Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I surprised the kids, checked them out of school after lunch and went to the zoo with Gwen and her kids. I somehow left the pile of hats and gloves in the house. Oops! Luckily it warmed up quite a bit and no one was cold at all! It started out kind of lame; there were some animals that were inside so we didn't get to see the elephants or rhinos. There was a lot of construction too, so it felt like there was a lot that was off limits! They however have a new seal and seal lion exhibit. It was awesome! Lots of room both above ground and below. The kids were great up until the last 10 minutes. Fisher and Kolbi were tired; sitting in that stroller must be hard work! :) 
It's always more fun with friends! Gwen and I were joking around that the kids were finally "home" in the zoo. It sure feels like that most days!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

We spent quite a bit of time at my in-laws today. It was so good to be able to catch up. We haven't been up for a while. Taylor spilled some dinner on his shirt, thank goodness he had his mommy close by. hahahahaha!! :)

Kolbi was grandpa's shadow for a little while. She sure loves him!!! 

Kolbi's first fishtail braid. She is growing up so fast! 

5 out of the 6 people in our Ragnar van were there tonight so we talked over our legs and came up with some decisions. Runner 7: Taylor; Runner 8: Scott; Runner 9: Jed; Runner 10: Maddie; Runner 11: me; Runner 12: Jon (an in-law from our van 1) Gulp! I'm glad I'm starting training way early this year!

Leg 1:
Leg 2:
 Leg 3:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

We had big plans for today. We started off with wind and more snow so my run outside with friends had to be postponed. The ONLY other option was waffles with cream, strawberries, and blueberries. :)
We wanted to go shopping for a family members birthday gift, get some paint, make a few returns... Naps were way more of a priority for Taylor and I, so the only thing that got accomplished all day was meeting our cute baby niece, Kat. She is lovely and beautiful! We had a nice visit with Kristen and Scott. Kristen is a trooper; she goes thru a lot to get her babies here. 

Our kids might need new parents. I saw Jackson outside from our bedroom window. No shoes, no shirt, playing in the snow on the deck. :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm so glad these two like each other! I often wonder if the other two like each other, so these sweet moments make me smile!

I'm practically mom of the year and went on Fish's field trip with his class. Kolbi loved it more than Fisher did. She only follows me around doing errands; never doing anything fun like this!

The bakery, aka the best part!

Then McDonald's lunch with friends!

Then currently kids, kids, and more kids. 

This little girl use to hate Taylor. Bad. She really likes him now. Her dad doesn't have facial hair and she was inthralled by Taylor's.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

We went to the Hunting Expo after school today. Thursday is the day to go. In years past we've always gone over the weekend, and Thursday was SO much less crowded! The kids LOVED it, like always. We were there until closing time even. hahaha. Yep, we've totally turned white trash!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm not naturally a very positive person. Or patient for that matter. Poor Taylor has a lot to deal with. I've been trying to be more positive lately. Lots of times I'm not very successful, but I'm trying to actually enjoy the cute moments instead of brush them off and hold on to the upsetting ones. 

Kolbi dressed up her Barbie horse today. She put her Baby Alive hair clips in, Littlest Pet Shop sunglasses, My Little Pony crown... the whole she-bang.

When I came upstair from running, she had all the cars lined up. I about died when I saw 4 crowns on the cars. She is such a girly girl and I love it!!

Jackson came home from school and once realizing that a consequence from not doing his homework this morning was that he couldn't shoot his bow, he changed his mind instantly and did his homework. He did great, too! He was actually trying to sound out his spelling words, unlike this morning. 
Jack isn't allowed to shoot unsupervised and so we both bundled up and headed outside. A couple more good moments: he started out with just a sweatshirt on and wanted to change into his bigger jacket. Kenadee had come outside to watch briefly. He very sweetly gave her permission to shoot while he ran inside. (it was super nice of him, because Kenadee has refused for the boys touch one single Lego from her new set. Because she was being so mean to him, Jackson said that she wasn't allowed to  shoot his new bow anymore. I'm proud of him!) Then he asked if I wanted a turn. It was SO cute how he was patiently teaching me what to do, in what order, and how to be safe. I can't stress enough how tender he was to me! 

 A couple more happy moments from today....
**Fisher quickly and without arguing emptied the dishwasher when asked to.
**when Jackson and I came inside from shooting, Kenadee had turned on Miley Cyrus and had the other kids dancing their hearts out in the living room. 
**all the kids sat nicely while we read 4 of our library books
**the kids didn't even notice that we ate later than normal (no grouchy hungry kids!) so that we could all eat together with Taylor once he came home
**Kolbi and Fisher took awesome naps
**Kenadee ended up letting Jackson play with her new Legos for a few minutes. Of course she had to supervise, though!! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kenadee bought her first set of girl legos. I was thrilled for her and knew she'd made a good choice. I still have my "girl" legos from when I was her age. Mine, also, is a horse and stable set! :)

This is one of my kids favorite dinners. They named it "The Biggest Sandwich Ever." It is 17" long and my kids could easily eat more than this! Tonight it had ham, salami, bacon, cheddar, and swiss. After it's baked for a few minutes we always add ranch and veggies. Yummy!

Here is a cute moment with laughter and huge smiles! Brother's are actually good for something after all!!