Sunday, November 30, 2014

Love us some happy hour at Sonic!

Who needs the spoon?? Crazy girl.

Paid a pretty penny for these beautiful berries, but I don't regret it one bit! SO yummy to have some fresh berries! We can only eat "frilly" food like this when Taylor is gone. ;) The 4 kids and I did polish off 24 sliders though.... gulp! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

No pictures of our Thanksgiving feast, but I got some of Black Friday! ;)  Taylor's family got me hooked on the shopping, so we go out every year together. I'm still pretty limited of what I can do, so I took it pretty easy and didn't do the big stores like I normally do. I totally over did it though. My body was achey. I'm a new fan of the half off socks at Smith's now though!! The boys are going to love their fun colored Nike ones! 

I took Kenadee out during the day to hit some local shops and then the mall. We always get pretzel bites when we're at the mall together. So yummy!! We filled up the back of the car and even made it home to take a nap! Cha-ching!! $$

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I have had the most support and help from my friends and family the last few days! It is overwhelming the love I feel! 
The of surgery was pretty hectic. Remember how I was making the stuffing for Thanksgiving? And how I'm refusing to make stovetop? Well, I had a feeling I'd be down for a few days, so while waiting for the CT Scan, I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I was going to use my mom's recipe dang it!  
A neighbor took Kolbi so we could head to the hospital. 15 minutes before dropping her off, the school called to tell me that Fisher threw up at school. What. Da. Hell. For real?! This is happening today? I can't ask anyone to watch him. What if he's throwing up every 10 minutes? What if it's a one time thing, though? Oh man. We picked up Fish from school and instead of going home to relax, he hung out with Taylor and I at the hospitals. With a bowl in hand. Luckily he only threw up once more and that was on the road by the neighbor's house, while I was dropping Kolbi off. {tender mercy} If the school had called 30 minutes later, we'd be in Provo and who knows what we would have done. {tender mercy}
It was my week for 3 different carpools, and 3 different neighbors took over last second. One neighbor drove over to the AF hospital, last second, to pick up Fisher (who was feeling much better and we didn't know how long we'd be there for the procedure) and bring him home. She grabbed a pizza for the kids too who were all at home now. I'd been texting Kenadee since they got home from school and keeping them updated. {a plethora of tender mercies}
My mother-in-law was working that night at the hospital and grabbed one of her co workers to help give me a blessing. I wasn't nervous at all and was feeling really calm. I had been that way the whole time. But it was crazy how calm I felt after the blessing. I was so grateful!!

Kenadee has been amazing! Here is how our thankful tree ended up. Our biggest one yet! We really have so much to be thankful for!!

My mom and sister sent flowers! They really did brighten my mood. 

Since Taylor was taking lots of days off work, he got to start on a project for me. :)

If sweet little Cash's face can't cheer you up, there is no hope! So sweet of Natasha to call and make me smile. I can't believe this little man is pulling himself up and walking along side! 

Megan brought dinner in! A neighbor (who's in the process of moving) brought dinner in! The biggest {tender mercy} of all was that Taylor wasn't traveling. Out of 5 straight weeks, this is the only week, he isn't traveling. Such a blessing! 
It really does make me want to be better! I've had so much service given to me these past few days. Nice people are the best and I want to be one of them!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Oh man. What a story. So about 4 am Sunday morning I woke up and had a slight pain in my lower, right, abdomen. Didn't think much of it and went back to bed. It was a little worse when I woke up for church. I thought about not going, but remembered that Gwen was teaching so I wanted to be there for her. I took some ibuprofen as walking into the church. I was pretty bloated, but put a smile on my face and tried not to think about the pain. It got worse as the day went on. I got nausea as I was cooking dinner. Threw up once, but then wanted to eat. I didn't feel "sick"; it was a literal pain. Not upset stomach, or gassy, but a pain like I've never had before. 

Went to bed, and pain got bad enough to wake me up at 2am. It hurt pretty dang bad. Have you been woke up in the middle of the night and been "out of sorts"? Just so tired and not sure what is "real" or what just seems exaggerated?! I felt like that. It hurt so bad. So bad to the point where I thought about waking up Taylor and going to the emergency room. I thought maybe my senses were just heightened though. At the same time, I know I have a high pain tolerance and that is what made me realize something is actually wrong. 

Our family practitioner was able to see me at 8:30 this morning. I knew he'd have to push on my stomach. Feel for a mass or something. I knew it would hurt and mentally prepared myself. The pain was INSANE though when he pushed down. Instant tears filled my eyes. I tried to relax and act tough, but the pain was so intense!! 

Long story short, the doctor ordered a CT Scan at the hospital. His first guess was my appendix, second choice would have been an ovarian cyst. Wasn't really sure which one I was hoping for. An appendix would mean immediate surgery + recovery, but then the issue would be over forever. An ovarian cyst could mean multiple more in my future. I had to wait till 12:30 for the cat scan, because I'd eaten some cheerios for breakfast. I was starving at 4 am but was too tired to get off the couch for some cereal. I held off till actual breakfast time. :)

The CT Scan itself was pretty cool. It was over in a few minutes, and my doctor called about 10 minutes later with the results. Yep, I had appendicitis and needed to have my appendix removed. We transferred to AF hospital; we've been in Provo doing the scan. By 4:00 I had a gown on and was being prepped for surgery. A million questions later, played on repeat by every person who walked in my room, and signing my life away to agree to have surgery, it all went down. 

I actually don't even remember them coming in the room to get me, wheeling me down the operating room. Anything. I only remember being woken up. I was home, post surgery, at 7:30. Everything over and done within 11 hours. Crazy! 

Coming out of surgery. I can't remember why I flipped Taylor off. I'm sure he was trying to be funny. 

The morning after surgery. Glue on the incisions and extremely bloated. They made two incisions. (The appendix is on the opposite side of the lower, smaller incision) They did a laparoscopic appendectomy, so it wasn't very invasive and also to keep the scars smaller. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I took the girls out today for some shopping. Taylor sent a picture of him and he boys at Subway, as I was IN the drive thru of Roxberry. We're the best! ;)

We've been watching a bunch of the old school movies that Taylor and I remember watching when we were kids. Tonights choice of movies was Crocodile Dundee. We had a picnic of pizza and popcorn in the living room while we watched. I love spending time all together! 

Kolbi used some of Kenadee's headphones while playing the iPad, she was so amazed that we couldn't hear her game! haha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We knew Taylor would be traveling a lot the first few months of getting this job. Trying to visit the customers before the end of the year, introduce the new engineers that will be working with them, and see how they're all doing.  

Here's the one picture from his Houston trip. They did some virtual golf thingy. 

Last week they were in Calgary, Canada. I guess it was really cold there. As in -4 already, cold. hahaha! One of the 4 companies they met with on this trip is doing really well. The owner of the company has a car collection, to put it nicely. These are only some of his cars. Sheesh! 

He was home for a few days from that trip, and now currently he's in San Antonio, Texas. After meetings, the went on a tour of the Alamo. Kinda cool. He won't travel next week (the week of Thanksgiving), but the week after they'll be going to Brussels, Belgium. I'll gladly take all these travel miles! ;)

These pretty much sum up how our phone calls go. I definitely lose. I'm super grateful for the technology we have that we can message like this. Tonight, we even said family prayers all together. :) I sure miss his company while he's gone, but I've kept myself really busy. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

6 french braids last night turn into lovely curls in the morning. This is the first time I've done this to Kolbi's hair and she loved it today! Cute girls!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

I have wanted to learn how to curl my hair for a long time. It's been so intimidating to me! I bought a curling wand with a birthday gift card from my momma and finally gave it a try. First try was ok. I sent a picture out to Natasha and Megan they gave me great advice. Megan sent a bunch of pictures to show each step of how she curls her hair. I loved that she had her daughter take pictures and sent them to me! So Sunday I tried again, and totally nailed it! I love it!!!!! 

Taylor got a call from Carol, a lady that he met on his Jamaica mission. Taylor baptized two of Carol's daughters. We went tonight before wrestling to go meet up with her. Jamaican's speak English but they tend to have a strong accent. I tried really hard to follow along and was surprised that I got about half of what they were talking about. She is such a great lady!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The last few days.....

Have been extremely busy. I decided to repaint the basement. Not just the living room, the entire basement! Here is what the new color looks like. A warm gray compared to the darker brown that it use to be. It was just too dark. There isn't tons of natural light like I love down there, so it needed a big face lift. Now I'm going to decorate it! It's never been decorated. How crazy is that? It's been finished since before Fisher was born and hasn't ever been really decorated. I put a frame up once, but it didn't last long. I really excited to see it all coming together! 

We had a scout field trip to the library this week! I'm over the 8 year olds. I love this calling and have got it down. It's second nature now, and that's nice. However, I'm glad we only meet for 45 minutes most weeks; they are loud and a handful! But their all friends and have a good time, so I really can't complain. These guys did SO good at the library! I was so impressed! I guess the speech about future field trips, and the behavior required to have more, really sunk in. ;)

Maddie's birthday was Wednesday so that evening all us girls went out to dinner at Zupas. Taylor was out of town, but they met down closer to me, so I could stay longer and wouldn't have to travel as far. It was so fun! Tay's grandma, Sonja, is always a hoot. She's a no nonsense and says whatever she thinks of. We were talking about our Thanksgiving assignments and I said I was over the stuffing. All excited and proud of myself I say, "I'm not making stovetop either. I'm using my mom's really good recipe and making it totally from scratch." (I've never made it before) Without .5 second pause Grandma says, "Oh. Well I'll make some stovetop for Grandpa then. He prefers that." I turned to Megan and about died laughing!!!!

My aunt and uncle were visiting their kids here in Utah and had a few minutes and asked to stop by. Heck ya! It was so good to catch up and have some real meaningful one on one conversations. Aunt Becca very recently received a diagnosis of melanoma. Skin cancer. She still has lots of testing and scans to do. Lots to think about and treatments to start. They don't know how aggressive it is or what stage the cancer is. They'll figure that out next week. I'm anxiously waiting to hear. In the mean time, we are fasting and praying for her. This is my second blood aunt to have cancer. I have TONS of moles and should get a detailed appointment to have mine looked at. I've had a few removed and even had a huge one on Kolbi's back taken off at the end of the summer. Such scary stuff!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Random pictures from lately...

I had a pretty good grocery haul. I regret not hitting this sale twice. Before coupons and promotions it was $220 but I only paid $119 out of pocket! I got SO much food!

I love these rolls fresh out of the oven! SO good! 

Fisher and Kenadee both participated in the annual Reflections program. So proud of them and their efforts!

Gwen and I were talking about how our boys chew and put everything in their mouths. That SAME day, I played Clue with the kids and found the perfect sized mouth for the nibbles on the playing cards. Grrrrrr!

Kenadee and I have been running errands every Saturday together. We had to rub it in to Grandma that we were at Hobby Lobby. 

This past Monday was the "loved ones and literature" for the 5th graders, so we read some of her Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites together. Kolbi had a cookie and sat content with Gwen's daughter Ashlee. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy birthday to me!! "42" never felt so good! ha! Annie took me out to lunch yesterday! I love this tradition so much! Friends are great!!!!  Then for dinner last night we took the kids to Texas Roadhouse. They had gotten free kids meals from Halloween; that's the only way to afford it. ha! 

Then this morning, we woke up and I opened presents while Taylor cooked breakfast. I got spoiled rotten with gifts this year!!! I won't lie, it was kinda fun. :) 

Gwen watched Kolbi for a few hours before preschool so that Taylor and I could go to Tucanos. (I clearly revolve around food!) Again, with a free meal. I repeat: Friends are the best!

I got the best birthday phone call!!! Cash smiling seriously made my night! Love that little man and miss him like crazy. I can't believe how much I hate being so far away from him. I obviously miss my brother, sister-in-law, and mom, and sister.... but it adds a whole new level when your nephew is growing up and doesn't grow up with you in their life.  

Taylor came home from work with the best birthday "cake" I could ask for. SWIG! They even put a candle in it and sang to me. :) So blessed to add another wonderful year of memories and happiness to my life. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

On Saturday Kenadee and I spent a few hours together shopping and going out to lunch. It's fun to have this one on one time with her!

Sunday was a great day! Fast and Testimony was amazing. A lady friend, who's husband is the 2nd counselor in the bishopric, bore her testimony. She was so sweet and yet hysterical at the same time. She said how everyone has their own favorite general authority, and how the 1st counselor in the bishopric is her favorite. HA! A minute later she randomly said her husband had chest hair and her reaction when she saw his chest hair for the first time when they were dating. SO funny!!!!!!!  Somehow she made it all spiritual too! Other than her, it was all men who bore their testimonies, including Taylor. There is something about grown men, who you respect, standing up there over the pulpit bearing witness of Christ and His hand in their life. Such a good meeting. 
I love our ward! I love these neighbors of mine! There are so many good, good, people!

And now today, Monday was the boys first wrestling tournament. (double elimination style) They both did SO good! This is Jackson's thing. He really does excel in wrestling! Fisher is getting better too. He had a couple of really tough matches. His third match being the first really hard one. Fish didn't give up though! He kept trying and kept going and ending up winning! I think was good for him to see. That his work really does pay off. He won 3 straight matches before losing 2. He. Was. Tired. You could physically tell that he was exhausted and ready to be done. Fisher ended up getting 3rd. 

Jackson and Fisher are only about 5 pounds difference and are in the same weight class. They were a few mats apart though, so we were going back and forth between them. It's so fun to watch Jack wrestle. He gets it. He still makes some silly mistakes; he lost his last match by 1 point (leaving him in 2nd place) and he could have easily done a few different things to end up with more points. Jackson was heartbroken with 2nd place. He's always gotten 1st in all of his tournaments. He was so hard on himself. I've never seen him react quite like this and I kinda like it! It's new to have him be so competitive. He pinned 2 (or was it 3?) guys tonight. He, too, won his first 3 before losing the last 2. 

I'm a nervous wreck. Like, BAD! I'm always tense and on edge during their volleyball and football games, but wrestling is like 5 huge steps up my insane ladder. I'm a sweaty, intense mess! I love it though! Wrestling is my very favorite!!

 I swear these presents are sitting there mocking me! I can practically hear them saying, "You can't open me yet! HA!" I'll admit, I have looked at my new shoes once.