inside and having it be int he way while you stir for 20 minutes. Uhhh, dumb moment, but happy to make my life a tiny bit easier. haha!

The big rug got delivered! It's perfect. Just perfect. 

My "toe" thumb cracks every winter. It cracks bad enough to where it's bleeding. I joke that it could use a few stitches. Taylor super glued it shut for me. Kind of a funny moment to me. To have my husband being the nurse. 

USSynthetic rented out the theater to see Star Wars. We had to miss a family Christmas party to go, but the movie really was planned before the party. We were kinda in the dog house. One of the big wigs gave the kids his popcorn. He had a little bit and then passed it over. They loved it. And the refill. haha. 

The theater was right next to the mall and I needed to stop by and exchange something, while we were so close. Santa was there and there wasn't a line! I have NEVER bought pictures while visiting Santa. I always find a place that lets you take your own. Taylor convinced me to just pay for the digital copy, then threatened the kids that if they ruined the picture on purpose, they'd owe the $20 for this one picture. It was 8:30 pm, no one had eaten dinner (just a ton of popcorn), everyone's hair was a mess from not being touched since the morning, if at all, they weren't in cute clothes etc. I had million thoughts of why this wouldn't work. But Taylor's idea (in every way) worked! I couldn't be happier with how the picture turned out. The kids asked for 
Kenadee: a bike
Jackson: a long board
Fisher: a foot stool ??
Kolbi: Hello Kitty Make Up Set

The disney store had this display. 

Aunt Courtney mailed a gift for me, so Kenadee tied ribbon around it to make it cute.