Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at the Becks

I guess I should post about our Christmas. I really want to be playing with my Cricut though! Yep, I got a CRICUT!! WaHoo!

Kenadee was the "mom" and assigned the boys jobs to get the cookies ready for Santa. I guess they saw on 'Max and Ruby' that Santa likes chocolate milk. I totally agree! :)

We got spoiled this year. Every single one of us!! There were 11 people in my tiny living room Christmas morning. It was a beautiful mess! I figured out that it had been 12 years since I've had a Christmas with my Mom and siblings. So to all you people that have family close by, count your blessings! It is SO hard to be away from your family!! Moving on...

Fisher wasted no time opening up his gift from Santa. A batcave with lots of super heros.

Sweet girl lasted about an hour, then took a little nap. She woke up roaring to go!

I love Kenadee's face in this picture! She couldn't believe she ACTUALLY got a real microphone (karaoke machine) from Santa.
Santa brought Jackson a few bike ramps. He didn't waste time doing a test drive. New jammies, boots, scooter, and all. Such a stud!

So... I was ( I mean, AM) basically wife of the year and surprised my husband with an Xbox 360 and Kinect. I got a video of Taylor opening it, but decided I didn't want to embarrass him by letting everyone see him cry.... So far I haven't regretted it. I got the Kinectimal game; here is Fisher enjoying the baby cub. He LOVES it! (well, I guess we all love the cubs!)

Me and my Mom and siblings. Awww!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family is....

We have been busy lately!! The great-kind-of-crazy. Lots of shopping and lots of good memories have been made.



Tickle fights....

Our annual Christmas jammies from Grandma Beck. This is Fisher with his cousin Jake. Cute boys!

Some shooting practice. Clint bought an air soft pistol and was the teaching the kids while Taylor and I ran to the store. Courtney took the pictures for me; thanks sis!!

Haha!! My mom bought marshmellow guns for everyone. All 11 of us! She surprised us today with the early present, and it was all out war! You can imagine the abuse trying to set up a camera without a gun in hand...

This picture turned out awesome! FYI: this marshmallow hit me in the eye... "You'll shoot your eye out!!" was quoted many times during our battle.

Kolbi could care less about the guns and went straight for the treats.

Reading with Grandma....

And our annual Christmas Adam tradition of sleeping under the tree. The more, the merrier!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Girls Day!

Yesterday was an awesome day! We started out waking up to 7 inches of fresh snow!! YEAH! We'll have white Christmas, but I'm hoping for even more snow!! Then we girls were off! My Mom, sister Courtney, SIL Natasha, Kenadee, and I went shopping for the morning.
(and no! those are not my super cute skinny legs...)

Lunch at Costa Vida!

Then, pedicures! Kenadee was loving the special pampering. Aren't my sister's colored tips cute! I might have to get those one day. It was a GREAT day!! I love my girls!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

We had a little tender moment at our house the other day. I was making our Christmas treats and Kolbi wanted to be held SO bad. I got sick of the whining and put her on the barstool next to Fisher. I was worried she'd fall, but thought I'd give it a try. I've said for a long time that Fisher and Kolbi have a special connection. This day, it was especially true! Fisher had her laughing her head of off and of course, he got a few giggles in too!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Deedster

Wow, Kenadee is growing up! She is such a sweet and smart girl and I love having her around everyday. She would say, "I'm grateful I'd be born from your tummy..." LOVE her!!

Yesterday she had her Christmas Sing at school. I'll spare you that video! The first graders sang "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" and "Rockin' around the Christmas tree." She did an awesome job and says she was embarrassed to sing the first one because she was missing a front tooth. She has reminded me that singing is her talent and wants a real microphone for Christmas. I think she'll be pleasantly surprised!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Date!

We recently took the kids to the Children's Museum up at the Gateway. We've never been before. It is AMAZING!! So much fun for everyone. Kolbi couldn't get enough either. There was SO much for the kids to do and touch. We definitely need to go back!!

Jackson LOVED the rock wall. He did really well, too!!

Apparently, Taylor and I were the only ones excited for the picture....

They even had Blitzen there. The kids loved him!

Yep, even a real helicopter!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas memories

Yesterday was the ward breakfast party. Santa was the biggest hit, so those are the only pictures I took.

Kolbi couldn't get enough of him....

Then this was this morning as Taylor was reading them the story of Jesus' birth. So tender. (Don't mind our orphan child in the pink. Taylor put her in that oversized shirt for our cinnamon rolls.)