Friday, February 28, 2014

I've been looking forward to this date night for what seemed like forever. I just knew that whenever our "next" date was, I wasn't some greasy and delicious mexican food! Mmmmmm! I've been looking forward to this "cheat meal" for quite a while. We went to JoBandidos. It tastes really good, but wasn't as amazing as I thought. Maybe I'm enjoying this healthier lifestyle… We doubled with the Hoopers. I told Taylor to be blunt and say, "Crystal, wants mexican food. That's not up for debate, but you're welcome to join us if that sounds good to you." haha!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This penicillin shot is amazing. Well, the injection site is SO sore, but I love how well and fast it is working! Good trade off any day! Taylor went back to work today too. This strain of strep just must have been much worse than the ones I've gotten in years pasts. Thank {freaking} goodness for modern day medicine! 

I got some laundry folded this morning and then took my nap. I love being able to feel a little more productive. I've had the start of brownies sitting on the counter for days; before getting sick. I thought Kenadee would enjoy making them after school today. Well…. attempt 1: she used the 1/4 cup instead 1/4 teaspoon for both the salt and baking powder. Glad I tasted the batter before baking it…. Attempt 2: she cracked the eggs IN the giant container of sugar. 

She wasn't laughing. She was pretty hard on herself. I was hysterical, on the other hand. :) She was so surprised that I forgave her so easily. I tried to not take offensive that she expected me to be mad. We found a good teaching moment and talked about laughing at ourselves and having a sense of humor. I think a lot of kids lack this these days. Second lesson, there is big difference in cups vs. teaspoons. :)

The brownies were the perfect treat after our FHE. :)

One guess WHO picked our "activity"…. ;)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I woke up not feeling much better. No fever, but other than that, pretty crappy. My neck was swollen and tender all way down to my collar bone. Being an adult, you can see the whole picture a little better… I knew I needed to eat and keep drinking to avoid things getting worse. I couldn't make myself eat more and a few bites of breakfast though. I hurt! Never has it taken this long to start feeling better, especially when I'm quick to notice the symptoms and get treated so fast. 

 Taylor sent the kids off to school and called the doctor. I'm liking this doctor at USS's clinic more and more. He got on the phone immediately and gave Tay a few choices. Taylor made the decision with the most aggressive approach to speed up my recovery. He drove me back to the office and I got a penicillin shot. Sheesh, that thing is miserable in and of itself! But it was suppose to kill the virus and get me feeling better real fast. 

The plan (at the beginning of the week) was to check the kids out of school today because we've had such good weather, and take the family out riding….

Within a few hours of the shot, I was feeling slightly better, and exhausted, so I took a nap. I woke up feeling better. Worn out, but definitely an improvement all ready. I guess Taylor had loaded up the bikes while I was sleeping. He loaded up mine, just in case. Worse case scenario I could get some fresh air and read my book. (well, WORSE case, is I'd wake up feeling BAD, and stay home…) Taylor checked the kids out a little early. I guess Kenadee immediately knew why and was pumped! haha. We headed out east to our usual spot. 

The fresh air and sun felt amazing!! Seriously, like send from heaven for this sick/tired girl. I did ride a little. I went so slow and was so unlike myself. I didn't have the desire to jump at all or "push" myself at all. Such a strange feeling. I just took a joy ride and sat on my butt the entire time. I'd stand up thru the whoops, but that was all. A few minutes into it, Taylor "got after me", in a nice way, about my bad form and the constant sitting… I laughed. Lay off the sick girl! I see his point, though. No sense in being lazy and adding bad riding habits. I was really tired. Cracked me up though!  

The kids and Taylor all had a blast! I seriously can't wait for constant nice weather and we get out multiple times a week. It's crazy how much I love riding! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here is Taylor's sleep pattern on the top, mine on the bottom. I could tell in the middle of the night I had strep. I clearly slept like crap. Achy body. (I went on my first bike ride pulling Kolbi in the trailer Monday, so part of the body aches could have been from using new muscles and them being exhausted, but I could tell there was something more…)

I text Taylor and asked him to come home from work. I wasn't going to be able to take Kolbi to school and then drive myself to the dr. appt he set up for me at USS clinic. He rushed home. I made a bunch of texts to cancel two workouts with friends and scouts that was scheduled for my house that afternoon. Sure enough the strep test came back positive. I was kinda relieved because I feel much better even after 12 hours of the antibiotics. At least I didn't have to feel like this much longer. I took a nap, woke up half way thru and feeling horrible. I came out to take some tylenol to help with the fever and body shakes, then went back to sleep. I love that my husband laughed out loud at me and took some pictures during my misery. 

Taylor was so good to stay home and help. Doing the dishes, laundry, and entertaining Kolbi like crazy. Today was the perfect day for Fish to be invited over to a friends house immediately after school. 

I had Taylor give me a blessing when he came from work. By the evening I wasn't feeling any better, and had our home teacher come over to help with another blessing. I think it was good for the kids see and a good learning experience for them. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

The kids got a couple of free coupons to get haircuts from their basketball season. I convinced Kenadee to let Fisher use her coupon cause it was kinda a boy place and both boys desperately needed haircuts. Because it was their first time here, they gave them the MVP special of the scalp massage and steamed towel for no charge. They are hooked on that place now; too bad their mother can't afford the "whole package" on a monthly basis for them. 

After. These guys and their goofy faces/poses kill me!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sacrament meeting was a success. I must have ADD issues to an extent. I find that I can focus more on what the speakers are saying when I'm slightly distracted. I get so bored just sitting there and my mind starts to wander, so I color with the kids. No judgment, mmmkay?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I took Kenadee to the mall today. She is in desperate need of a swim suit. There aren't tons of options right now, but found a few she liked. Of course, the one she liked the most was an adult size and cost tons more because you have to buy the top and bottom separate. We're crossing our fingers her favorite will go on sale cause I'm not spending more on her suit than the one I just bought myself. :) 

We found this cute glittery crown at H&M. We were princesses for a store. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Here was my workout from today. StairMaster, Elliptical, and swimming. It was a butt kicker!! I burned over 700 calories though! 

My swim goggles and nose plug came in the mail after I got home. Taylor thinks I've got it going on. ;)

Kolbi got a coloring book from turning in 10 homework sheets! She gets one sheet per week, this has been something she's been SO looking forward to. She wanted to send this picture to her dad. 

Tonight was the cub scout Blue and Gold. There has been a lot preparing for this night! Our theme was Wild West and it was decked out so cute. (not many pictures of those, though) We had a tasty dinner, fun games, and an overall great party! I'm over the 8 year old boys, the wolves, and I love my calling! The boys are so excited to be there and are always happy no matter what we're doing. 

The scouts were asked to each make and decorate a cake. They even got a patch for their efforts! I tried to go as simple as possible with as much that I already had going on. Luckily Jack liked the idea of the horseshoe from chocolate shavings.

Bishop Brown lassoing the kids.

My job was to take pictures of the kids peaking thru the stage coach. Here were some of my favorites; I"m not biased at all. :)

Sheesh kid! While I was cutting and serving the cakes, Fisher apparently couldn't find his fork… the green frosting stained his fingers. Good thing for dads. They make life more fun!

Kolbi was my helper while we cleaned up. Kinda. I enjoyed her company anyhow. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I haven't run for 50 minutes for a long time. I took this picture for Taylor (I like when he tells me he's proud of me; that's the high maintenance part of me coming out) while I was running, so that's why it's so blurry. I actually thought I thought I took a good picture too. 
I'm SO slow, but I'm running. :) Sorry for so many exercise/workout pictures. It's a big part of my life right now. 

Costco started selling sushi! I've only gone out for sushi once; Taylor hates it. I really enjoyed it the one time I had it. I've tried the samples that Costco has had a few times, so it was very low risk. It was a nice little treat after my run. Yum!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This week is teacher appreciation week at the school. Being Fisher's room mom it's my job to decorate the door. There was a slight miscommunication about which day it was suppose to be up; so I was a day (or so….) late. :) This sucker took an embarrassing amount of time! Other than my hour long workout this morning, THIS door was the only other thing that got done today. Maybe I shouldn't sit in front of the tv next time. haha. 
(This wasn't the cutest door idea I came across, but one of Mrs. Hahn's favorite treats is Swedish Fish, so I decided to personalize it to her.)

Here is my kickboxing from today. This graph is for calories burned throughout the day…..

Here is a shot of my first day with my fitbit. I met all my daily goals! (hasn't happened since, so they really are hard and intense goals) Baby steps! I'm getting my life back.

Monday, February 17, 2014

USSynthetic gave out a bunch of family passes to go tubing at Soldier Hollow. I'm so crazy cheap, that I'd never pay for my family of 6 to go, so I was so thrilled! They gave us a few days/times to choose from and we decided President's Day would be a great day. It was so fun! I forgot to check the camera's battery before we left and it didn't last long. :(  I sure love my camera compared to the phone one.  Basically, there are 6 paths for the tubes to go down that are about 100 yards each. Some have some bigger "jumps" where you can get some air. You can get going really fast! Then once at the bottom, they strap your tube to a "rope pull" and you sit as it takes you back to the top. Pretty sweet! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kolbi gave her first talk in Primary today. She was excited and did a great job! Taylor humored me, went against his better judgement, and took some pictures for me. I had zoom them way in, making them blurry. 

I'm always up for a good selfie during Sunday School.