Saturday, May 31, 2014

I went into "beast mode" yesterday to get those pictures at my mom's party, so I didn't take a single picture today. Aunt Lisa took this picture of Natasha, Courtney, and I coloring. I colored lots today. haha! We just kinda relaxed at her house today. Let Kolbi take a nap, and the boys went to more car dealerships for a few hours. Mom and Lisa ran a few errands and went to visit her brother, Dave and Jacque, while Kolbi slept. It was nice to have a low key day.

I randomly saw this tonight, and got a good laugh. :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Today is my Mom's birthday! We started the day out right with some Waffle Love! Yummy sweetness!

Then we split up. The boys went to look at motorcycles, cars, and hunting stores, while us girls went to Hobby Lobby and Rod Works. For a lack of better words, I got mom a bff necklace. With moons. One that says, "to the moon" and other (mine) says, "and back." We use that phrase all the time, but it's totally selfish on my part cause I got a new necklace out of it.  :)

Then after the shopping we went over to Clint's to have a bbq and swim party. 

Heath was so cute with the kids! They were loving him!!

The other boys were cooking our burgers.

Courtney and I ran and got some party supplies earlier in the day. I wanted it to feel like a birthday!! So we got balloons, party hats and blow horns, center pieces, etc. It totally helped to set the tone. 

We got her a yummy slice of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! (the '29' on the cake was Court's idea. Every year she says she's 29 again. hahaha!)

Us siblings with our Momma! We sure love her!

The whole party crew!

We just had to try a party hat on sleeping Cash!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today my mom, Court, and Heath all flew into town! We are now all complete! Dad and I drove to pick them up from the airport.

We stopped by my Grandma Sanders to pick up my dad's truck, plus grandma was leaving the next morning for Utah.

Dropped the luggage off at Lisa's, where Taylor and the kids were anxiously waiting for Grandma and Courtney to arrive.

Lunch at Pete's Fish & Chips.

Then we stopped by the Gilbert temple to show everyone who hadn't seen it yet. We went into the lobby and waiting room to see a tiny bit of the inside beauty. 

We needed a cool treat next! Even though it was overcast, it was in the upper 90's and too hot for us. haha! A neighbor told us about a place called Bahama Bucks. It was SO good! I can't believe how often I visit and have never heard of it! I also learned that shaved ice and snow cones are different. Shaved ice is good and thin, cone cones are what have the chunky ice and not as awesome. :) This is a new favorite, for sure!

Then back to Clint's house to hang out for a while....

Aunt Courtney gave the kids bubble guns, which they thoroughly enjoyed! She's so sweet to them!

To round out our yummy food experience for the day, we ate at a family favorite, El Charro.

Then we parted our separate ways. Mom, Court, and Heath had been up since about 3 am. We still managed to stay awake a few more hours though. We laughed our stinkin' heads off!!! I love these people so much!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Here are a few of my favorites from the world-wide-web lately. 
First, the inspirational:

I loved Kevin Durant's speech for MVP this year. It was so tender and sweet; such sweet words towards his mom! Such a real guy!

Then the funny: