Saturday, May 30, 2015

We started off our summer break with some fun! We went geocaching with some friends. It was a disaster. All of my kids had cried within 2 hours of school getting out! Wow.

Then tonight, our new ward had their annual bbq. It. Was. Amazing. I only wish we had friends in our new ward to enjoy it with. ha! There were little wagon rides, horse shoe games, roping, dressing a goat competition, catching the greasy pig, and the best was the cash taped to the cow! hahaha!! Oh, and lots of food! I totally took notes for future parties! ;)

Fisher had his first "machine pitch" game today. He is so cute to watch! He's smiling at us in the stands half the time! He was up to bat 4 times, and had 4 solid hits. Getting out on first once, and even hitting in the outfield. SO proud of my little man! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Oh man. This beautiful girl of mine! Kolbi had her first ever dance recital tonight! She did so good and was beyond beautiful! She danced to "Walking On Sunshine" and was also an orphan dancing to "Hard Knock Life."

Kolbi spotted her momma in the crowd. {melt}

They seriously look so similar! 

She got a rose from her teacher, and some balloons/treats from us. We decided to do that instead of the usual flowers you get at recitals. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jackson had a great hit tonight that went in the outfield! The other kids were home in bed (he had the 8:00 game). His coach gave him the game ball too! We just had to go out to get an ice cream cone to celebrate!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

With only a few days of school left, we are SO ready for the lazy summer days to start! The kids have started exploring the forest/fields behind our rental house. I see a lot of hours spent there this summer! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

I was ready for Memorial Day and the chance to hang out and relax! We brought our bikes up to Becks, Jed got out their pitching machine, and Gpa Woody brought his Razor down. It was so much fun! We went from toy to toy and enjoyed the time we had together! We've had so much rain lately, but the weather cleared up and was amazing! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

One of Taylor's favorite things is to pull the kids loose teeth out! I'm a total opposite! He was kinda sad that Fisher wanted to pull it out by himself!! Isn't his face the best in this picture?! Kolbi lost her second tooth that same day, so the tooth fairy had a busy night!

Today, Taylor hung with the boys while I shopped with the girls. The boys hit up the dollar store and went out to lunch. Us girls went to Kohls, Hobby Lobby, and grocery shopping. These girls had some cash and gift cards that they were dying to spend. I gave them a little lesson on coupons while at Kohls. Their items they were buying were $38; all of them were on sale. After all the coupons and discounts, the total was $17. Hooray!

I LOVE the dance festival. I was sitting there watching dance and I remembered how much I love them, how proud of them I am, and how happy they really make me! They all try their best no matter what they do. (I didn't take any still pictures of Fish, so his blurry pic is from the video. Grrrr!) They are such good kids and I am so excited for summer break to hang out and play with them every day!

I met up with Annie this week to take her out for her birthday lunch. These little soon-to-be-kindergarteners had a blast together. They were darling to watch! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Kolbi graduated preschool!!!!! This girl is WAY ready to move on! She is a smarty pants! I can't believe all my kids will be elementary school next year! Good job pretty girl!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's all about Kenadee today!

Kenadee ran for student council. There were 25 fifth graders that were in the running and only 10 made it; Kenadee wasn't one of them. She was totally bummed, but I'm kinda relived to not add another thing to our plate. We ended up making her video the morning we moved... I was seriously stressed that entire week! So proud of her though! She put herself out there, tried her best, and did a great job!

She had her end of the year choir performance and did great! Such a cute concert!

Kenadee has got a few hits in her last few softball games! I was SO proud of her with this particular hit; she got on base and it wasn't due to the errors on the other team. She just hit a good ball and ran her heart out! It's seriously so fun to watch this girl learn and grow!

 Kenadee got a Swig gift card for her birthday and has been anxious to use it! We finally did one afternoon and she didn't regret her picks!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Months ago, before this whole move/build a new house stuff.... I told my friend that was breeding her dogs that I wanted first pick of the puppies. Only one puppy survived the delivery, and this cute little guy was ALMOST mine! He's seriously the sweetest!! Kinda bummed to have get him, but I'll be happy with my new house. ;)

When all the funding went thru from the sale of our house, we wanted to take the kids out to celebrate. Pizza Pie Cafe is one of their favorite places, ever. All you can pizza, pasta, and salads. Of course there was only pizza on our table! haha! Jackson ate so much that we got a text later that evening (while Tay and I were at Pitch Perfect 2!!) saying that Jack felt so sick and his stomach hurt bad. hahahaha!! Taylor and I died laughing!

This rental has a decent yard. It has potential to be awesome, but the yard was just like the rest of the house; not taken care at all. It has a couple mature trees though. The kids are LOVING them!

This was my view from the kitchen window. Fisher's new reading spot!