Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bright and early today we went back to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. She gave us our results from our allergy testing. She also cleaned out Kolbi's ears. Her right ear was WAAY worse than I realized. I couldn't believe how much stuff was in there! (yes, I feel like the worst mother) I knew one of her tubes was still in her ear, but the other one was stuck in a big "scab" and goop. Poor Kolbi! Hopefully this will help her hearing and maybe even help her speech. I was seriously SO beyond proud of her. She sat there still all by herself. The dr. was impressed too. Kolbi hates getting her ears cleaned so to say I was concerned how this would go, would be an understatement. (makes sense why she hated now…. ) She. Was. Amazing!

And was awarded well! It took her 2 seconds to decide what she wanted at the grocery store. :)

Oh wow. Now our allergy testing…. They were able to test us for 92 food allergies with the 5 drops of blood that took. Pretty amazing. I've been researching and reading lots the last few hours. These type of allergies are IgG: These are antibodies that provide long term resistance and are much more subtle. 
IgE allergies are the kind that have immediate responses.  Here's our results….

Not really sure how I feel about it. I'm half tempted to take everyone's adenoids and tonsils out and maybe that will solve our small problems. We don't have anything too severe. Snoring, mouth breathing, constant congestion… nothing major like stomach pains or bloating. Well, actually Taylor thinks I might have sleep apnea. So I guess we'll try eliminating all dairy first and see where we are. I kid you not, after our workout last night, I came home and ate a banana with peanut butter on it and said to Taylor, "I really don't want to hear that I'm allergic to peanuts." hahaha! If these allergies can be controlled there have been lots of success with people's tonsil shrinking. I feel like I have to try and it only makes sense to change the whole family's diet. Taylor has been drinking almond milk for a while with his at-home-trial-testing that he had some sort of allergy to milk. I've been drinking it the last few weeks and haven't seen any change. Hmmmm…. what to do? I guess research some more and find some new recipes and read every nutritional label.

We had quite a few friends over today. I only got pictures of these two though because they were in front of me while I was on the couch. haha.
Fisher and Anna playing "doctor". This made me so happy!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I love bargain shopping! I love coupons and deals. I got this jacket for Kolbi next winter. It was on clearance for $17.99 originally $59.99. Plus the 25% cartwheel brought it down to $13.48. PLUS the 5% off from using my pharmacy rewards and another 5% from using my Target debit card. Making my final price $12.16 or about 80% off.  Way more details than anyone cares to know, hahaha!

 We went to the library today after the boys had their reading tutors. I helped Jackson find some "choose your own adventure" books. He read 20 minutes. All by himself. No fighting or tears. Maybe this was the trick to him wanting to read. :)

I went to this workout tonight with Emily. It was put on by a firefighter (Tee is firefighter too) at the fire station. It was the good kind of kicking our butt. I pushed myself so hard. I even did "boy" push ups. I'm weak, I know. It was awesome though. Definitely want to go back!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bunch of randoms:

Jackson filled out a book "all about him" to return to class. It makes me happy when they talk about my parents. I'm glad that even though there is quite the distance between all of us, they still know their grandparents and love spending time with them. :)

My uncle posted this picture on fb. My dad moved up to northern Arizona once he retired. He's been working on a ranch with one of his brothers clearing it out. It's a family ranch that his sister bought. Long story.. anyway, I'm not sure who is driving the truck. Behind the truck is my dad on the far left. Denim on denim. I love him! Then his brother, Leonard, who is living on the ranch too is on the far right in the lighter denim. It makes me happy to see pictures of him. 

These boys did their own hair after showing. hahaha! What dorks. They actually wanted to have these same hair styles the next day for school. I burst their dreams. 

Emily sent this picture of the the two girls! I'm glad Anna enjoys Kolbi even though she's in Kindergarten like Fisher. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Jackson was so sweet tonight. He offered to help Kolbi with the scripture for FHE. He noticed that was her job for this week and he just offered to help her. So sweet!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Here's some pictures of the Gilbert, Arizona temple that I copied from online. :) 

Here's the baptismal font. Beautiful eucalyptus wood and the bronzed oxen. The amazing detail on the chandelier and ceiling. The glass even has details in it. 

The bride's room. Beautiful!

Celestial room. Doesn't that look SO peaceful and calming. It is stunning! The ceiling height is incredible too!

Check out this detail work on the outside. ALL designed by my dad! I am seriously so proud of him.

This stained glass is on the ceiling of the marriage waiting room. Incredible detail. All the phases of the moon are kinda hidden in there. The smaller circles that are within the outer "ring". So cool to hear my dad talk about this design!

The pergola outside.

The recommend desk as you enter the temple. This is where my uncle first talked about the "tapestry" type of detail in the crown moulding. When he related to eternal families. COOL!

Sealing room. This temple has the largest sealing rooms they've ever made. Such a good decision! This is also a good picture to show the detail in the carpet and how the man literally was on his knees and sheared that design into it.

The water feature outside.

The waterfall.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

We have some really fun friends! The Hovers invited us over for horse drawn sledding. It was awesome! The kids had so much fun!! We had some hot chocolate and Tee even "built" us cake for dessert. It was a great little afternoon.

Emily drug the trough over for the girls to play in. They sang songs and laughed in there for quite a while!

Of course, Kenadee was with the other horses when it wasn't her turn. 

Taylor even got a turn! :)

Taylor and I were laughing to ourselves… Even thing that Taylor loves, Tee is better at. Taylor loves to hunt, Tee is an outfitter. Taylor loves horses, Tee rodeoed. hahaha! We sure love this family!

Kenadee was loving her one-on-one time with Humbolt!