Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So... I was cleaning the house today. I emptied the garbage in the "guest" bathroom. It's downstairs next to Kenadee's room, but it hardly gets used. It's probably been a month since I emptied it last. I found all these wrappers, which is very out of the ordinary. After a nice text asking Taylor if it was him (and I was hoping it was) I realized I'd found Kenadee's hidden stash.

She admitted it once she came home from school. She's been shopping in the cold storage room and eating it after we tucked her into bed. (I promise we do have healthy food in there too) She was hiding it in the very top of her closet where no one would see unless they climbed up the built in shelving. Good spot, I'll admit! When she was passing it down the packages that weren't finished off, she said, "There's one more granola bar. You can have it if you want." Thanks for sharing.... I guess.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!

First off, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!! I love you!!

Happy Memorial Day! I am so grateful for all those men and women who have (and currently are) serving our country. I'm thankful for their families and the sacrifices they have made too. What a wonderful and beautiful country we live in!!

We went up to my in-laws for a BBQ and to celebrate a few birthdays too.

Needless to say, Sam got a more than a few tank tops as gifts.... Everyone wanted in on the fun! Haha! I LOVE my in-laws! They are awesome!!

I wanted to get some pictures of the original 6 without spouses for Father's Day. There was A LOT of goofing off, but there managed to be a couple that turned out really good.

With the Woodruffs too. They are great!!

Oh my! This was a hilarious moment! I'm so glad someone yelled at me to take a picture. I was too in shock to think of that myself. SO funny to see the "Bishop" like this!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I've been getting ready for July 4th! Oh, how I love my projects!! Memorial Day will be when the kids wear their new clothes. Jackson has been so excited. A couple of white shirts from DI, 2 bandanas for Kolbi's dress, and some flags from the dollar section of Target. Mmmm, I love this holiday!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Run, Run!

Yep, believe it. A post ALL about ME! I've been training for another 1/2 marathon. Race day is in 4 weeks.... Gulp!

I've been taking my training very serious. I want to do better on this race. Not only time, but the feeling of it. My last race (2nd half) got the best of me. The last few miles were HARD! I lost that race mentally. I didn't finish strong. My time was 2:14... I think. I wasn't as prepared for it as I was my first half. I knew that and I felt it.

I'm determined to finish this race strong! It's not gonna get the best of me. It'll be a hard race, but running is SUCH a mental game. Dare I say more mental, than physical? Maybe. Today was a GREAT run. My long runs are always on Saturday. Today was 11. Rough, I know.

My goal for this upcoming race is to finish close to 2 hours. Maybe 2:05. Obviously I'd love 1:58, but I'm trying to find the balance of pushing yourself, and being proud of what you're able to do. That's an average of just more than 9 minute miles. I've been training on the treadmile at 10 minute miles. Usually when I run the long outside I'm a little slower. Not today. I stuck at 10 minute miles! SO happy about that!! I'm hoping that the race being down hill and with adrenaline, I'll make it to my goal.

Random thought: After this race I really wanna make a vinyl sticker for my car that says, "13.1 x 3 = 26.2?" He won't let me. He'd be too embarassed.

I've been running for exactly one year now. It's crazy what your body is able to do! I still remember my first run with my friends. WOW! 1 1/2 miles was TOUGH!

I stole a quote from a neighbor, "I can do hard things!" It's a good saying for life, but I tend to really think about that while I run. Here's another motivating one for me, "Make your mind run your body. Never let the body tell your mind what do. The body will always give up." SO TRUE! I'm constantly telling myself that I CAN do this.

Taylor met up with me at mile 7.25 and gave me some water this morning. He snapped a few pictures too. Clearly for your benefit! ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Do's

Last night all the kids had some major hair cuts. LOVE the girls' little bobs, and everyone is still adjusting to the buzz's. Once we came home from the girls' cuts, Fisher kept asking Taylor to give him a "bizz." Haha! Bring on summer!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This was a good moment. All the kids sat while we read books. I love the simple things in life!

Friday, May 20, 2011

This big guy had his final graduation from preschool this morning. Crazy! It was the same program from the years past... but none the less, it was cute to see Jackson sing all the songs and do the actions. He was so excited that Taylor could make it and even Grandma Beck came to support. Bless her heart. Kobli had animal crackers so she was great! Jackson's first day of Kindergarten happens to be on his 6th birthday! Lucky kid!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love my husband! He is my world. He's way too good to me and is pretty dang handsome too! I love that sincere smile!

He has been somewhat patiently waiting for his deer to get done. The taxidermy-ist is one of the best and is crazy busy in the winter doing shows. Yesterday, Taylor got the text... it was done!

We "compromised" and the deer ended up in MY craft room. Well, I kinda took over the office and call it mine. The original plan was to put him in the boys hunting/camping themed room, but it stick so far off of the wall, that it wasn't gonna work. We were too excited to wait till morning when we had better light...

He is SO pretty!! His cape looks great. There are so many details that make him look perfect. It's definitely a science. We couldn't be happier with the taxi work!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crawdad boil!

Last weekend was the annual crawdad boil for USS. It was at the company's field since the owner retired last year. Nothing compares to the amazing cabin from years' past, but this year definately didn't leave us disapointed! Pony rides, rock walls (better believe I beat Jared to the very top!!), face and hair paint, bounce houses, a boxing match with the huge gloves (Jack and Fish did that and loved it!), kiddi train rides, and TONS of food!! We love the crawdad boil!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fathers and Sons?

Taylor isn't a fan of having a campout in a field... can't really blame him either. So he vetoed the Fathers and Son's and took the family out to shoot guns instead. It was GREAT! We need to that more often; it's simple memories that the kids will remember.

We saw some lizards, horny toads, grasshoppers, a snake, and even a few rabbits. Every animal came out alive this time.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fisher is still in the nap phase. After having "quiet time" he was exhausted by 5 pm. Despite kids rolling on him and having Kolbi want her pillow pet back, he kept on sleeping.

Kolbi's trying to sneak a sip while Taylor wasn't looking.

This big girl adores her Daddy.

My tree blooms like this once a year for about a week, then it goes back to green. I love the one week it's bloomed. I get tons of questions about this tree and the landscaper happens to work at Tay's company now.... it's called a Praire Fire or a Radiant Crabapple.

I've been crafting up a storm lately. :) I love my Cricut!! And my sewing machine, too, for that matter. AND all the awesome blogs that I get my creativity from!