Friday, September 30, 2011

A couple randoms from a football game....

My Mom brought some pictures and photo albums for the kids to pick out and choose. They loved it and couldn't get enough of Grandma's attention.

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Dad bought this truck on his 21st birthday, so.... 1971. He drove it up until a few years ago. He needed a flatbed to pull his 5th wheel. So my cousin's who run a dealership bought the truck off of him, and completely restored it. I wish Taylor and I could have bought the truck; we really thought about it when he was selling it. I LOVE my Dad's genuine smile in this picture! It's a hard smile to capture with a camera! Thanks so much Lyndsay for this picture!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flag Football!!

Jackson started his first season of flag football a few weeks ago. He was pretty nervous for his first game, but he warmed up real quick! It's so fun to watch these little guys learn. I love seeing my kids happy! I look forward to every game! And, of course, Jackson had to throw in a few dance moves. I LOVE that kid!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


On Fisher's birthday we took him the firehouse and got a private tour. The firefighters were awesome and so friendly! The kids felt so special and loved seeing all the equipment/tools. A couple prizes at the end was obviously a hit!

Taylor was helping Jackson with his football moves. Jackson is in his first year of flag football and loving it! More pictures of his games are coming soon.

Today for a family activity we played Red Rover. Grandma was a good sport and got in on the fun too!

It's already been a week that my mom has been visiting and it's going by too fast! It's so much fun having her around. She is an easy guest to have! Here's to another fun packed week!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My baby!

My baby isn't a baby anymore. I think it's official now. She just had her second birthday. It was kinda bitter-sweet. More bitter than expected. I can't believe the last baby I'll ever have is 2 years old! After the boys birthday parties I decided to make Kolbi's more low key.
She totally understood that it was HER day. I'm sure having Fisher's birthday 2 days before helped. She was cute and happy the WHOLE day. She just knew she was special! She opened presents in the morning then after the other 3 went to school we went to the pet store and walked out empty handed as planned. She always misses Fisher and says his name so sad once he gets out of the car, but she did enjoy all the attention though .

Grandpa Beck came over to eat some cake with us. Yep, she enjoyed her bundt cake (with lemon glaze) that was provided by Costco. My heart started hurting when she started blowing out her candles. I can't believe she's that old! It's going by TOO fast! I've made all our kids a "birthday video" of pictures and video clips from birth until their first birthday. It's a tradition to watch them on their birthday. I lost it. I cried thru the whole thing. This little girl sure knows how to push my buttons. She gets into everything all the time, but she completes our family perfectly. Her smile and long curly eye lashes melt me! I love my Kolbi more and more everyday!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fisher Boy!

Fisher had his 4th birthday a few days ago. We had a day of some serious fun!

Costco had Hero's Day and had an army hummer with soldiers, firetrucks, an ambulance....

Fish loved it! I spotted one of the fireman's jackets and showed Fish how it was our last night. The man let him try on all the gear that had "Beck" on it! His smile is amazing!!

Fisher requested a Star Wars party. I got lots of ideas from Pinterest. LOVE that site! Made some light sabers, used nerf guns to shoot Vader, and had a Jedi Training obstacle course. I think they had tons of fun! I love doing theme parties for the kids, but am always thrilled when they're done!

Fisher is my little piece of heaven! For real!! He is so lovey and snuggles me all the time. He is genuinely a good kid. Yesterday when he went to get his flu shot I told him he'd be getting a shot.

F: "Mom, I don't want a shot."

M: "I know. Sometime I have to get shots too when I don't want to. Sometimes we just have to do it."

F: "Ok."

What kid just calmly says ok?! My Fisher does! He is always helping anyone he can. The morning of his birthday, Jackson is crazily excited for Fisher to open his presents. Fisher says, "But, Jackson, everyone isn't awake yet."

Fisher just keeps getting better and better. He is amazing! I love him SO much! All of our lives are better with him in it!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aunt Julie!

So Taylor's aunt is Julie Beck. Yep, as in the General Relief Society President! Everytime she is quoted in church (which, let's be honest, is a lot!), Taylor leans over and whispers, "I know her!!" She's an awesome lady and an amazing example! Last week she set up a lady's only brunch for her family to introduce us to the new Relief Society book. It was a great excuse to have some girl time! I have a whole new respect for the time and thought that went into making this book!

Then we got to snoop around her office. She has a great view of the Salt Lake Temple! Her office was beautiful with tons of gifts and artifacts from around the world. She has this awesome photo wall!

I LOVE my sister-in-law Megan! We are SO similar. It probably helps out that she is the person who indtroduced me Taylor. We were friends friends and lucky enough to become family shortly there after!

I found this picture that hadn't been hung up yet. I. Need. One.