Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: part 1

Yesterday was a great day. Exhausting, but absolutely great! It started out bright and early with a half marathon starting at Aspen Grove and ending at the shops in Riverwoods.

Here is Summer, me, and Maggie. I was pretty nervous about the weather. It was really cold with a 50% chance of rain. That would make for a long 2 hours. (Mags and my other running partner, who couldn't race, showed up to cheer us along. Isn't that SO nice!! She is awesome!!!)

Here are the kids, decked out in Halloween gear and all, killing some time waiting for me to finish.

The one shot of me about to finish! There were TONS of people there.

YAY! We did it again!! My chip time was 2:14.
I'll be honest. I was hoping for a better time. (will I ever give myself a break and just be proud of my hard work??) I kinda felt like the race defeated me. I was really struggling the last 2 miles. Today my body is feeling it. My calves are crazy sore. And I mean crazy. It's almost good though, because I hardly notice my sore quads, back, bum, and even top of my feet. I ended up with 5 small blisters, and 2 chaffed arms.

Luckily the weather held up for the race and I ended up taking off my long sleeves, ear warmers, and gloves.

There were several moments during the run, that I kept thinking of my sweet husband. I knew he would be so proud of me. I wanted to see his face.

Immediately after that (no shower yet), we drove down south. My Dad happened to be in the state for a few hours, for his aunt's funeral. We met up at the cemetery and went to the family's lunch at the local church. After that lunch Dad hopped back on the plane for Arizona. Even though we only spent a few hours together, it was wonderful to see my Dad!!

You better believe I wore my marathon shirt all day, along with my medal for "winning the race." Straight from there (still, no shower) we headed up to my in-laws for our Halloween tradition of chili and pictures with all the cousins.

To be continued....

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My baby is walking!! It is kinda crazy, but super cute. We are entering a new phase now. I love her bent arms!

My orphaned child, Kolbi, found herself stuck up in a bar stool.

Mmm... yummy! I made my first ever homemade oreos and they were SO good. I'm sad they are all gone. Kenadee actually said the other day while grabbing one to take for her lunch, "How many 0f these are you eating while I'm gone???" I laughed inside. I need more of them.

Kenadee should give me a few lessons. I'm digging the blue.

I am in love with her cute piggy tails. I love that she has so much hair!

I attempted to take some pictures of her in a tutu... FAIL. She hated it!! Again, I laughed inside.

We went to good ol' USS today and the family got into the festivities with face painting. Kobli held pretty still being distracted with her sucker. Fisher was so NOT interested. And Jack was.... Jack. Not sure he gets it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Here are a couple more pictures of when Taylor let Kenadee tag along on the hunting trip. Taylor was taking Andy out to find an elk... with no luck. Shoot!! At least it was a good bonding experience for the kids.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Camera Phone Pictures

I just loved this one of my Mom and Kolbi!

The boys have been loving these boots since they wore them everyday in Washington. This is how they dressed when we went to the store the other day. We didn't know until we were half way there and Jackson announces that they are wearing their boots. Taylor and I looked at each other and laughed! There wasn't much else we could do.

I love it that the kids can play games on my phone. Those free apps are amazing! It helps my shopping trips go much smoother. Then there are the days when they take pictures... These are what I found. I sure love those boys! They make me laugh everyday!!

We've enjoyed the beautiful weather lately! It's been nice and sunny. Here are a few of the smiles I caught.

Then today. I went to Costco while the oldest two were in school and found these HUGE pillow pet type of stuffed animals. I'd seen them here before, but today I saw a few neighbors by them and they pointed out that they open up like the pillow pets do. They are huge!! I had to get one. My kids have been asking for pillow pets and Kenadee even offered to pay for one with her own money. Fisher fell in love with the doggie and gave me a play by play of when the doggie was cold. Now that I've hid his doggie for Christmas (think he'll forgot about it! hahaha!! I highly doubt it!!) I decided I 'need' to get 3 more. My kids will love them. If any of you happen to see the giraffe style, let me know. That one will be for Kenadee.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

kids' artwork

My kids pictures put a big smile on my face. It's an added bonus to having kids. This first picture Kenadee drew and it's of me and Maggie running. She drew it Sunday while we were on our long run of the week. Taylor asked if we were crying. (we 'might' have been during that run!) Kenadee said it was our sweat. Very true to life.

I can't help but love this one Jackson colored of me! I am smokin' hot!! Thanks buddy!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Raspberry Farms!

This past weekend we picked raspberries for our 3rd consecutive year. Annie joined us this year, which was awesome! It is something I really enjoy and getting pounds and pounds of fresh berries is a great bonus! The weather was even perfect. It was a good time with some good company! Now we are making jam like crazy and enjoying some berries in our Cheerios. YUM!

Here are all the kids. They did great!! Kenadee was an amazing picker!

Everyone needs a friend who they can be silly with!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My deep thought for the week...

Last night Taylor and I watched the season finale of "Teen Mom". I've only watched 2 episodes and I am so intrigued! Most of these couples are SO messed up and miserable. They are just so young and immature. It made me feel bad for the teenage parents and obviously the toddlers involved. Two of the couples are fighting over custody issues.

There is one couple that is still together. They have a one year old that they chose to give up for adoption. In this season finale, they were invited to visit their daughter who had just turned one. I sobbed and sobbed!!! Taylor "only got a little tear-eyed." There were SO many mixed emotions. So happy that the teenage parents are still happy and in love. So happy for the adoptive parents for having this adorable toddler given to them to raise. Yet, my heart was so sad for the teenage parents. Having this child, yet never seeing her since they handed her over. Having the toddler call the birth parents by their first names. She has other parents now. It was SO bitter/sweet!!

It takes some amazing people to get over their pride and give a child up like that. What a hard choice to make! Yet, there are tons of families waiting and praying for these children to placed in their family. We have some friends who are in this exact position. Marshall is a good friend of Taylor's. They work together and were blessed to have one biological daughter, Libby. With some major medical issues, Marshall and Brittany were told that more biological children were not an option. Again, Taylor and I cried. (we really are cry-babies!) So here they are waiting. Waiting and waiting... They are wonderful people and amazing parents!! Keep them in mind if you know of a baby needing a home. The Hoopers would make a great choice!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today was a good day! We started off by going to the library to get my kids set for this long weekend of no school. They are in heaven. I'll admit, even though I'm not a huge reader myself,
I really enjoy taking my kids to the library. It's fun!

Then I took the kids to get some smoothies where I got the best compliment! We were at the counter putting our order in and the young worker stopped me in my tracks and asked if all these kids were mine. I laughed, not really knowing where this conversation was going, and answered, "yes." She then told me there was no way I had that many kids. I was too thin and young. That seriously made my day!! If only everyone would actually say the compliments out loud that they think; the world would be a happier place!

Then off to a play date with a group of friends. We made caramel apples then had a yummy lunch too! I think us 4 moms really needed that adult conversation. It was SO much fun!!! And it doesn't hurt to walk out the door with these lovely treats!

(How cool is that cougar?! I hope I never have one in my kitchen, but I can now respect a nice mount)
Then to round the day off, Taylor took his little girl to go hunting with him. she was in heaven! She loves that she is growing up and gets this special time with her dad. (Sorry for the horrible camera picture!)

Even though this stinker girl cried practically the whole time we at our play/lunch date (I guess not letting a one year old sleep until 2 pm isn't a good idea), she took a nice afternoon nap and we got some good play in!