Friday, July 31, 2015

The framing is coming along quite nicely! We are standing in the kitchen area. I go back and forth on the size. Some days when we go check it out, I think, "This is a good big size." Then other days, it's the opposite. The numbers all made sense on paper though; I keep reminding myself! I am just so ready to be done with this rental! 

Front view

Back view

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I didn't have to wait long to hear back about the job... I got it!!! I'm kinda embarrassed how excited I am!

Went to Target with Kenadee tonight. We looked at some baby clothes. Someone is going to find out soon if she's having a boy or girl; we're excited! Kenadee is begging for high heals. I'm not sure I'm ready, but she is WAY ready to "grow up". 

We went swimming at the Lindon pool. Kolbi is swimming like crazy now! She swam like 35 feet today! Wahoo! 

FINALLY, the framing has started!!!!! So stinking excited! It doesn't quite feel real. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Today was a rough day for me! To start off, I had my first ever dermatologist appt. A moe check over my entire body.... I'll ALWAYS remember every detail, so I'll skip writing them down. I hated that I was there alone; not that I wanted someone extra to see me naked in a gown, but I really could have used some support. The doctor was fabulous and had great bed side manners. I got some lightening face cream for my sun spots, some samples of exfoliating lotion of my keratosis pilaris.  He also biopsies one of my moles on my back; all the others looked good he said. I should hear the results back within 2 weeks. I rewarded myself with a Swig when I was done.

Then a few hours later, I had my first interview in 13 years! I got my food handlers permit a few weeks ago, and last week I applied to be a lunch lady at my kids elementary school. This is like the perfect job for me right now! It fits perfect with the kids school schedule, and gives me a purpose. I always kinda laughed when mom's would get school jobs once their kids were old enough. That I would do whatever I wanted all day while they were in school. Not laughing anymore; I totally get it! 

I got a call yesterday that I had an interview today. I have seriously been a nervous WRECK all day. I felt like the interview went really well! I put my bed foot forward, and felt like I represented myself well. The lady said they were going to be hiring this week, so we shall see! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Taylor left for Houston early this morning before I was awake. The kids had the last day of their reading class for the summer, then we ran some errands. We had our lunch all packed and were going to go to the pool, but the wind picked up and was kinda crazy for a few hours. After Kolbi's nap, it died down enough, so we went to the pool. There were literally 14 people in the water! I guess the wind scared everyone away! Score! Such a nice relaxing afternoon! 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day three of the family reunion: we didn't start until lunch, and that was an adult only lunch with all of Taylor's cousins. This picture was only missing Taylor's youngest brother, Sam. It was a HILARIOUS lunch! We had our own private room in Los Hermanos, and thank goodness! We laughed so hard and some pretty questionable things were said. :) That was my favorite part of the entire reunion!

I thought I took more pictures than I did. We had a dance party, dessert, and a movie under the stars to finish up the day. 

 Overall, it was a great reunion!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Day two started bright and early at a 8:30 flag ceremony. The scouts let the ceremony, then Grandpa made everyone cry as he spoke of his love for our country and the fallen soldiers. He served in Vietnam; I really love that man!  I left my camera over at my in-laws house, (but thought it was at home) so I didn't get many pictures. We had some breakfast over at Grandpa Woody's house, then headed to the park for the day.

At the park, there were crafts for the kids, a HUGE game of kickball, tons of food, boys basketball games, and prizes raffled off to everyone. It was a fun day! It got exhausting from the sun, but it really was fun!

The Woodruffs got shirts for everyone! Family picture time!

After dinner at the Beck's house was an intense washer game tournament style. Double elimination. I started helping with the brackets, and got stuck there, so these were the only pictures I got. Once it was too dark to finish the kids washer game, we picked up real quick and headed over to Jed and Meg's culdasac for fireworks! They have a great view of the park we were at early, and that is THE place to watch fireworks! We headed home and got the kids in bed at 11pm. FUN and busy day! Happy Pioneer Day!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Taylor's aunt put together a family reunion! This was day one! We started off with a party over at Kelly's house. A big blow up water toy and big slip-n-slide. Everyone had a ton of fun! Even Grandpa Woody and Sonja went down the water slide. Jeri and her twin sisters did it all! It was fun to see everyone thoroughly having fun! 

We had a few hours to kill after that and before the dinner, so instead of driving back and from our house, we stayed at the in-laws and saddled big grey up. Then dinner up at the Woodruffs. Kolbi came over to me, and felt like she had a fever. Sure enough. When Grandma found her thermometer, she was at 103. :(

 I left the dinner early and brought Kolbi home. Luckily Taylor and I had driven up there separately. The last activity of the day was a dodgeball game at the church. It sounded pretty intense; surprising because no one in this family is competitive...