Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jackson is 9! Crazy!! 
Jackson's birthday celebration started yesterday afternoon when grandma and grandpa Beck took Jackson out to dinner and shopping. Such a nice tradition! He loved the attention. :)

I think opening gifts up first was a given. :) He got a new backpack, shirt, socks, and swim goggles. All of which were Nike. Little brand snob, I have. haha! We also gave him the Minecraft books he wanted (he even read them today!) and a pocketknife.

My mom sent these slip on sandals that he was dying to have! His other gift got lost in the mail by FedEx, so another order is on it's way. 

He picked french toast for breakfast! (Taylor took off for his Wyoming hunt after breakfast. This is going to be a long 5 days without him. I hate sleeping alone; it's seriously the worst!!!)

Grandma face timed while we driving in the car. Jackson was so happy and had a huge smile the whole time!

We had Jack's party today. It was a good way to keep him busy and he was surrounded by some of his favorite people! They played some intense games of mini foosball, had a nerd gun war, and ate pizza. They really entertained themselves for the most part. This is such a great age!! 

We played a little Bingo with a bunch of Pokemon characters on it. I was so surprised how much they LOVED this! They were so, so loud! They had fun though.

 Opening some presents!

We headed over to the park to let some energy out. :)

A little game of "red rover" (they got the idea on their own!) It got a little competitive! haha!

 A little tackle football. 

 Then some cake and ice-cream! 

Oh. Gosh. I love this skinny boy so much! He knows how to push my buttons and try my patience, but he is a huge part of this family! We would be so different without him! He is witty, athletic, and so outgoing! He is a happy kid, has an amazing sense of humor, and loves his family. One of our birthday traditions is to watch their "birthday movie" and I was in tears tonight as he sat next me and we all watched together. I sat there thinking "those good 'ol days" but these days I'm currently living  are also the good 'ol days!! I love this family of mine so much!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

During football practice on Wednesday, Taylor calls me, saying that Hunter broke his arm, call his mom, and tell her to meet him at the hospital. {ok, back story in fast forward... Hunter lives just a few houses away, and is one of my scouts. He's never shown up and up until about 6 weeks ago, I had actually never met their family. Shelby is single mom and has 3 boys; Hunter being the middle one. Super nice lady. I want to get her know better. I really like what I do know. Her oldest, 12, is Peyton, named after Manning!!!! Yep, she should be my best friend basically. We've taken her son to/from practice a few times. Basically a new friendship....} So I call her up and she turns frantic in no time! Poor lady! Two other boys to worry about, not knowing any other details. You could just see her mind running all over the place. Our house was on the way to the hospital, so Taylor met us all up here. A neighbor happened to be walking by and had oil in his pocket, so Taylor and the neighbor were able to give him a blessing real quick. We took the younger son, and then picked up Peyton from practice a short time later. Peyton's face was hilarious when I told him that Hunter broke his arm. He was so amused! Shelby sent a picture and his X-ray. It's pretty bad; both bones broken. We felt so bad for him! Taylor was literally a few feet away when it happened and couldn't sleep because he kept dreaming about seeing it bow like that. Poor kid! I was just so glad I was in the right place at the right time! Makes me feel like I'm doing something right. :)

I met up with my friend (and kickboxing partner) Andrea, and her little girl Cali at the splash pad on Thursday. Now is time to go there! It was so empty and lovely! The girls played so well together; it was so cute to watch!

Kenadee had her first volleyball game! She did so good!! I was a proud momma. :)  She had some really good passes (and a few misses...) but overall she's doing well. I love watching her play and grow and develop her passions. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This week I've tried to set up play dates for Kolbi. It's been successful too! She needs a little more exposure to friends; she was pretty bored last week once her siblings went to school. Here we met up with the Reed's at Neptune Park. The wind picked up, but the kids didn't seem to mind!

One picture from FHE on Monday. We went to get soft serve from Macey's and Kolbi was "being a dog". haha. 

Scouts yesterday. Oh gosh. This is one of my least favorite requirements to do. It's the cooking one. Too many chefs in the kitchen. They sure enjoy it though. I really do like this calling, but it's crazy every. single. den meeting. 

She started up preschool again! She's been so excited!!!! Two cute neighbor girls are in her class this year, as well as one neighbor boy that she probably won't even talk to or notice. :) When we were driving to Ms. Heather's house, she said, "Mom, can you just give me a hug and I'll walk in. You not come into Ms. Heather's house." :( She's growing up and I'm so happy for her that she is. I'm so glad she has this sense of confidence and pride.... but kinda sad that she doesn't need me as much as she use to. Made me happy when she saw one friend being walked in by her mom, and she changed her mind and let me walk in. Love this little spunky girl of mine!

Some random notes:
With 3 fall sports, back to school shopping/supplies, AND 3 birthdays... it's killing my budget. I've felt poor for weeks. Kinda sick of it. Then in a few weeks we'll be paying for basketball x2 and wrestling x2. I feel like I'm so careful with my money, but I blink and it's gone. So frustrating!  Kids are EXPENSIVE! I feel like Taylor has a good job with amazing benefits, we don't have an expensive house, I price match and coupon.... how can people afford to take vacations, and have big birthday parties, and even take their family out to dinner??? I just keep telling myself that this whole budget thing will pay off and be better in the end.

Also, life has gotten really busy lately. Fisher and Kenadee both start flag football/volleyball practice this week. Scouts, activity days, relief society stuff, doctor's apt... Then yard work, exercise, laundry, getting caught up on organizing crap from summer, making dinner when the entire family isn't even home. Sheesh!! Most afternoons have 4+ things to do. All overlap each other. Taylor has to work extra this week, plus his golfing and hunting. I feel like I'm living hour by hour, so I'm not so overwhelmed. I'm exhausted every night. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Man, it is hard getting good pictures of a football game! There are so many boys on the field and they're all right on top of each other. haha. Jackson only took a few minutes off the field during his game today. This team was. HUGE. Every single one of them! They were all Tongan or something and had the loudest, most intimidating, and down right mean (yelling at the kids) coaches. Sad to say that we lost by 1 point. The only touch down these other guys got was a fumble recovery (they only had to run like 5 yards to their end zone), then they made their point-after and we didn't. Jackson needs to push it harder during the game, other that, he's doing great and loving it!!

Exhibit "A" of their size. Seriously big boys!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Some random things the last few days...

These are so good!! Worth every calorie, especially with homemade alfredo sauce!! 

A bunch of football players siblings. Huddled around one umbrella while the boys practiced in the rain. 

Taylor and I haven't had a date in a while. We'll run to the gas station for a drink or something real quick, but not a date. We went to LongHorn Steak House and it was really good! Taylor wasn't happy that my fish stunk up the table. :)

Kolbi and I started to find party stuff for the boys. They both are wanting Pokemon theme, and that theme can't be found anywhere. I'll look one more place next week, if there's still no luck, I'll find a way and make my own stuff. 

I went to RoundTable... always an interesting time! This man kept taking pictures of someone receiving an award. I'll assume they were friends, even though he didn't move after the award was given. There was SO much khaki! I literally felt trapped with it ALL around me! haha! PS: that man didn't turn the sound off, so we heard every "click". :)

Kenadee is a major tomboy! She is a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I've been searching like crazy to find graphic t-shirts for her, but ones that are also cute. Half of my ideas are shot down immediately, but every once is while she'll like it. I love that she's wearing cute leggings like this! She'd had some super cute outfits this first week of school.  

The boys had a late night at a neighbors house and my friend, Beth, sent me this picture. My boys COULDN'T believe that this machine made popcorn. hahaha!! I guess I've deprived them of some of the basics in life. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We literally waited till the very last day to finish taking the kids out on their dates! haha! Monday, before meeting the kids new teachers, we took Fisher out. We went golfing, ate some ice cream, and he got some new pokemon cards. Fisher is such a sweet kid! He is so thoughtful and still gives the best snuggles out of everyone! He has such a dry sense of humor that cracks me up! I'm going to miss him now that he's in school all day. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

These kids were so ready for school. I was probably more ready than them! haha! We woke up to some rain, so I drove them to school, but hopefully they'll be able to ride their bikes soon! I can't believe Kolbi will be joining them next year. Crazy! Fisher is in 1st and so excited to eat lunch at school. Jackson is in 3rd and I am so excited that he has Ms. Sweat as his teacher! I really hope she can spark his interest in reading (she did it with Kenadee!) Kenadee is in 5th. Crazy! She has turned more into a tomboy this last year and is happiest in a plain graphic t-shirt. She's still crazy helpful and I rely on her a lot in our house. They walked off immediately and I had to call them back to give me a hug!

I had the sauce simmering for our lasagna at about noon. Loving having a quiet house with just Kolbi and I. Got on the treadmill and just hung out and tried to organize the house. 

I did the boys laundry YESTERDAY! Dang kids!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Had a successful afternoon in the kitchen over the weekend! Chicken taquitos and creamy watermelon jello for dinner, and a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake for dessert. :) YUM!

Today we got all ready for school to start! All 4 kids got hair cuts, packed their bags with their supplies, and put lunch boxes on the counter for the morning! YAY for school!! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jackson's jamboree was first thing this morning. I had to wake up the poor kid at 6:45. It was getting warm real fast, so when his scrimmage was done at 8:45, we were happy to leave! :) He was a lineman and also on offensive line today. 

Team hudle!

He got a couple nice blocks, and one good tackle on defense. It didn't look like he was giving it very much effort. He was making lots of tackles during practice this week. Maybe when Taylor is there, he'll give it his all. I hate that he matches everyone now. haha! I love the green that makes him easy to spot. ;)

Team pictures. I guess the dads think they should be in the picture. haha!