Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Hovers invited us over for some New Year celebrations. We are normally extremely boring on this holiday by putting the kids to bed at the normal time and maybe stay awake to watch a movie. The kids were THRILLED to stay up so late and it made it even better to do it with friends. Even Kolbi stayed awake and was pleasant the whole time! We played some serious games; I'm fairly sure they think of me a little different now that they've seen the game "Crystal". :) We played some Wii games, made some home made confetti, decorated party hats…. The whole shebang! I only wish they had balloons. (hahaha!) It was seriously so fun and the time flew by, even though both husbands secretly told their wives "What are we going to do for 5 hours??" 

Yes, Jackson had a stern talking to about making "duck face". 

Then at midnight we went outside and made some serious noise. :)

My New Years kiss!

Monday, December 30, 2013

We went down to Rocky Mountain ATV today to get some stuff for Taylor's bike. I guess his Christmas shopping wasn't quite over…. ;) I love that the kids all wanted to wear their riding shirts to the "motorcycle store".  Makes me smile. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today Taylor and Jackson took off with Tee, Owen, and Anna to try to find some mountain lion tracks. Not must success there, so they shot some .22. It looks like they had lots of fun; Jackson came home with huge tears in his snow pants. :)

Check out what my new lens can do…. Love it!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dave and Jeri's main gift to all the grandkids was an entire day up in Salt Lake with all their cousins! They were so excited when their Grandma told them on Christmas. We headed up on the 26th and got lunch at Sam's club on the way. Then we went to check in at our hotel, and walked up to City Creek. We are quite the crowd all of us!

After our leisurely stroll down the sky walk and climbing on every rock possible, we ended up at the play area in the food court. I left my real camera in the car and stole a bunch of these pictures from Megan's blog. :)

We walked over to the Joseph Memorial building and crammed a plethora of people in the elevator… I want to guess about 7 kids that couldn't make it into this picture.

Took some pictures on the tenth floor before heading down to the watch the Joseph Smith movie.

Then went out and saw the temple lights.

We headed to the food court for dinner (which Dave paid for everyone!!) then headed back to the hotel for some evening swimming with all their cousins. 

Then to round out the night, we relaxed for a few and the kids watched a movie.

 We woke up, had some cereal in a few of the adjoining rooms, laughed, made fun of each other, finished our movie and headed home by lunch time. Then took some naps! We all had so much fun goofing off and being together! Thanks Dave and Jeri for the fun day!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!! Santa found us and we got spoiled, as usual! My family buys stuff for every single one of us and spoils us rotten too! I love seeing the kids faces light up! It is so magical and exciting! 

One of my favorite gifts. A necklace in the shape of Washington. If you look close, there is a heart up where Sequim is. :) I LOVE it!! 

All the kids got some riding gear. Still looking for pants for Kenadee. 

We went up to Beck's at 11:00 to open up gifts and hang out together. They gave us a "little giant" ladder which I am so happy about. I've wanted one for a long time and let's be honest, I use the ladder more than Taylor. ;)

We all got to Skype with Sam. He's STILL Visa waiting (he's been out in the mission field for 10 months and applied for his Brazilian visa months before that even…. he's secretly hoping he never gets his visa and stays in Cali the entire time.) It was really good to "see" him. He's happy and doing really well!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Here we are sleeping around the Christmas tree last night! We love our Christmas Adam traditions! 

What, what?!! :)

I finished up the wrapping and giggled when I was getting all of Kolbi's new clothes together. The camo doesn't seem to fit in with all the lace and ruffles. hahaha!

Monday, December 23, 2013

We got some more snow this morning. I wish it would DUMP on us! Taylor was a good dad and helped the boys with their snow man. Jackson and Fisher made another one, and moved this guys arms to be coming out of the head. hahaha! I love boys!

On Christmas "Adam" the kids get their Christmas pi's from us, we open a new family game (and this year, they got a new Christmas movie too). We got Blokus and I highly recommend it! It is a strategy game that doesn't require any reading. It is lots of fun!

Then it got real and we had an adult game. :) Let it be known, Taylor won. (this time!!)