Thursday, April 30, 2015

Here are the professional pictures that were taken of our house to list it. 

Main Exterior


Living room


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Boys Bedroom

Main Floor Bathroom

Craft room (spare bedroom/ has a closet)

Now moving downstairs:
Main Living room

Kolbi's room

Full Bathroom

 Kenadee's room

 Unfinished laundry room/storage

Maybe I'm not so heartless after all. I'm getting a tiny bit sentimental. We've been here over 8.5 years.  When we were picking out colors and materials, Jack was crawling around in his helmet. Jackson took his first steps in this house. We brought two babies home from the hospital to this house. Finished a basement. Finished a yard. Painted my bedroom 5(?) times. Replaced carpet and wood flooring. Had water damage from the fridge. 
We have grown so much as people and as a family here. It has been SO good for us. I hope the family who bought this house enjoy it as much as we have. So many tears, and many tears from laughing so hard. It is definitely time to move on. I NEVER would have thought that only one year after Taylor graduated, we'd be building our "forever" home. I don't say "dream home" because we have a budget. ha! Granted, the basement won't be finished and we won't have a completely finished yard for a long time, but it's happening non the less. Crazy! Let the real work begin. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baseball/softball season has started! 

I loved Taylor watching on as coach gave K advice. Ha!

This ended up hitting her in the ankle. 

Jackson wanted this ball bad. He had a great swing!

He got hit too. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Today was Fisher's day for "Loved Ones and Literature." Taylor has been home sick for 4 days now, so we left him home. :(

Let the packing "fun" begin! Two separate piles. One that we won't need till we are in our new big house, the second, that we need while in the rental for a few months. UGH! I'd rather potty train than pack/move.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Let the "fun" begin! haha! The garage is separated into two sides. Side one (the top picture): what we won't need till we are in our new house. And the second side (bottom picture): what we will need in the rental. The boys carried every single box and tote up from the basement and stacked them in that top picture! 

We have the best neighbors and friends. They've been saving boxes for us like crazy! I love how neat and tidy the boxes are organized in the bottom picture. I stocked up on packing tape yesterday too. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Alisha came over to VT (it's so great to LOVE it when your VTer comes over!) and the Kolbi and Halli got ahold of my phone. haha! My phone is off limits for my kids; they've broken too many, so it is a rare event to find pictures like this on my phone. Cute little girls!

Friday, April 24, 2015

This. Girl. Is. 11. Crazy! Love her and her squinty eyes! Kenadee is the biggest help. She seriously keeps everyone in check. She is super responsible and is starting to act more teenage-like. She makes friends really fast and is always willing to help. Kenadee is the best worker out of all the kids too, for sure!

Her reaction to her gift from Grandma Carol was so cute! A Home Depot gift card to get some more plants. 

Then when she got a razor to signify she can start shaving her legs. She also got her first thing of make-up. I can't believe she is old enough for this stuff. She is 4'11" and growing up too fast!

I checked her out of school and went to lunch at Rumbi. Then kept ditching school and went shopping for a new summer outfit. Having daughters is awesome!

She wanted pie for her dessert after her usual "chicken squares" for dinner. 

Kenadee had a late night a few days later and invited some school friends over to celebrate. There wasn't much she requested to do, but play "chubby bunny" was a must. 

Ice cream cake for dessert. :)

I could not get a normal picture of these kids! 

At one point, one of the boys came upstairs (while all the other kids were downstairs) and sat between Taylor and I on the couch and watched some basketball. Ha!

Kenadee was greatly anticipating when grandma and grandpa would take her out. They hit up Old Navy, then SmashBurger, then the outlet mall. They were gone 3 hours! Lucky kiddo! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

A few random pictures:

Date night!! The Hoopers and Elmers came up to our neck of the woods and had their first Swig. I'm pretty sure we changed their lives! ;)

Dave had carpal tunnel surgery and Jeri worked the next 4 days straight. Taylor wanted to take his dad something special. I think he hit the nail on the head! Dave was over joyed when Tay showed up with his favorite smothered burritos from a crappy mexican restaurant. haha! I guess it's the simple things! 

So weird to see people drive by your house and call your realtor while sitting there. 

 A little FaceTime with grandma!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Natasha and Cash drove up to Bountiful for her grandma's 95th birthday party. We drove up there today to see them for a few hours before the party began. Even though I've seen tons of pictures and video of Cash getting bigger, it was such a shock to see him so big and walking around! He's a tiny little guy for being just over a year old, too! We lived up every minute we got with those two! Love them both (and Clint!) like crazy!

I haven'd feed a "baby" in so long. So it had to be documented. ;)

I loved all the kids gathered around Cash nonstop. Makes me happy that they love their cousin!

Tash sent a video of Cash climbing up and going down the slide all by himself! He can't be old enough to do it by himself!