Saturday, January 31, 2015

I'm trying to make the bathroom in the basement a little more functional. I'm thinking some shelves above the toilet... A bigger vanity would be ideal, but that's more money and hassle than I really want to put into it. Hmmm...

Last night, we had the Jackson's over for dinner. This was the only picture I took. These little girls played ponies the entire night together. So cute! 

Then tonight we went out to eat with the Hoopers and Elmers. Such a fun group! We laughed and laughed! Kenadee watched the Hooper's girls. We thought it would be a good learning experience. She's never watched a "baby" before and has never dealt with diapers. It won't be too long and she'll be babysitting for neighbors. Really, the 6 year old wasn't hard, the nearly 2 old was who needed the watching. Brittany even paid her a little bit. Crazy that Kenadee had her first paid babysitting job!! CRAZY! Here was a text Taylor got from K that night! HAHAHAHA!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I sent this picture to Taylor. He loved me extra today. ;)

This girl is getting so smart!! I absolutely LOVE watching her grow up! At the grocery store today she sounded out this word slow, then asked, "does that say f-arm?" Seriously makes me so happy!

My friend Alisha and I hit up Ikea today. Her little Halli is a sweet girl and Kolbi and her get along SO well! 

Jackson actually didn't fight me doing his spelling homework tonight. I guess he was enjoying the window markers. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Still doing this food "co-op" thing that my neighbor started. LOVE getting all this produce on Wednesdays. In the bottom picture I got lots more than pictured, but the amount of bananas and blueberries was humorous to me. Those are the huge 18 oz packages of blueberries too; for $2 a piece!! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today Kolbi got her kindergarten shots. She has been so anxious for these to happen. I told her last night that we'd be going in the morning for her check-up. (the clinic had us reschedule a few minutes before we were headed out the door for her appt last week) Within a few minutes of me telling her, she asked if we could just go in right now instead. haha. She wanted to just get them over with. Cute girl. 
Since we were in Orem we went to lunch with Taylor! Yay! 

She also went to her first ever "reading class" at the literacy center! The boys have been going for a while. She's been so excited for this day to come and she asked a ton of questions leading up to it. I realized after today, that Kolbi has a little bit of anxiety. After a bunch of info though, she's able to work her way thru it; so that's good! haha. She's such a good girl!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

There are so many of these funny things going around! They are cracking me up. To sum up: the Colts got eliminated at AFC championship game against the Patriots. In the game, 11 out of the 12 balls they provided, were deflated by 2 pounds. 2 pounds is a lot when it comes to the size of a football. The Colts got creamed! BAD! They would have lost the game even if the Patriots didn't cheat. This is the 2nd time the Patriots have been caught cheating. Makes me wonder what they haven't been caught doing. I hate cheaters. Have some integrity for crying out loud! 

Here's my next project. After I get the right length of screws for the USA map... 

A game of Monopoly has taken over our kitchen table. It sat here from probably a week. We finally finished it up and Fisher kicked our butts! He was so happy about it too, as you can tell. 

This guy is SO sweet. He really is a peace of heaven. I am so happy to have an easy going kid like Fish. He isn't too cool to snuggle or flash a "heart" as I drop him off at school. He melts me and makes my heart to deeply happy!

Jed's birthday was over the weekend, so Megan invited us all over after the kids went to bed to play some games. I'm not sure we'll be invited back soon. I'm getting the hint that we stunk. hahahaha!!!! Candles, Febreeze, AND dryer sheets were brought out to help freshen the air. It was such a fun night!

I got so many compliments at church today about my hair and make-up, so I took a picture after church. I live in sweats and a messy bun, so to get fancied up is a rare occurrence. I'm pretty self-consciene about lip stick, but Taylor loves it, so I wear it a few times... a year. :) 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yesterday Kolbi and helped out a neighbor. She had surgery on her foot in December and is still in a cast, with that little scooter thing to put her knee on and push around. She obviously can't drive, so we drove her up north to her check up. Kolbi and I were literally in that office (it was a huge clinic with LOTS of doctors) for 2.5 hours. HOURS! Kristin felt horrible for how long it was taking; not like it was her fault though. I figured it would take a while (not that long though), so we brought snacks, and books to entertain us. We go some lunch at CostaVida afterward, then on to Costco. Kristin needed a few things too. When all was said and done, that whole ordeal took us almost 5.5 hours. haha. Kolbi and I are use to sitting at home, so we were exhausted. I'm not kidding when I say that Kolbi and I hadn't gone anywhere since last monday; and then, we went to one grocery store and was home an hour later. I took the kids to school, their extra curricular actives, doing my scouts, and that was all. Seriously, I've been hanging at home LOTS! 
Even with everything we packed, we got bored and did anything we could think of to help pass the time. 

Then today, I watched a neighbors younger boys so she could rest with their newborn. Kolbi had a blast with them and wished they could have stayed longer. I, on the other hand, am back to not sleeping well at night, and was ready for a nap once Kolbi went to school. I didn't budge; it was quite lovely. :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Kenadee has been wanting to cut her hair for a while. I was so hesitant though. Taylor even more so. I was totally living thru her long hair and jealous of it! But, it was time. It was so long. I can't believe she could 10 inches off and still have it be that long. haha. I don't think her hair could ever be ugly. It's so thick and she has so much of it; it's just always beautiful. Lucky girl! (she is donating her hair to Pantene's program. Seems leaps and bounds better than Locks of Love)

Here's a flashback from January 2010 when she chopped her hair off. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kenadee did great in her game yesterday. She sure is enjoying it. Makes me happy!

Thank goodness for church. I don't think these things have been used in the last week.... {enter: no self respect}

Taylor went out coyote hunting over the weekend and got home late tonight. Someone from USS sets up a tournament every year. He sent this picture this morning. Man, I love him. That smile makes it all ok that he was gone all weekend. He went with a "buddy" Steve. They got second place and also the biggest dog!! So he got a cash prize! (not quite enough to make up for the cost of gas, hotels, food etc... I guess that's not what it is about. haha!)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I get asked an embarrassing amount of questions about my hair. So all these pictures were taken in December, in consecutive years.
T L- 2011
BL- 2013
BR- 2014
I cute my hair super short on our anniversary of August 8. Taylor loves short hair, so he absolutely loved it. I kept it that short  for almost a year, before beginning the process of 
growing it out. So as of right now, I've been growing out my hair for over 2 years. I would literally go 9 months between getting my hair trimmed. (embarrassing, I know!) So, to put it lightly, it doesn't seem super fast to me.  Just a matter of perspective. :) I guess there was a debate with my friend of my hair color. HAHAHAHAHA!!! For real!  So, to put that to rest, NOPE. I don't color my hair. I put highlights in twice while I was in high school, and that was all. Didn't get "fills" for them. Or whatever they call it. :) They say hair grows on average of 6" a year, so that with me not cutting it at all, might seem like it's long. It's hard to be patient after these years of growing it out, but I have to remember that I literally had faux hawk. Patience. :) I also take a daily dosage of Biotin, hopping it will help it grow faster. :)

Tyalor is out of town and I was kinds feeling lonely. We still hadn't taken him out to get his free roxberry for his orthodontist. So tonight seemed like the perfect time. I sent Tay these pictures and told him he'd been replaced. haha!

Man, there really are some good perks to having your kids grow up! Jackson wanted to help break apart the pallet. OK! :) 

And Kenadee wanted to be solo in the kitchen and made us all chocolate chip cookies. They were fabulous too! Love these kiddies of mine!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I took my scouts on a field trip to our local pet store yesterday. YES, we have 14 boys (soon to be 15) and 12 were able to make it! All things considered, they were pretty dang good. Now do me a favor, and go thank your son's scout leaders! It's kinda insane how much time, effort, meetings, and planning go into scouts. Even with these younger cub scouts! 

Taylor had enough of Jackson's long hair. I kept going back and forth. I couldn't pinpoint what exactly was bugging me. The entire thing rubbed Taylor the wrong way. His long hair takes quite a bit of product. I never got a good hang of how I should style it. It'd look good when he left the car for school, but would fluffy when I picked him up. It only takes his hair a few months to grow to where it was, so I'm sure it won't stay short for long. I think he looks younger with the shorter hair. Totally handsome either though! :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a good day to be a Colts fan!!!! They won their playoff game against Peyton Manning (still LOVE him!) and the Broncos last night! Now on to the AFC Championship game, and hopefully the SuperBowl! Wahoo!!!

Cute little group of girls on their way to dance this afternoon! 

Then tonight we got invited over to a neighbors house for dinner and FHE. It sure seemed like a lot more than 10 kids at times. haha. It was a lot of fun to be social! I love being surrounded by such good people. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

For scouts this week we learned about machines and pulleys. Alisha did a great job. Her husband brought his tow truck home and let the boys pull the levers and bring the jeep on it. The boys had a blast!

Taylor taught me something new about our phones and I got some of my friends to send me some selfies without knowing that's what they were doing. It might have only been funny to us, but we laughed SO hard tonight!!!! hahahaha!

Kids are the best sometimes. This was round 3 of sweeping by 9:30 this morning. UGH!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Randoms from the last few days! 

"Daddy, will you brush hair?" -Kolbi
"No, I'm brushing Jackson's."
{words I NEVER thought I'd hear}

Awww! Cute brother and nephew! LOVE. 

Kolbi and her puzzles from Aunt Courtney. :)

Looks like Taylor and his football game were good company...

Jack is such a nerd. haha!

We went to the Jazz game Friday night. In USSynthetic's suite with dinner included! Ya! That's the way to do it! 

 We officially got the hook up this weekend! Then tonight we watched the UFC fights at a friends night in their theater room. Fun night!