Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's finally over!

It's been 10 (long) days since finding out Jackson had a big cavity. (Due to my lack of flossing... Sorry buddy!!) I've dreaded today. Kolbi made herself at home in the waiting room with Fisher.

Thank goodness for laughing gas. Jack was so relaxed and chill. Taylor was passing by from school on his way to work and came for some moral support... for me. I was a wreck. The dentist did AMAZING with him and built some much needed trust. Jackson didn't flinch for the shots. It was smooth sailing! Only one cavity after all, and it didn't need a crown. Phew!

After that adventure, we headed over to Monkey Island. A friend invited us to join and Jackson deserved some fun!

Now it's nap time and my house is silent!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy boys!

Fisher didn't like dinner, aparently.

On the way to get Kenadee from school today, I was on Jackson's case to buckle up. Finally out of frustration he says, "Never listen to a woman who tells you what to do!!" I froze for a minute. I didn't want to laugh out loud. After thinking to myself, 'My Dad would be proud,' I ask him where he learned that. He got even more mad at me, "I just said it by myself!! Can you say those words!?!"

I'm speachless!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kid quirks, take 2

Fisher is a funny kid. His sweet boy face makes me smile!

-he is excited for preschool to start. Ever since we met his teacher he's asked if it was time to start. He thinks everyone looks like Mrs. Heather.

-he LOVES riding his bike and Jackson is his best friend

-his jacket HAS to be zipped at all times

-he hates socks and only wears them when he has shoes on

-you have to blow him a kiss after he's tucked in and before you close the door. If you don't, he'll walk out of his room to remind you

-when he runs, he makes the sound of squelling brakes to make turns (or to stop)

-he is still my best snuggler!

-my favorite is the way he says girl. "girl-0" I can't get enough of it.

And my sweet Kenadee girl.

-she is a mother duck. Always in someone's business, making sure they are following the rules.

-she is a drawing, coloring, doodling, writing machine. She would do that all day if she could.

-she would wear the same pink cowgirl boots (and skinny jeans) everyday if I'd let her.

-she is VERY independent (it's actually bitter-sweet. Realizing she doesn't need me much anymore.) I let her make some cookies all by herself this afternoon when she got home from school. Her face lit up! She was SO excited!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kid quirks...


-This little girl is in Nursey now. (YAY!)

-She is finally doing better without her binkie. She's been great at nap time, but bed time was another story. No good there.

-She is a monkey and climbs on anything she can.

-She squeals when my phone beeps when I get a text. She thinks she owns my phone and loves the apps on it.

-She understands almost everything and nods or shakes her head when asked questions.

-She is crazy stubborn!!

-Her favorite words to say are "hot", "purse", "please", "up", "momma", "boots", "shoes"

-She loves to throw her dirty diapers away.

-She is always wanting to bring everyone their shoes. She knows which shoes belong to who.

-She has to feed herself with her fork.

-She loves shopping for shoes for herself!

Taylor bought me a new toy yesterday. We always by something frivolous around this time of year once we get our tax return. (Not a good habit to get into) It was so fun to run at home today! We both got some new running shoes too! WaHoo!

JACKSON doesn't have near as many quirks as the younger two.

-He tries to wear the same clothes everyday. I end up having to hide those shirts from him.

-He is nervous to go to Kindergarten. I was reassuring him the other day in the car, telling him it was ok to be nervous, but he didn't need to be. Fisher says, "Why? There aren't any dinosaurs or monster there?"

-We recently bought him a left handed baseball mitt and he LOVES it! He is really interested in sports lately.

-He refuses to wear collared shirts. That eliminates more than half of his wardrobe...

-He is so ready for warmer weather so he can live on his bike and ramps. (me too, bud!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mustache March

Taylor has a new friend. He says I should be grateful that he'll only be around for the last of the month instead of all of March. Jackson says it looks like a frowny face and that Taylor should put the hair back. I'm just so excited to have a date night with the 'stache on Saturday. (crossing my fingers his friend will be gone by then!)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Papa Rucker!

I got a phone call from my Dad Thursday night, that he was leaving early in the morning to drive up here for his uncle's funeral. Yippee for me! He drove up with his brother and two of my cousins. Another cousin, Skeeter, drove up from Vegas with her two cute kiddos. I haven't seen her forever and that was great too. Skeeter stayed at my house last night and the kids LOVED their sleepover! There was a bbq at a second cousin's (?) house last night. Even though I only got to see my Dad for a few hours, it is always a good time! I miss him already!!

Another group shot outside of Mimi's Cafe. We decided to go out to breakfast this morning and YUM! Kolbi was beast (anyone surprised?) Call me crazy, but Tay and I decided it wouldn't be worth it to go down to Payson for the funeral.

Here is Reece, Uncle Tom, Skeeter, ME, Dad, Tom F, and Taylor.
Then Skeeter's kids Roenen and Jeryn, Fisher, Kenadee, Kolbi, and Jackson

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friends are great. Craft day with friends is even better!! A group of us girl friends got together and made these super cute skirts for our little ones. LOVE these get togethers and am SO happy with how these skirts turned out! It's perfect for spring!!

And for climbing in the Lego box!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We had a beautiful day the other day. The sun felt so warm! I am anxiously awaiting spring to stay! Here we are already, back to clouds and some rain.
The boys were outside while I finished up with laundry. Jackson comes running in, SO excited. He tells me he jumped off the deck out back. Fisher says, "It was awesome!!" Looks like I have a dare devil on my hands. Crap!

We had SO much fun laughing and playing with friends! Bring on the warmer weather!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



It was time for an upgrade! Love it! Those kids are heavy to push!
I also have a new running buddy. My sweet Kenadee was determined to run with me at the gym yesterday. She ran, on and off, for a total of 1 3/4 miles! She was SO proud of herself, running that last mile almost nonstop. It was great to do that together and I look forward to many more afternoons running.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This little girl is a mess! She is a silent tornado going from room to room. She carries the stools with her, making nothing safe anymore. She climbs on everything! We have another little monkey girl. Last week before I went to the gym in the morning, I couldn't find the bananas anywhere, figured the big kids must have eaten them. Nope, I later found them in dishwasher. Thanks Kolbi!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I took the kids to get their very own Book of Mormons. They were so excited!! I love to see their little testimonies growing!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We finally went bowling today! The kids have been begging nearly everyday since our last attempt. It was SO much fun. The kids did awesome! Jackson got 5 spares!! I love our family time together! Everyone was having so much fun.

Until this little girl threw up totally unexpectedly. I was holding her and felt something warm on my other arm. Surprise. It kept coming and coming. ALL over. She picks awesome times to do this. Tay runs to get towels and the cute teenage girl kept saying she would clean up our "spill", as Taylor described our issue. After about three tries he finally tells the girl, "My baby threw up." She handed over the towels. A frame after round two of vomit, Kolbi fell asleep on us. Poor girl! (It hasn't gotten better since we've been home. She's thrown up about 5 times. She won't even keep water down. I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight and also hoping she doesn't get dehydrated...)

We asked a teenager in the lane next to us, if she'd mind taking a family picture. They turned out great. I'm really pleased.

Normally we have someone take 2 pictures to try to get one decent. I've never asked for someone to take more. Until today. Ok, Taylor actually did it. I really do like these family pictures. I can't look at them without giggling. It was a great time, puke and all!!