Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jackson is officially in the double digits! 10! I can remember the exact moment when the nurse told me he was breach and started prepping me for that emergency c-section. Crazy! 

He was awake before I was, and when I walked out, he was sitting in his new chair that was on the table! haha! Only Jackson. He also got some boxing gloves and another nerf mega gun. This kid is amazing! Sometimes his personality is a little too crazy for me, but I really wouldn't change him! He brings so much life to our family! He is more on the sensitive side and more timid than you'd expect. 
Some of his favorites are...
color: neon green
sport: football
food: pizza
friend: MaCade
activity: nerf gun war
occupation when he grows up: middle line backer for the Colts
For breakfast he requested: waffles with fruit and cream
For lunch: BLT without the tomatoes 

I LOVED his birthday being on Sunday! I made for a nice relaxing day! I even got a nap in! He did ask if he had to go to church on his birthday. haha. Dave asked me to bear my testimony to the YW in his ward. He was teaching their lesson, so we went up to the Becks for dinner and Jeri made some yummy tacos. He got to play with his cousins and hang out with uncle Sam. We ended the evening by watching our annual "birthday video". Love that tradition. It seems like it was forever ago that this little man was in a helmet! Love you so much Jackson!!!! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

We celebrated these 3 birthday kids today! I have way too much stress on my plate right now and the thought of celebrating 3 different times was just too much for me. I decided to do one big party. So I rented this blow up water slide, made homemade pizza, had soda, super soaker gun fights, the whole shebang. Kenadee invited one friend so she wouldn't be lonely. The kids all seemed to have time! And I'm glad to have it all over. ;)

I took them out of the water in groups, and did presents, pizza, and also cupcakes. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some random pictures:

Kolbi and her friend Halli were playing "beauty shop". Her mom send these pictures while they were playing over at their house. 

Kenadee got some golden raspberry starts from a neighbor in our old ward. And their starting to grow! 

Kolbi was SO excited to ride bikes to school with the big kids! It was kind of amazing, and kinda sad to see them all leave. It kinda felt like my life was leaving. This is the one year they will ALL be in the same school. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kolbi is SO ready for kindergarten! She had her outfit picked out for the last week! haha! By the time I walked out, she was dressed, her lunch was packed, and she knew exactly how she wanted her hair. Then we sat there, all ready, for over an hour. :)

The older kids were lining the sidewalks cheering on the brand new kindergarteners. It. Was. The. Sweetest. Kolbi doesn't like attention though, and was just anxious to go inside. 

She walked so confidently into those big doors all by herself! I walked away with tears in my eyes. I've never been sad when my kids left for school, but I was with Kolbi. She's my baby! But I'm so happy for her though! She is beyond ready and so excited! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Taylor stopped by the school today and I begged him to take my picture. All the girls I work with laughed out loud at my plead. haha! I really am enjoying my job. I like the ladies I work with and really love the adult interaction I get! I love that it's only a few hours a day too. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Just enjoying the quite moments before sacrament starts. 

I love having my kids grow up! Kenadee started the grill and Jackson cooked the hot dogs for us tonight. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

I had the kids take the jam I just made out to the freezer. AND.... one got dropped. Crap. 

I'm in the red "house" like Kenadee. I don't actually do anything; the school just wanted us lunch ladies to feel included. :) I'm really like this new job. I'm glad it's only 2.5 hours a day; it's a little over whelming to be adding so many new things at one time. 

My cousin came into town for a wedding. She asked Kenadee to babysit her beautiful baby Sadie while they were at the temple. She is such a cute baby! Fish loves babies, and after watching Sadie, Kenadee said that we need one last baby in our family. haha. NOPE. 

I had a little girl evening with my cousins, while Marissa was in town. We seriously had the BEST time together. We laughed our heads off. SO glad we were able to catch up!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Soccer has taken over our lives. Jackson loves his neon pink shin guards. haha. He begged for them! At least we can spot him easily on the field! 

Apparently, there are many ways to celebrate goals! I laughed so hard when he jumped up on Alex's back and "rode the pony". Top picture is Jackson's goal, bottom was Alex's. It was also pretty amazing when these two did a chest bump, and Jackson ended up on the ground. haha!

The kindergarteners are SO cute out there! 

Fisher has really picked up his game this last week! He's hustling a lot more and really paying attention. He almost made a goal today, but the goalie stopped it.