Friday, October 31, 2014

Wednesday we finally carved our pumpkins! Jackson was invited to a friends house last weekend and carved his skeleton one then. He was more than happy to help his younger siblings out. Taylor was out to dinner with his sister, but I don't think he was sad that he missed out. ;)

Thursday morning I headed to Ikea. Kolbi played in their play place for 90 minutes, and I shopped in peace. I need to do this more often. Even if I just bring a book and read in their restaurant while Kolbi plays. We celebrated the fun time with some soft serve in the cafe. Yes, we've had such warm weather that Kolbi took her cardigan off and just wore her tank top! 

And today is HALLOWEEN!! Holidays like this are always really busy. The Halloween Parade at the school. Helping and re-helping with costumes. Class parties. Preschool trick-or-treating. I told Kenadee I'd do her make-up ONE time: Friday evening. I'm glad I waited too. It was kinda hard to get her face so white. It took 3 layers of white, but ended up looking so good! Fisher and Kenadee had unique costumes this year. I didn't see another kid anywhere with a similar one. Kenadee is even wearing some chopsticks I brought back from Japan back in 8th grade. Kinda cool! Fish is the worst tough guy! He is too sweet and can't pull off a mad scowl for the life of him. I love these kids!

I got my first birthday present in the mail today! I guess I should start celebrating! A week of birthday fun sounds about right! Yes, I stole my 5 year olds costume kit and called it good for dressing up. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On Monday, Kolbi got to dress up for dance. She didn't love the make-up as you can tell from the forced I-am-happy smile. Ha! 

Taylor and I have started going to temple in the early morning before the kids wake up. On Tuesday they have an even earlier session at 5:30, so that is the one we go to. It's SO hard to wake up that early, but it's working for us! Today when we went Gwen happen to be in the same session and we ended up sitting by each other. It's always better when you're with a friend. :) Taylor and I also were the witness couple. We haven't done that in probably 10 years. We nailed it. ;) Back in my years of being pregnant, I would make my appointments for first thing in the morning so Taylor could go with me most times. After every appointment, we would get a breakfast sandwich from Gandolfo's. We started that morning tradition up again after our morning at the temple. :) I love it! 

Tonight was the ward trunk-or-treat. Always a good time! I love seeing all my kids' friends dressed up all cute. Holidays are just fun! 

This is our neighbor Ben. (He ran Ragnar with us a few years back. Good, fun guy!) The Colts and Steelers played Monday night football yesterday. Steelers won. :( So his "Taylor Beck's worst nightmare" sigh was appropriate. HA!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

This girl! Today at church we had a missionary farewell. After the 18 year old finished his talk and sat down, Kenadee turned to me and said, "WOW! Is he married?" 

I couldn't stop laughing (and the family behind us too) to ask her what the heck she meant! She's going to be a handful! We already knew that though!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I started Christmas shopping! I love finding the perfect gift for people I love! Such a fun "hunt" for me!

Gwen and I met up and took our kids to the dollar theater and saw the newer Planes movie. We got there a few minutes before them and were enjoying the theater to ourselves!

Yesterday was a "fun day" at Taylor's work. It's called a kiazan. Kolbi was the lucky one and got to go with me to meet up with Taylor for lunch during the event. She got a unicorn balloon animal and a treat bag. She was even the lucky one and got her flu shot. There weren't so many smiles when that was happening. :(

Bad cell phone picture, but my mom sent the kids a Halloween care package. I need to remember she does stuff like this, so I can do it for my grandkids. They LOVED it! You can't really tell from the pictures but everything was Halloween themed. Gooey eyeballs, fruit snacks shaped like boogers, vampire bacon, chocolate eye balls. They had the cutest reactions seeing everything! Grandma's are the best!

You don't want to know how many times this picture was taken and we still ended up with a blurry one.... We met up with the Jackson's for one of our last warm fall days! Such good people; I love spending time with them!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kolbi and I play lots of games together after the older kids leave for school! One day, she totally kicked my butt in everything. Chutes and Ladders, Memory, and Uno. "I'm totally crushing you mom! Right?!" haha. Yep, thanks for rubbing it in sweetie. 

I can't even remember why I punched Taylor. He probably made some crude comment or something. I hope he'll learn to stop messing with me! 

I spent some serious hours in the flower beds in the front yard. I transplanted the day lilies to the upper section, and split them up. Then Kolbi helped planting the tulips. I have NO idea about yard/garden stuff. So after all that work, it probably won't even look good after everything blooms. Ha! Kolbi wanted to put a few of the small pumpkins along the rocks. I totally approved too! 

The same day I worked in the garden, I mowed the lawn too. Taylor came home and watched me finish the last bit. I thought it was funny he stood and watched me. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The pine wood derby is always a fun activity for scouts. Taylor and Jackson worked on his car together. Taylor cut the wood and got the wheels and axels all ready to go. Jackson painted it and put on the vinyl. (I gave him the idea of making it look like a football and cut the vinyl out). He won first place last year, so he thought he had it made! haha! Not quite. :) He ended up in 6th place and was thrilled with his award of "Best Sports Theme". He wants to have the certificate framed. He even said he'd pay for it! I love that kid! He also got caught up on all the awards he's completed in the last few months, including 8(I think) belt loops and his wolf badge! Yay! 

Jack's car in on the far right in these pictures. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Wrestling started tonight! I love watching my boys wrestle in tournaments! I can't wait to see how they improve this year. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

We had a GREAT fall break! Seriously SO MUCH FUN! USSynthetic paid for the entire family to go down to Saint George! There were about 80 people down there from his company. The customer engineers, and their families. Already seeing the benefits from his promotion! :)  They had a whole literary for us too. All on them! 

We loved having 2 rooms. Jackson was SO excited that he didn't have to sleep on the floor in his sleeping bag. haha!

They took us to Tuacahn! This was the first show I'd seen and it was awesome. We watched Joseph and the Technicolored Dream Coat. Really good! The kids were mesmerized. 

We got photobombed by a total stranger! Made me so happy!

We went hiking in Snow Canyon. The lava caves under the ground were the favorite. 

We spent hours at the "fun center" there. SO much fun! 

This is Tammy. Her husband is Mike and he traveled with Taylor to Houston just barely. I really like their family! Their son, Connor (in the red), drove a few of our kids in the go-karts. Such good and nice people!

We played at a few parks. 

 We swam for hours!

We shopped. I got some new running shoes for my birthday. :)

And we ate like crazy! We stuffed ourselves and the kids LOVED being able to pick whatever they wanted! 

Such a good time! I am so grateful for USSynthetic and the opportunity we had to go down there as a family!