Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This poor grey horse! Can you see how swollen his front right leg is? He's had this wound, and we were just letting it run it course, but once it popped and was oozing puss, we knew he needed to be seen.

He also needed his teeth "floated", or filed down kinda. He had a few sores in his mouth from the sharp edges. Jed noticed a big lump up towards his eye/ear. The vet said it was cancer, a tumor. Removing it will only cause more issues. It isn't painful and he really isn't at risk for anything. We just want to make sure not to have his halter rub on it. I guess 2/3 of grey horses get these tumors. Taylor kinda laughed at me (but later said he was glad I was there) because I asked so many questions. About the risk, follow up, what to keep an eye out for, when to call back if the antibiotic doesn't seem to be working. It was the questions you'd ask if it was your kid at the doctor. haha! The vet gives the horse a tranquilizer so they can sand the teeth down. He was hilarious on drugs!! His legs got so wobbly, his bottom lip was so loose, and he ended up crossing his back legs and leaning his bum back on the gate. So entertaining!

The vet cleaned it up and shaved down the hair all around the wound. He thinks he got poked pretty bad by a stick or something. He put his entire finger in that hole and had to feel all around for any foreign objects that would cause the wound to heal up. He's seen stray sticks and also bone fragments left inside the animal. He didn't have anything, so he cleaned it out real good, gave him some antibiotics and a tetanus shot. We just need to keep it clean and flush it out with water. 

 I'm trying to be positive about this rental house. I really am. It's close to the school and the kids friends, so that is the HUGE pro. But, I really don't like here. It's old and run down. The landlord hasn't been awesome. She's nice enough, but isn't really good at taking care of things the landlord should. We spent a bunch of time to try to set up the sprinklers (they were turned off), but they were flooding the garage every time they ran. I never got a response when I told her about it. 
There are bugs getting inside the house somewhere. Earwigs, centipedes, and what looks like small box elder trees. A few days ago, the AC went out. UGH! She got it fixed later that day, but when you're fighting against the 100+ degrees outside, it took a while to cool the house off. 
I really am trying to count my blessings though! You can do anything for a few months, right?!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Jackson has been hilarious lately! He has such a funny and easy going personality. He can find joy in any situation! (he's been slightly obsessed with turtles lately... not really sure where it came from)

Apparently stacking tomatoes is way more fun than I've it credit for. Haha!

Gwen had a coupon to get some visitors in to 7Peaks for free. I was so excited she asked us to go with them! I freaking love this family! The kids zonked on the car ride home. Our weather has been insane hot lately! 105 when we left Salt Lake. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Parade time! The Tufts sat with us this year. It's so fun to be surrounded with friends. I love summer!

For Kenadee's date, we went to see the play The Kind And I play, at AF high school. It was way better than I thought it'd be. The main characters weren't high school students, but adults who've acted at Hale and Scera theater. I didn't realize Taylor hadn't ever seen this movie. After word, we went to Smart Cookie for a HUGE ice cream sandwich. :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Jackson's came with us to the Stock Parade. No cows this year that roamed the streets, but still fun to see all the horses dolled up. 

We had breakfast on the deck. Check!

Oh, Jackson! I untied the tie on my swimsuit so I could spray sunscreen. Jackson said, "Uh, mom. Can you put that back up. I can see the crack in your boobs." Hahahahahaha!!!

The footings got poured! Finally "something" to see!

It is time to start our annual summer kid dates! I won tickets to the Lehi Roundup Rodeo, so we decided to let Jackson tag along for his date. He was SO. Stinking. Cute. I walked around the corner and saw him in the bathroom getting ready. Shirt tucked in, belt on, and he was doing his hair. Love this kid! The rodeo was awesome and the burgers were perfect! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lexi Days is SO much fun! always something to do! We hit up free admission day at Hutching Museum with the Brown's and Neilsen's. 

We went to the boutique at Wines park. They had a free bounce house that the kids had a blast with!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Those 10 days of mom visiting went by way too fast! We packed our days in and took advantage of every hour together. We went to a ton of parade of homes and lighting stores. I sure enjoyed her ideas and perspectives on that house stuff! 

I didn't take many pictures though. :(   We did a "sugar cookie challenge". I got the idea from my cousin. Basically, you taste test a bunch of sugar cookies from a bunch of different place. Then pick which was your favorite. We kept is super simple with the kids. Just pick a favorite; not why or why you didn't like other ones. Slurp won, with Swig in a close second. It was a major sugar overload, but yummy too!

Selfie at Chick-Fil-A. 

My neighbor cut my mom's hair, and I love how she styled it! Super cute and young! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

We had a little sewing lesson today! Kenadee had a gift card to Hobby Lobby and used it to buy some fabric. She only spent $7 out of pocket on her materials. She is just like me in the sense that she wants to finish it quick, even though she likes the project aspect of it. She got it all finished in less than a day! 
Jackson, is totally opposite and quite content doing one slow stitch after the other! I love that both my boys wanted to learn to sew!