Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She's crafty!

I've been having some fun around here lately. I'm on a crafting kick. I love trying new things and learning new skills!!

Some new headbands for the girls.

Part of a wedding gift. Their anniversary is the very middle heart.

A Geo board (??). I loved these when I was little. Just used nails on a painted piece of wood.
Some candy dishes. I LOVE the blue one! LOVE!!! The awesome details pop with that black glaze.

Indoor hopscotch (from felt) for our chilly days.
Made a soccer field from a pizza box and the boys blew thru the straws to make a goal with the cotton ball.
A sweater pillow.
Added the Colts logo to Taylor's huge mug.
A friend is having a baby any day, and they, too, are Apple fans. I love it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday!

I always have a blast shopping late with ALL the women in-laws (plus a few men)! Walmart started at 10 pm this year and there were a TON more people!! Still, us fiesty Beck's got everything on our lists! Nothing like tacos while waiting for Target to open!

This was my first year going to the mall just after midnight.... it was INSANE! It made me even more nervous for my kids to become teenagers. They were snuggling all over. Gag! Then you'd walk into a child clothing store and there would be NO lines. Haha!

I spent WAY too much money, but it is always SO fun. :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble till you wobble!

We have SO much to be grateful for!! Our family is so blessed. In years past we've made "thankful garlands", this year we made a tree. It was a huge hit, they loved putting on a new leaf everyday!!
Some of the things that they wrote they were grateful for were:
sunny days,
the Prophet,
the Dentist,
our health,
Daddy's job,
Jesus Christ.
I love these little guys SO much! They bring me joy everyday!!!

My in-laws hosted Thanksgiving yesterday. I love it at their house! It always feels like home.

Fisher and his cousin Beck sharing the candy dish.

The bigger kids found Grandma's rake and raked some of her leaves.

I am thankful for a wonderful, supportive, husband. Happy and healthy kids. Wonderful parents and in-laws. Amazing, kind, and thoughtful siblings. The best friends. The gospel in my life and the piece and comfort it brings me. The temple and the opportunity I have to be with my family for eternity.
I love my life and the choices I've made that have brought me where I am today!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We believe that we will win!!

This last weekend Taylor and I, along with ALL my in-laws went to watch his youngest brother, Sam's, football game. It was the state championship and they (Lone Peak) killed Freemont! 41-21. Sam is a senior this year and we were all so proud of him! He's a state champion!!!!

My good friend watched all the kids for about 6 hours so we could do this. Bless her heart, we owe her BIG!! My amazingly talented sister-in-law, Megan, took all these pictures. Thanks again, girl!

Sam made an important catch for a first down! We 'might' have been screaming our heads off and the cameras zoomed in on us. Haha! We were so happy!

We had the BEST time with this vuvzuela!! A long, loud, car ride home with Tay's siblings! We laughed (at each other!) the whole way!

The family!

Jed and Megan wearing Sam's jerseys. LOVE that girl!

Now, I don't want to sound creepy, being I'm more than 10 years older than him, but this kid is a CUTIE! Look at the smile!

Some lovin' from the ladies!

Awww. Jeri, Sam, and Dave.

We were the best cheerleaders, if I can say so myself! Everyone around us was loving us and our cheers. A favorite was when Jed started yelling "Go warm up the bus!!" Hahaha! I love my in-laws!

Good job, Sam! We are SO proud of you!!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

After a few minor tantrums this morning, Kenadee decided to change her attitude. She got a craft table all set up for her and the boys and they made these SUPER cute turkeys out of construction paper. The boys LOVED it!!

After that she made a list of chores for herself. Make the beds, mop the floors, vacuum, pick up toys down stairs... She was a little Cinderella and we both LOVED it!! She can be a feisty one, but so, so sweet too! Love that girl so much!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

This Jackson boy makes me laugh EVERYDAY! He is such a handful and is always moving. Really not exagerating at all! At the Primary Program yesterday he sat at the end with one adult to his side, one behind him, and one in front. They've learned their lesson!

We've made lots of puzzles lately. We have more to organize too.

Kolbi has decided she owns the easel. It's not sitting well with Kenadee...

Jackson has decided he LOVES to wash dishes and begs for that to be his after dinner chore! YES!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

"Awhile" ago we took the kids to Sam's football game. It was a cold(ish) windy night. Lone Peak won, obviously! It was Senior Night and my mother-in-law participated in a "mom of the players" game. It was funny! After the game, the seniors signed a bunch of their own trading cards. The kids loved it! Taylor might have wanted to get Chase Hansen, the QB, autograph. He might have also dared me to give him a big huge bear hug. I declined!

Today is a good day to remember a great veteran! Here is my Grandma Malone at my Grandpa's funeral almost 4 years ago. I still remember everything about that amazing service! Love both of those people SO much!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yes, I am one year older and wiser too. It's my last year in my 20's. Ouch! Two of my sister-in-laws thought I was 24 or 25. Hahaha! I had to remind them I have a 7 year old. Birthdays are fun! Friends stop by, family calls, and gifts are a plus too! (THANK YOU everyone!) I can't wait to drop my kids off at a friend's house (in 45 minutes!!) to go birthday shopping and use some giftcards. WaHoo!!

Taylor stayed home from church with Jackson who had a fever Saturday afternoon. While I was gone he decided that he wanted to celebrate my birthday that afternoon cause he'd be gone at work Monday and then we took the kids to Puss In Boots after that. I came home to a cake baked and presents wrapped! Love that man of mine!

He bought me a new sewing machine from Nuttals! LOVE it! It's basically the same one I had but WAY better and made to last a lifetime. It has the same keys/functions/buttons as my last one so I don't have to relearn anything!

A few minutes later I had this beauty! The kids can't wait use it!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Water damage!

I guess you could say I gasp when I saw this in my basement hall yesterday afternoon. Sorry for the crappy phone picture. I had to show my mom!

Long story short... something in our fridge burst and starting leaking water yesterday. It soaked the wood floor and filled up IN the wall (and carpet) under the fridge, in the basement. Thank goodness for home owner's insurance! It's gonna be a long process to fix what seems like a small(ish) problem. Last night when the asbestos guy came over I apologized for taking him away from his family in the evening. He says, "It's all right. I live alone. (Sigh)" Good job, Crystal! Then this morning when the plumber showed up, at 8:00 unannounced, I was bra less. Wow. I'm on a roll.

I'm secretly hoping the hard wood floor needs replacing. :) In the mean time, we have the huge fans/de-humidifiers blowing like crazy. I can't believe how loud they are! You can't hear the phone, microwave, door knocking when it's right next to you. We killed a few hours this afternoon going "truck shopping." I just HAD to leave! Hopefully it won't take a week like they guessed. I'm crossing my fingers it's done tomorrow... The fridge was moved over by the table, the pantry door had to come off, and the entertainment unit is almost in the middle of the room. Ugh. It could be worse though.

On a positive note, last night I tried a new recipe. Well, kinda. It's individual pizza bites. Like pizza monkey bread. The kids LOVED it!! Taylor and I did too. Thank you pinterest! I probably should have offered some to the worker guy. Yep, technical terms.