Monday, November 30, 2015

We had an eventful Thanksgiving break. We set up Christmas and Taylor made me some shelves!

I haven't decorated at ALL. I kinda don't want to until all the new furniture gets done and I know how/where all the big pieces will go. It was insane how the tree set up made it feel cozy all of the sudden! It made the house feel like a home for the first time since we've been here. :) Now we have a mantle to hang the stockings from too. 
I absolutely love that with the tree set up, we still have plenty of living space! In our old house, we had to rearrange the furniture and the couch was basically touching the front door when it opened. I love this open layout!

I love feeling organized! These shelves are perfect! Taylor even made the very bottom shelf not sit on the ground (like our pantry). I love my husband for building these. It took a good 10 hours. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving is a great holiday! I have some pretty great in-laws and am grateful to spend these holidays with family.

 The night before Thanksgiving I guess Jackson had a conversation with his dad. 
"Dad, what do you think the chances are I'll get a leg tomorrow!?!"
"Not very likely, bud."
"Well, what about a wing??"
"Dude, it's probably not gonna happen. Don't get your hopes up."

I had no idea this conversation happen. Taylor's uncle asked the if anyone wanted the leg, while Jackson was right there in line next to him. Jackson took his plate over to where Taylor was standing, pointed down, then said, "BAM!" haha! I love this kid!

Then some Black Friday shopping. :) I only went to one store on Friday; crazy, I know. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Some Random happenings:

Dave and Jeri came by the house to drop off some chairs and no had eaten dinner yet, so we went to DP Cheese Steaks. Yum! It's always fun to talk with them one-on-one. They are good people!

Fisher FINALLY started scouts! He has been SO excited to go and would ask me constantly when he was going to be able to go. Having a brand new ward formed slowed down the process, but he is loving it so far!

Had a little girls night with my old ward friends. I didn't think moving out the of the ward would be that big of a deal (the rental was only 4 house out the ward boundaries), but it made a huge difference. It's crazy the friendships that form from church. I hate being the new one in our new ward. It's hard to not know anyone, or their background, or anything about them. Anyways, this girls night, we ate at Cubby's and then watched Love The Coopers. It was fun to have friends again. 

There are constantly kids at the house. I love it! I always hated that not many kids come over to play in the rental. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wow, I have not taken many pictures lately! Here's what I have though. 

Mud room is installed!

Kolbi and I went grocery shopping after two weeks of living in the house. Not sure when I did before the move. It'd been a long time, and we stocked up on cereal!

Our mountains looked like a post card! The bright blue sky against the the stark white snow. It was seriously beautiful! I looked that day, and realized we are about 90% covered by mountains. It's no Washington, but I love where I live!

The hoodie that my Mom ordered for my birthday got here a few days after she left so I HAD to take a picture to send to her. I seriously love it and plan to wear it an obnoxious amount of days in a row. :)

House stuff is going slow. We still haven't done our "final walk thru". They still have odds and ends to finish up, like touch up paint, replace light bulbs, sheet rock repairs) Ugh. I wish they'd just do it. I haven't started decorating yet. I kinda don't want to until all the big stuff in is and settled. The couches are ordered... and probably won't be done by Christmas. The window coverings are ordered and will be a few weeks. I haven't ordered the rug yet. It's taped out on the floor. haha! By the way, the floor isn't near as honey colored as it looks here. Its a very medium brown. I just don't want to put holes in the walls until I know how the basics will look. I've spent SO much time figuring out these big purchases! Almost figured out the kitchen and entry tables. I'm having someone local build them; farmhouse style. 

No pictures, but I had my second follow up appt for my hormone therapy. I'm starting to feel much better. I sleep SO much better; I'm not tired and wanting a nap every day. I have energy to do stuff in the day! It's hard to pin point how each medication is helping, but I'm really trying to pay attention to my body and how it's feeling in a very specific way. I hadn't weighed myself in many weeks. Probably close to 4. But I did the other day and am hopeful that my thyroid is starting to work. I hadn't lost any additional weight, but I hadn't gained. If I'm not SUPER strict with my food intact, I'd gain weight like crazy, so I was happy to see that wasn't the case when my family was in town. :) I'm ready to be strict with it again, and hopefully I'll see some real results!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Oh man. What a crazy few days! 10 days, even! In less than 3 full days we: had every single member of my family come into town, move, have a baptism/luncheon, host a baby shower, and have a major holiday. It. Was. Insane. I only had two tiny melt downs. And considering I don't have hormones that handle stress, that was a major success! 

Oh, sweet Fisher! You make my heart happy! I am so glad you have a growing testimony of our Lord and Savior! That spirit and testimony will guide you your entire life! I am so proud of the young man you are turning into. You make me proud, and laugh, every single day! I love you buddy!

Look Fish! Every single person that we love most in our lives, made it here! (Jed and Megan couldn't stay for pictures/lunch, but they were here!) Taylor did a fantastic job. He got really teary during the confirmation; it just makes me happy deep down! The bishop gave me warning that after the confirmation was done, they ask the moms to bear their testimony. Gosh, I was an emotional wreck (hard to imagine, right?) but it was great to be forced to tell these people how I feel about this gospel. 

The priesthood picture. Always a favorite of mine!

Grand parents. 

He had some of our best friends by his side too! I didn't get a picture of the Jackson's; glad I got one the day of Jane's baptism! There are a bunch of pictures I wish I would have taken. I felt like I was holding everyone up for these few. Dang it though; I didn't even get one of Taylor, Fish, and I. 

Jackson and Cash coloring on moving boxes. (at the rental)

All decked out in their Halloween best! A cat, ninja, ghost face, mermaid, and dalmatian.

Sunday afternoon we threw my sister a baby shower. We had to celebrate this little girl! Have I mentioned her name? Isabel (Izzy) Dawn. Dawn as in MY middle name! I totally cried when my sister told me that last month. We were texting back and forth and she told me; I thought she was joking and laughed it off. Nope, she was SO sweet and said some the nicest things to me. There randomly happen to be tons of extra cousins, and one aunt, in Utah for the weekend, so it worked out great!

I thought this was cute of my mom and two of her sisters; Anita and Lisa. Don't they look really similar?!

We did our fair of shopping! 

And our fair share of eating. These were at Pizza Factory. 

Sweet grandpa (still in the rental) letting Jackson style his hair. 

My dad took us to see the new Peanuts movie. It was cute! Loved the time with dad!

Happy birthday to me! 33 has never looked so good. ;) An adult dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and cake/cheesecake at home!

Singing "happy birthday". 

Kolbi was grandpa's shadow! Past the cute part, and wandered into the obnoxious stage. I think he kinda liked it though; he's got to get lonely up on the ranch!

 Me and cute Cash! Love that little man!

Testing out the back massaging chairs in Bed, Bath, and Beyond with my sister. She has the cutest little belly! It's INSANE to me that the next time I see her, she'll be a mommy! 

My dad and brother hauled their bikes up here, so we took them all out with everyone. Our trailer broke a few months ago, so we haven't been out in a LONG time, but Clint had a trailer so we loaded it up. :) The boys went out 2 other times without the extra baggage! 

Oh. My. Gosh. Natasha was setting the timer up and running back for the pictures. She totally got caught up in a tie down and fell HARD! After a few minutes of worry, she got up and shook it off. We were all laughing about it by the evening! Glad it was just some scrapes! 

First try! ;)

I saw this the next day and giggled to myself.

Cutest picture of all the grandkids! Awww!

After 11 days of having company, and all of the above, it's time to get back to normal. More like find what our new normal is. It's time to make this house a HOME.