Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! I hate how Easter is turning into the new Christmas with so many gifts. I like to keep it simple. After a quick recap Christ's resurrection and a few scriptures, we brought out the kids Easter baskets. I bought new $1 baskets at Walmart because the kids other ones can't be stacked easily to pack.  For dinner my brother smoked ribs, and Natasha made twice baked potatoes and other fresh veggies. No pictures, but it was delicious!! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

We headed to the zoo first thing today. The weather was overcast and perfect!!! We met up with my cousin, his wife, and their 4 kids. They have annual passes and got all my kids in for free with it. Wahoo!! It is a cool zoo. It's super big. The animals have lots of wide open spaces.We were there for 5 hours! It was a fun day!

 Jackson loved touching a real cactus! 

We were quite the crowd! I also learned a lot about the correct way to "angle" for pictures. haha!

The kids all helped with dinner. We made mini pizza's!! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

This morning started off early at the Gilbert temple that is being built. Like really early! We woke up just after 5:00 am for our tour inside. My uncle Greg is the architect behind literally the entire temple. My dad also works with him and has designed a lot of the detailing. I wish Dad and Clint could have been there too. Dad stayed at the house to be stay with the kids once they woke up and Clint couldn't take work off. So many funny stories first... we didn't know we were going on this tour with fake identities and fake jobs. Interior designing and 3D printing. I was Catherine and Natasha was Rachel. (After coming back and telling my dad all this, he tells us that there really are girls in their company with those names and that they are a gay couple getting married. They just had a "bridal" shower... BAHAHAHA! Thanks for that uncle Greg!!)

The temple was incredible! I didn't know that it was still under MAJOR construction like that. Metal was still exposed. Hard hats and vests were required. We couldn't ask many questions because we needed to be incognito. Like we'd been there before. We learned so much. I cannot believe everything it takes to build a temple of this magnitude. The insane attention to detail! It really is miraculous! My dad and uncle have had plans and ideas going for this temple before their bid was even accepted. 5 years! It should be finished and dedicated by the end of the year. I still can' believe we got to get that tour. Ya, it's my dad and uncle... but they don't do tours like that. Very cool. 

Next up we met up with my cousin, Marisa, her kids Madison, Ella, and Brody, and my aunt Jacque. This park was pretty cool! The kids went on a mini train ride, climbed trees, rolled down the hills, watched the ducks, rode their scooters, and went down slides for hours. It was great for the kids to finally meet and play together. And us adults got to catch up and laugh!

We all think these girls of ours look pretty familiar. Different color of eyes though. Ella is about 9 months older than Kolbi. 

Sweet grandpa brushed Kolbi's tangled out after her bath. Tender moment. :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Arizona family fun! We've been hanging out in my brother's pool. 

My brother kinda looks like Blake Shelton. I love Clint's longer hair!

We went to Pete's Fish and Chips then walked down to the Easter Pageant on the Mesa temple grounds. 

I've only seen it one other time. It amazed me! The bigger kids totally got it. They've heard all those stories of Christ before so to visually see it was really good for them. Well, in good ol' Jackson fashion, there were a few funny moments. The character playing Adam was holding up a lamb at an alter making a sacrifice and Jackson turns to Grandpa and asks, "Why is he holding a cat?" Then another moment Jackson was sitting on Taylor's lap and they were talking a little bit about the story. Taylor could tell it was all "coming together" for him. Then Jackson asks, "Remember all those oranges we saw that fell off the tree? Think they are still there??" haha! That boy cracks me up!!  Before it started Natasha, Kolbi, Kenadee, and I were walking around the temple grounds and we saw my Aunt Jacque and Uncle David! It so nice to see them!! I love them!

Of course, I cried a little too. It really was awesome. They said there were 500 people in the cast and crew! Wow!! Very touching to SEE the story of Christ's life like that!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sam left for the MTC today. We all met for one last meal before hand. It was the only time there were no tears involved strangely enough. This boy has had some great examples of missionaries in his family. No one worries about him, really. He'll do awesome. He's ready. 
I can't imagine what my mother-in-law is feeling though. This is her baby. He'll come back a man; not "needing" him mom like he use to. A mom has to have a lot of faith to let her young son leave for two years like that. To be practically alone. Only with strangers and in a foreign land. That will be a hard day!

We were the first ones to leave the restaurant. Fisher was the first to get out of preschool and we a had a few things left to pack up. Taylor missed out on a fun photo of all his siblings. It was on instagram 6 times. So at our first stop for gas, Taylor wanted in on the fun.

With a little help from picstitch, we got them side by side. This makes me SO happy! I love these people!

A couple from the drive. This was so cute to watch them interact!

Who needs a dvd player when you have ipods and ipads?! Hahaha! I few quite moments in the car ride. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh man! I thought yesterday was hectic?! Today was crazy. I was in charge of the food for our relief society birthday dinner tonight. I spent lots of hours doing that. Tried to finish our clean laundry and get some packing done because tomorrow we are leaving for Arizona. 
Here are the carrots for the veggie cups.... 

I couldn't even go to the relief society dinner either. So I couldn't see it all come together, which was actually great because.... Sam was set apart as a missionary that night!!! There has been some awesome memories lately. Lots of spiritual ones. Moments I will never forget. I've never been around/seen/sent a missionary off. This was all new to me. There is nothing quite like seeing the Beck men all in the room during an impromptu testimony and advice. All 4 tearing up. My father-in-laws cute quiver chin. It was such an intimate thing. Just the boys and their wives. 

It was awesome to hear those powerful words from the stake president as all the important, worthy males in his gave laid they're hands on his head. All the 17 grandkids were there too. It was a packed room of only immediate family. He looked different after. Maybe it was jus in our minds. Sam was on the Lord's errand now. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Today was a busy day! 
We're leaving for Arizona Wednesday about noon after saying our last good bye to Sam that morning as he leaves for his mission. 
I'm in charge of the food for the relief society dinner tomorrow night. (not quite sure how that happened... but got a little help with that today) 
Tomorrow night is also when Sam is being set apart as a missionary, so I'm going to have to miss the relief society dinner. 
A LOT to get done in 2 days. Luckily, the clothes we're packing for AZ are totally opposite from what we are currently wearing. I'm definitely not packing long sleeves and cardigans! I'm so ready to see my family and enjoy some SUN! 
Fisher and Kolbi shared a frozen yogurt at Costco for doing so good running our errands. 

My brother requested some Alfredo mac & cheese. They can't find it down there. Yep! I spent $27 in mac & cheese. hahaha!! I felt so funny at the cash register; that was the only thing I bought. :)

Kenadee was being so sweet to Kolbi on our mini walk tonight!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maybe one day they'll make kid's shorts in a "slim" size like their jeans. haha. This Jackson is a skinny kid!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We came home from our date and checked on the kids, as usual. Fisher LOVES the little leopard we brought back from Vegas! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

These are the best pictures I have from today. Grandma refused anymore. haha! :)  My grandma is in staying with my aunt in Provo for a few weeks. Today was kinda slow for both of us so the kids and I took her out to lunch. Since she didn't have a curfew we ran a few super quick errands too. She sure is lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed our few hours together.