Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oh man. I've finally got some answers about my health! Taylor convinced me to go to this new doctor, commit to this financially, and get my hormones tested. The lab took 9 things of blood! They did a bazallion tests and the results are in. 

My thyroid is so low, it's considered non functioning. I'm really low on iron, so I'm anemic. They put some iodine on my skin and I had to time how long it took for it to be totally absorbed by my body. The thyroid sucks up all the iodine really quickly when your body is low in iodine. I was really low. My insulin is kinda high; he said we'd talk about that at a future appointment. Low in vitamin D. Low in testosterone. And lastly EXTREMELY low in the progesterone. Wow. Getting these results and meeting with the doctor took 2 hours. So much information, but it all makes sense. It feels so good to be justified! It's not just in my head that I can't (for the life of me!) lose weight. That my emotions are freaking all over the place. It's for real! 

So basically, this is hormone therapy. A natural approach. They want to actually fix the problem, not just give me anti-depressants to mask the problem. But, fixing the real problem isn't covered by insurance, and anti-depressants are. So dumb! It's going to be quite the journey, with a lot of appointments, but dang it, I'm going to be "me" again!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's General Conference season! That means, women's conference! It's always a good time when we go out! We ate a Malawi's for dinner after and it was pretty good. The mac & cheese was the hit!

Ya, I had no idea we were doing a goofy pose. haha.

We went back to the Beck's to finish up the Utah game. That was way fun. Kolbi zonked out on the couch while Fish snugged grandma and grandpa. I love being surrounded by good people!

Friday, September 25, 2015

The boys went out hunting. Dave and Taylor both had tags for the muzzleloader hunt. Taylor really hoped his dad would get one, and he did! Sounds like they were in a gnarly part of the mountain; glad I didn't have to hike it! Love that they're all friends!

The day after they got back, Dave asked if Taylor wanted to go out again. So Jackson ditched school for the day, and took off with them! These pictures make me so happy!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

After 1.5 years, Jackson got his braces off!!!! Wahoo! Dr. Watson is great, and his teeth are so straight! Yay. Now onto the life with a retainer! 

We took him out to Roxberry to celebrate. Highlight of the night was when he asked the worker to drink a sample of carrot juice. haha! Always fun when Jackson is around!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I'm getting REALLY anxious for this house to be finished! Finish carpenter finished up. Paint sometime either this weekend, or beginning of next week. Then flooring! 

Master closet.


I couldn't find all of lighting on the website, but this is what our vanity's are like. Only with different glass "shade" things. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I can't even remember how long ago I found this picture. It was just the sweetest thing. Love him!

Kenadee did a rocket project at school this week. She has been looking forward to this like crazy. All the 6th graders wore the tie dyed shirts they made the day before. It was a fun day for her. 

Fisher stayed home sick one day. Luckily he only threw up twice. Both at 11pm. I was already sleeping; Taylor was still awake though. But... he came into the room and woke me up. He said he tried, but could only walk in the room before the gagging started. haha!

Date night at PFChangs. We've had a gift card forever. It wasn't near as good as I remember. Still enjoyed the time away though!

I came home from church for something on Sunday. I sent Taylor a picture of laying on the bed to rub it in. His response is WHY I love him so much! Hilarious!!!!

Fisher had a field trip to the children's museum in Salt Lake. A neighbor sent me this picture of our kids enjoying themselves. Cute kiddos! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I can't imagine our lives without this little girl! I'm so glad she is in our family. She is a bundle of joy! Kolbi is super helpful. She will randomly ask if she can vacuum, or what I need help with. She is my most obedient child, by far! She is really funny and very thoughtful; willing to give up part of what she has, so someone else can have more. 
Some of her favorites are...
color: pink and purple
sport: soccer
food: hot dogs
friend: Kennedy and Cali
activity: color
occupation when he grows up: a mom

For breakfast he requested: french toast
For lunch: I took her out to McDonalds
For dinner: homemade pizza
And brownies with ice cream for dessert!

 The kids LOVE this tradition! More nerf for Fisher and Doll accessories for Kolbi.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fisher is 8! Such a big age! I can't believe it. He is sensitive, sweet, thoughtful, will talk your ear off, has old man humor, loves to snuggle, and will beg to get his back scratched. He is a pretty happy kid!

Some of his favorites are...
color: green
sport: soccer
food: apples and pizza
friend: Max, Damian, Kyle, and Dallin
activity: ride his bike
occupation when he grows up: police officer

For breakfast he requested: Waffles with fruit and cream
For lunch: pancakes
For dinner: chicken squares
And cinnamon rolls for dessert! I was in the kitchen a lot today.

Making some brownies together. He got to lick the batter with me. 

Fisher randomly asked a few days ago if he would need braces. hahaha! Probably buddy! Hopefully he'll grow into those chicklets of teeth. :)

Grandma called each of the kids. They love face timing family!