Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Clint and Natasha take a picture every Christmas morning with them holding their stockings and this year they got to add Cash to it! SO cute! I love them and miss them like crazy. I hate not seeing that only nephew (on that side of my family) of mine, grow up. :(

Mom texted me this picture of the WA group. They look so good! These people make me smile and laugh. I hate being so far away from my family EVERY day. :( Miss, miss, miss them SO much. I don't know many people (really, no one that's close to me) that can relate. 

We've been doing a whole LOT of nothing since Christmas. Taylor has taken every day off! It's been so nice!!  

I used my birthday gift certificate for my pedicure. Thanks to my friend, Gwen. I need to really remember this as a gift for the women in my life; it was so nice and relaxing. I sat there being pampered for an entire hour! 

The kids and I tagged along when Taylor used a gift card at Cabelas. 

We've played lots of games! Jackson, this kid! We were playing Life, and if you look close enough at the picture, his wife is sitting in the back seat of his car. "I don't like my wife. I'm moving her to the back! My teenage son is sitting up front with me!" He says the funniest things!

I've done 5 puzzles so far. haha!!!! Starting #6 tonight!

Taylor and I have stayed up till 1am too many times to admit watching a dumb Netflix series. Good thing our kids are old enough to let us sleep in! Tay and I have gone out to eat a few times and also went to watch Unbroken. SO good! Seriously good. I can't believe some people live such extraordinary lives!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

We woke up to our first snow of the season on Christmas!! Seriously so magical! I loved it! Not very much snow, but enough to totally cover all the grass!

Santa came! He brought Taylor a GoPro, Kenadee a volleyball net, Jackson an electric scooter, Fisher the Disney Infinity and a skateboard, and Kolbi a new bike and the Lalaloopsy Color Me Mine doll she really wanted! He also brought mini boxes of cereal for breakfast! No stress to make some nice and fancy breakfast, plus the kids loved them! Santa is the best! 
I love seeing my kids faces light up! I want to give them everything they want. I tend to go overboard on Christmas. My kids only get gifts for their birthdays. Other than that, they don't get anything throughout the year. They don't get toys for good behavior, for finishing goals or project. Nothing. So I go wild for Christmas. :) I enjoy it and find seriously GOOD deals! 

Wearing their stockings. Bunch of weirdoes. 

Kenadee also got a bunch of clothes and scarves (crazy, she's growing up and wants clothes as gifts!), lots of crafty stuff (stetting pads, colored pens, sharpies, spyrograph, dry erase....) I surprised Taylor with a Seiko watch. It's always so hard to surprise him, but I totally did this year! I got 5 pairs of shoes ;), clothes, kitchen gadgets, and baskets for downstairs. We all got spoiled!!!!  

Jackson got a soccer goal and ball, hats, pokemon, video game, movies, nerf weapons, and games.

Fisher also received a video game, stomp rocket, a chess set (nerd alert!), a scooter, Colts shirt,  and a hat.

Kolbi got an art easel, legos, my little pony dolls and purse, crafty stuff (sticker book, diy bracelet sets, paint...) and puzzles. 

We started with the kids at 6:30, and then Taylor and I took a nap at 8:00. HA! Best choice ever! Totally doing that every year. :) Then we went up to the Beck's at 1:00 to get Sam's Skype. Always good to talk to him even though it's only for a minute with a lot of background noise. Jeri got us all matching jackets! Totally cute and I love mine!

 My momma face timed me! Always fun! LOVE her so much and the person that she is. So grateful to have such good people in my life!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saturday night we had the Beck Christmas party. Here was the solo picture from the night.... Megan with Kat on the wiggle car. Sunday night was the Woodruff party. Jack and Kenadee got to play in the gift exchange game this year. They were SO excited for it! Zero pictures of that night. :( I've been so bad at taking pictures lately. 

Monday I took the kids to their dentist appointment. No cavities! Yay! They all fell in love with his huge teddy bear and asked for one for Christmas. Um... too late kids! 

 After that we headed up to Alpine to say bye to Shorty. He's about 17 years old and time to retire him from the the intense trips up the mountain. It's his time to be a family horse. Kinda sad to see him go. But it's time. Hopefully new and younger ones will be in our future. :) It was a cold evening, but the kids (and us) still enjoyed our last ride on him. Then we headed to the Jackson's for our annual Christmas dinner with them. No pictures, but we ate some good food and I laughed my head off. I haven't had that much fun in a LONG time! 


 This picture was taken at the beginning of October. Now both of these horses are gone. Crazy how fast things can change. 

A picture of Taylor and I when we were dating. Danny took this picture. We just rode the horses past his parents place one day. It's hard to tell from the picture, but Taylor thinks he is on Shorty and I'm riding his dad, Pops. 

Here is a picture of Shorty with his new family. Kinda makes is easier knowing he is loved. 

Tuesday was Christmas Adam, so we got a new family game (Monopoly Jr) and new pjs. Then slept around the tree after watching a few movies. Always a fun tradition! 

Great customer service, huh?! Grrrrr!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dave and Jeri took all of us up to Salt Lake last night!! It is so much fun to spend this time together. I'm totally a stick in the mud sometimes. All 28 of us were in one room getting pictures of their new Christmas pi's at 10:00 pm and I was ready to be done. Too many hours of noise and stress of not losing kids on the streets. haha! I'm lame sometimes, I know. :)  
The temple lights were beautiful, as usual. We got there right after it got dark, so the crowd was minimal (compared to what they could be!) and the weather was great! Dinner in the food court of City Creek, followed by some intense swimming at the hotel, and getting all of our Christmas pi's from Jeri.

What you can't see is the 7 kids in the picture that were too little to see the camera! It's never old cramming this many Becks into one spot! haha!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Thursday: The ward Christmas party in the evening, though I didn't take a single picture. The elementary kids had their Christmas singing program in the early afternoon too. It is so funny how different they are from each other. 
Kenadee looked and looked for where I was sitting. She kept looking way behind we were actually sitting. It took her quite a while to find Kolbi and I. Her face started to panic, until she found me. She belted the songs out and gave me some cheesy, performing smiles. haha!

Jackson found where we were sitting quickly, but could have cared less. He stood there looking mad until his song started. I couldn't get him to smile for the life of me. He sang SO good. You could see his body catching a big breath to keep singing. I've never seen him smile like that before. Then... back to barely a half smile afterward. 

Oh Fisher. He looked at Kolbi and I the entire time (instead of the the teacher who was leading their song) and knew every single word. He has the most genuine smile and didn't hesitate to "blow a kiss" back to me. 

Friday: I helped in Kenadee's class party. We made different kind of snowflakes. Some with popsicle sticks, huge butcher paper ones. They seemed to like it, even the boys. I had to leave early to make it to Kolbi's Christmas sing program. Kenadee was in the last rotation to get my station and was in tears that I had to leave early; before she came to my station. I felt so bad, but tried to explain Kolbi needed to have someone there to support her. That she can't be the only preschooler without a family member there. The pep talks didn't help. She was pretty upset with me. :(  It's so hard to be a parent sometimes! 

Kolbi's singing program. Such a cutie. She swayed back and forth nearly the whole time, but sang well. 

I can't remember when in the week these happened. Too much going on. Last week Kenadee came home from school with a pencil hole in her dress, below her belly button. But I reused it to make a high/low skirt for Kolbi. I love creating things!!

Grandma sent a package with the rest of the kids gifts, and had bags of treats for all the kids. Grandmas are the best! Love and miss her!