Saturday, February 28, 2015

I sent this picture to Taylor while he was gone and told him we went clothes shopping. hahahaha!

Kolbi recently had a field trip to Cabelas with her preschool class. I decided I should be a good mom and tag along. This is such a fun age. They crack me up!

 Kenadee got invited to a birthday party at the children's museum at Thanksgiving Point, so I had Taylor pick up a pass at USS so we could enjoy the dinosaur museum. The staff moved all the hidden gnomes since we were there last, so we were on the hunt for them. Taylor and I each found 3 (there are 13? total), which we were quite impressed with! (before they moved them, we found 2. HA!) 

We took the kids home, fed them, picked up Kenadee from her party, then laid Kolbi down for a nap. I can't believe how grouchy she is without a nap still. She's 5.5 for crying out loud! I think she has sleeping issues; maybe we should have removed her tonsils last year..... Any ways, while she was sleeping Taylor and I had a "linner" date at Pizza Factory. He loves their chicken alfredo pizza! Clint shares that same love, so we sent him this picture. He quickly responded with "I just ate a microwave pizza." hahaha! Then he said my hair was badass. HA! Not sure I decided to curl it; 3 days in a row even! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taylor was traveling this week so I tried to make our evenings without him a little more fun. Each night, we took turns of who picked the book and who picked the game. They seemed to enjoy it!

It was Jack's turn for his "loved ones and literature". After that, Kolbi and I met Annie and her little girls at Arctic Circle so we could catch up. :)

Scouts this week. We were doing the building achievement. It takes us quite a while to complete tasks now with how many boys we have, so we didn't even get that achievement finished. Heaven forbid we don't own enough hammers for each boy to use their own. ha!

Kolbi made an ice cream truck out of a cardboard box. I was quite impressed with her imagination! the pictures in the very front are the current flavors: cotton candy, blue raspberry, and s'mores. She would draw more money to her left as she sold the ice cream cones. haha! Such a cute girl!

Here are some pictures of Taylor in Houston this week. They went to NASA and he came back with some pretty cool stories. I'm always jealous of his adventures when he travels. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kenadee had her last basketball today. Bittersweet. Getting ready for baseball season now! I need to get all these videos from my phone (and even the old "camcorder"!!) onto actual discs. 

I took this selfie, then laughed cause I actually looked pretty! haha. Not sure if it's funny or sad when I get shocked seeing a decent picture of me... 

 She had a GREAT coach this year. She was seriously awesome!!! I'm hoping Teresa coaches again next year!

After the game, we headed up to the hunting expo. I love this annual family trip! The kids love the free stuff: pencils, treats, stickers, cinch backpacks, hats.... They seriously left there loaded with goodies! 

I found my twins! Matchers!!!!!

Two years in a row now that the boys have made the big billboard thing for Hoyt! It was so fun walking around the corner and seeing that big picture of them. haha! At least Fisher wasn't in the same shirt again. ;)

I won an arm wrestling contest and won a hat! It "might" have been against a 14 year old boy and I "might" have been all sweaty afterward. We don't need to talk about that though. HAHAHA!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kolbi has a cute little voice and struggles to say all her sounds correctly. She's always done this. I didn't really think much about it. All kids do this to some extend. Jackson was more extreme like Kolbi and he grew out of it naturally. I didn't think too much about it, until her friends and class peers started saying something. "Why's she speaking another language?" "Kolbi talks kinda funny." I wondered if her big tonsils had something to do with it, because most of the sounds had to do with the back of her tongue. The ENT seemed confident that her tonsils weren't to blame, so today we met with a speech therapist. 

After talking with our insurance, they will only cover therapy due to illness or accident, not developmental issues. CRAP! This initial evaluation would be covered though, so off we went. They were THOROUGH! This appointment was over 1.5 hours. They checked her hearing first, and she passed perfectly, as suspected. Then pages and pages and pages of her identifying pictures to write down how she articulates the words. Pages and pages of other pictures were next. those ones were to check her knowledge, to make sure her speech isn't interfering with her learning and understanding. She blew that test out of the water, being on the really high end of the scale of what would be expected. 

Her speech, or articulation, however was VERY low. As in 1%. So she speaks and pronounces like she's younger than 2. :( So glad I brought her in to find out all this stuff! They asked in detail about her ear infections/tubes. For the fact that she had tubes (due to her many ear infections) at such a young and even had an ear infection a few weeks ago when she got her kindergarten shots, they are classifying her as having chronic ear infections. (I can't remember the fancy name they gave it) Chronic ear infections fall into the "illness" category. Meaning insurance should cover her therapy!!!! YAY! Now I'm waiting for the rehab clinic to call once they clear it over with insurance before starting her treatment. I'm hoping to get her in the program at our public school too. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taylor helped me with these shelves in the basement bathroom. I love how they turned out! You can't see how rustic and beat up they are from this picture, but they're pretty amazing!

I had to rub in to Taylor what Kolbi and I were indulging in while waiting for Kenadee's basketball practice to get over. I'm nice like that. 

Sheesh. This girl is growing up! She has her first loose tooth AND I registered her for kindergarten today. Crazy! She is growing up to be such a nice, helpful, thoughtful, sweet, and funny little girl!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I went to Fish's class party for Valentine's Day. I didn't want to post this super unflattering picture of me, but that wouldn't be fair to Fish. He deserves to have these memories. Anyway, the class party was great! It was the quietest and calmest party I've ever been to! His teacher has this class under control! And that rounds up our pictures for this holiday. Taylor was still recovering. I made him promise not get me anything. He gave both the girls single rose. They always love that! Then as usual, there were hundreds of hearts on the floor and table, with a few goodies from us. 

The Brown kids came over for a late night. They all needed more sugar, so we had donuts and popcorn. ;)

The house is finally all painted! Now.... to do the white touch ups, plus the doors. haha! It's hard to take a decent picture of my room with tons of natural light coming in, but here's an idea. I finally got a new duvet cover. The old one was literally tearing and in shreds. I've started a few projects to add some green as an accent. Hopefully those projects will get finished eventually. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fisher left his scriptures at church, apparently, so Jackson shared his. Then rested his head on his little brother's shoulders. haha!

I guess we like to eat. And take pictures of it to send to friends.... Taylor has been really stressed at work lately. With the gas prices dropping so fast, due to the price of oil dropping, USS has now officially laid off about 220 people. Gulp. So saying Taylor has been stressed has been a huge under statement. I surprised him and took him to lunch to try to take his mind off of work. Costa Vida nachos. Yum. 

(price of oil per barrel) 

Kolbi was outside playing with her friend Skylee and I drove by to take Kenadee to activity days. It makes me so happy to see my kids genuine smiles! 

Still painting away. About one day left. I can't believe I have painted the entire upstair and downstairs. haha. I'm crazy. 

Taylor got a vasectomy today! hahahaha! He took his prescribed valium before hand. He. Was. Loopy. It hit fast too. Within a few minutes he went from pretty normal, to not able to walk on his own. He was hilarious! He totally hugged the receptionist and told the nurse lady about his "hair cut" cause it was picture day.  As I was trying to help him undress and put the numbing gel on, he fell over and landed on top of me with his pants around his ankles. I laughed SO loud! I panicked that he wouldn't be able to stand up and I'd have to help putting him on the table, half naked. Bahahahaha! I'm still trying to remember every thing he said during the procedure. He had us all cracking up! Side note: quite interesting procedure to watch! Now he's taking the weekend easy with ice. :)

Just a picture from K's practice this week. I love watching her play. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tonight was the cub scout Blue and Gold banquet. After painting all morning, 3 hours of set up, and 2 hours at the banquet, my feet were killing me that night. It was such a cute setup! All circus themed! Jackson earned his Bear badge tonight too! 

Taylor came home and got a surprise to see grey walls in the living room. ;)

Chinese takeout at 9:00? I don't see a problem.