Monday, March 31, 2014

This little 50 hasn't been running great for a while. Taylor has spent quite a bit of time working on it the last couple of days and he got it working great again! Yay. I love that he's a smart guy and can fix things!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yum; crepes with fresh berries! Looks like the perfect lunch after an early morning of church! 

I saw this and thought it fit perfectly with my mom's and my ugly selfies yesterday! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

This morning we took the bikes out. Taylor was super sweet about it. He said, "Just cause I can't ride my bike, doesn't mean you and kids shouldn't be able to ride your bikes." So I helped him load up the bikes. He didn't bring his bike or even a helmet. I am feeling way more confident on this new bike. I LOVE it! I took the out on some trails close by to the truck. Sorry for all the pictures of me! It'll be a rare occurrence when Taylor isn't on his bike too and will be able to take some pictures of me. I love them! haha!

Once we got home, Kenadee and I hurried and got ready for the women's meeting of General Conference. We met up with all the ladies of Tay's family at Costa Vida. It was nice to be able to bring the girls too. This was the first meeting where girls 8 and older were invited to attend. We ate really early and tried killing some time by stopping by Walmart. We brought plenty of treats with us to the church building. :) Probably my favorite part was when the speaker asked all the 8-11 year to literally stand up no matter where they were. The cute little girls all sang the first verse to Teach Me to Walk in the Light of His Love.
Teach me to walk in the light of his love;
Teach me to pray to my Father above;
Teach me to know of the things that are right;
Teach me, teach me to walk in the light.

 Then she had all the 12 and older sing the second verse. It was really awesome. Of course I got tear eyes. 
Come, little child, and together we'll learn
Of his commandments, that we may return
Home to his presence, to live in his sight--
Always, always to walk in the light.

I sent this picture to my mom to tell her that I wished she was with us! 

She sent this one back to us. haha! I loved it!  

It gave me a very irreverent idea. I sent that same picture to my sister-in-laws behind me. They sent some good ones back too!

Taylor was working on the kids motorcycle while we were gone and asked if I'd stop my Walmart on the way home to get some oil and carborator cleaner. haha. I must love that guy. Walmart twice within a few hours of each other. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Oh man. Tee scared the crap out of me today. Taylor was home from work and we could hear a humming of a big vehicle outside. I didn't look though, I was into Shark Tank. A minute later, there was the BIGGEST, STRONGEST, LONG knock on the door. I jumped so bad. I peaked out the blinds and told Taylor, "It's a fire truck...." He opens the door and it was just Tee. He seriously got me. Bad. They were just flushing out a fire hydrant and he thought the kids might like to see it. They did love seeing the pressure behind the water as it shot out. It took me a minute or two to settle my heart rate. Tee is such a goofy and fun guy; I hardly see the serious side of him, so it cracked me up to see him drive the big truck off. Almost surprised that they trust him to drive that thing. Of course he had to honk that crazy loud horn and turn the sirens on too. haha! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Very random post today!

I got the coveted title of "best mom ever" when I rented the new Barbie movie for this little sweetie. Awwww! She was so sweet and said thank you SO many times!

Do I need to justify why this ok?

Kolbi loves this pink stuffed dolphin! She thought is was so funny when she made it wear her backpack. haha. Silly girl. 

Taylor forwarded this email he got from UND. I am seriously SO proud of him! He has been so dedicated these past 4 years! He was able to find a way to balance school life, working full time, time with friends, being a dad, and being a great husband. I can't believe he's only a handful of weeks away from graduation! Yay!!!!

I've been really trying to eat more proteins. The last few weeks since we started eating more dairy, it's been significantly easier. I was quite proud of myself for my eating today. :)

Taylor saw this today and I about died laughing! So much truth! hahahaha! 

On a random side note: today I went in to talk with the trainer at USS. I was able to explain my frustrations and what was going on. Chris said he's seen 2 cases like this in his experience. #1: the lady was legitimately gaining muscle at such a high rate that it took 2 months to see the scale starting to change. I'm a few days shy of 8 weeks... and case #2: He'd been training this lady for months and there wasn't a change in her weight or measurements. He kept urging her to make an appt with her doctor and have him test her thyroid. After 6 months, she finally went in and sure enough her thyroid was out of whack. Once getting on medication, the weight fell off. 
Chris took measurements and did a 7 point body fat scale. He said my sleeping could a huge factor too. (I think I have sleep apnea). I'm going in to get hormone tested and talk to my dr. about sleeping etc next week. Hopefully, things will start changing soon. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is the type of lunch you have (boca burger, steamed broccoli, steamed sweet potato, and avocado) when you know you're getting

THIS for dinner! I few weeks back I started planning a girls night with anyone in my neighborhood who wanted to get out and go watch Divergent. I couldn't believe the interest. I was half executing to it to be me and maybe 2 friends who humored me. These ladies jumped at the chance to get out for the evening. A ton of others couldn't make this night work, but you try your best to make it work for everyone. I haven't spent much time with most of these girls, but it was so much fun with never a dull moment. And yes, I was the obnoxious girl who cheered during the kissing scene. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I guess my Grandma is in Utah. I got a message from my cousin Kari on FB that grandma was hospitalized with pneumonia and RSV. She had the idea that all of us family should send her selfies to brighten her day. It's been great to see everyone post pictures! I have no pride (not necessary a good thing). This is the post workout selfie I sent. I probably should have at least showered. haha! Oh well. This is who I am. :) 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Brady and Brinnlee made Taylor some get well pictures. haha! The nachos...

Kolbi and I hurried and ran a few errands before helping at the elementary school. When in Old Navy, it's a requirement to sit on the dog mannequin. 

After the school, we took Kolbi and Fish out to lunch at Pollo Loco. I love going out to eat! Yummy food that I don't have to make or clean up! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Here's quite the story...

Yesterday I was in the shower and at about 1:30 Taylor calls my phone. He'd taken his bike out and was riding with a friend from work. I had Kenadee answer the phone; Taylor told her he was on his way home. Ok. Sweet.

A knock on the door at 2:30 ish. I was in my room and yelled to the kids that they could answer door, but couldn't play with friends. Dad would be home soon and we might go do something. 
"It's not kids, Mom. I think someone is here to buy a motorcycle." -Kenadee could see adults standing outside and a truck with a motorcycle in it's bed in front of our house.

Hmmm.... Strange. Taylor would have told me if someone was on their way to look at the bike.

I open the door. 

Taylor is hunched over and leaning on the door frame of the door. I glance up and see 3 adults are all up here too. Everyone silent. I put my hand on Taylor's back and say, "Are you ok? You alright, babe?"

My thoughts, "Why did taylor knock on the front door; he has a garage opener..." 
"Is he really THAT sore (he'd been at the gym 3 times this week doing circuit training and has been really, really sore) that he couldn't even walk up the steps by himself."

Taylor responds, trying to hold back his tears, "I....I.... I. Don't know."

I look up again, at who I'm guessing are the friends he was meeting. One of them points to his head and whispers to me, "He hit his head REAL hard." Ok. I wish his legs were sore. I grab Taylor and help him walk into our room. He lays down on the bed, knees bent and hanging off the edge. I tell him I'll be right back. That I need to go talk to his friends." 

Tears again, "ok," Taylor responds.

Oh hell. I find out that Tay missed the right turn of their single track path. Thank goodness Landry was behind him and saw and could help immediately. I guess there were 2 ravens in the path; that might have played a role in Taylor's crash. Taylor runs over some big brush, he hi-sided and got whiplashed down off the bike and hit his head hard. He was out cold for about 30 seconds and when he started to come to, he was moaning in pain. It was immediately clear he had a concussion. Couldn't tell where he was, what happened. Landry sat with him for about an hour giving him water and then they rode their bikes back to the truck. Landry really didn't know what to do. He knew he couldn't leave Taylor, but the main road was a ways back. He did the best he could. 

Taylor was OUT of it. Asking Landry probably 100 times, "Did you see the crash? Was it awesome?" Taylor introduced himself to Landry's wife a bunch. 

I guess Taylor was pretty funny. Landry asked where the keys to Taylor's truck were. He reached into his pocket, pulled them out, held them in the air, and said, "Bingo!" 
Landry would ask how the beer tasted (the water) and Taylor would do a deep, half laugh. 
Landry telling him, "You already called your wife. Becky's there waiting for you with your 8 kids."
"haha. That's not my wife."

(We didn't get all these details until Sunday evening when Taylor was with it enough to call Landry)
I was in panic mode those few minutes I talked to Landry. It was so scary to see the person you love most, be mentally not there. At all. 

I walked back in the house and took all of Taylor's gear off. He still had 3 layers of shirts, elbow pads, riding pants, and riding boots on. Landry had taken his helmet and chest protector off. Luckily Taylor didn't vomit. I called his mom immediately and tried my best to not freak out. Jeri is a supervising nurse at the hospital. She's seen it all. 

Apparently took a selfie. No memory of that. haha

After laying him down for the first time, I came out the living room where the kids were. Thank goodness they were distracted by the tv. I gave them one sentence worth of what was happening as I walked past them to talk to Landry outside. I sat them all down and told them dad crashed his bike (actually MY new one!) and hit his head really bad. I told them we should say a special prayer to ask Heavenly Father to help Taylor heal. The kids requested that I say it. I normally like them to say prayers in time of crisis; the tender prayers of children can't go unheard! "You say the best prayers ever, Mom," Jackson said. I was able to talk to them about how this prayer was different than probably any prayer we've ever said. It wasn't a prayer out of habit, or because we kinda needed something. It was because we were desperate for divine help. We talked about faith. Faith that Heavenly Father COULD help him heal and get better, if that was His will. 

I let Taylor sleep and kept waking him up every 20-30 minutes. As long as he was easy to wake up, responsive to questions, and wasn't projectile vomiting, we were good. 

He was able to answer questions. He knew he was home. He thought he crashed his bike. He remembered having a conversation with Landry about riding bikes. He said his name was, "Sexy Beast." Truth! haha! 

He slept for 4-5 hours straight, with me waking him up briefly. Once he was awake for the rest of the evening, he was in a lot of pain. He did have some ibuprofen before sleeping, but was wearing off fast. His headache was better, but his neck and back pain was intense. 

He could remember tiny bits of where he parked his truck before unloading his bike. That was all he could remember from that day. He could fill the blanks when I asked him questions about the kids late night, the night before. He'd be good. Didn't appear to have any internal bleeding in his head. He basically just needs to lay low, rest a lot, and let his brain heal. 


I took the kids to church this morning. Taylor thought he'd be ok home alone. While I was sitting in Relief Society, I had a thought. Not even sure if it had to relate with the lesson or not. I'm constantly thinking I need to do better. In all aspects of my life, but in this case, spiritually. I keep praying that I'll be aware of people around me. That I'll know who to serve and what to do. I haven't really noticed that I've seen that change in my life. I just feel like I should be able to do more for the Lord. As I was sitting in Relief Society, and thinking lots of Taylor and the prayer the kids and I said, I felt stronger. I felt like I'm making the Lord happy. I'm doing ok. Even though I often feel like I come up short in what He needs me to do, the Lord heard that prayer where we pleaded for His help. I am stronger than I think I am. I am capable. I am loved. My family and I are constantly being looked out for. Heavenly Father knows our trials and our weaknesses and He is always there to help us. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

This morning we went to the local pool with the Hovers. I'm so glad she invited us! I would have sat home all day and the kids would have been bored. It's so great to be surrounded by good people! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Now HERE are some real smiles! This much food and huge smiles could only mean one thing... LATE NIGHT! 

A few of the kids have been on my case lately about not doing anything fun lately. Yes, I agree I've been in a "fun" slump lately. Just doing the bare minimum. I think working out so much is part of the reason; I'm exhausted and don't want to do anything extra. We didn't have any plans for tonight so each kid invited over one friend (it was hard for a few of them to pick to just one...) to hang out and eat and play for 5 hours tonight. 

It worked out pretty well. Everyone had someone to play with and they, for the most part, just entertained each other. I wish it was warmer outside so they play and run around out there. Especially when we got the glow sticks out. There is only so much you can do with glow sticks inside. My kids love playing glow stick games outside in the summer nights. All the food cost more than I thought it would (we were in Taylor's truck, so I didn't have any of my coupons with me) but it was still way worth it! I hope they remember that I CAN be a fun mom! ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I guess Thursdays end up being my biggest workout day. 30 minutes on the stair master and nearly 100 floors. haha! 

In less than a weeks time, my calories in are WAY under my calories out, yet still not losing a single pound. I'm meeting next week with the trainer at USS; the kids schedule didn't allow me to get in there this week.