Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A dream come true!!

Where do I even start? This was an amazing kid-less vacation!! It is an 8 hour drive to Denver. Ok. I need to back up don't I?
Part of Taylor's 30th birthday present was that we'd fly my Mom down for a few days and she'd stay with the kids while we went somewhere. Yes, my Mom agreed and our original plan was to maybe go camping for a few days. Well... these Colts tickets practically fell into our lap thanks to connections from Taylor's brother Jed. AND another huge thanks to him!! Jed works with someone who has season tickets to the Denver Broncos. The Broncos just happen to play the Colts at home this year. SO... this coworker gave us his tickets at his cost. It was a killer of a deal, honestly!! The weekend the Colts were playing just happened to work with my Mom's work schedule to be here with our kids.

My Mom and I drove thru the night and arrived at my house on Friday at 8 am. After a little unpacking and repacking, Taylor and I started our 8 hour drive to Denver at 5 am Saturday. It was a beautiful drive. Rocky mountains with bright yellow trees.

It wasn't 30 minutes once getting out of our car that we started hearing 'crap' about our blue shirts. We only brought Colts' gear yet we wore it proudly and smiled! (I'm wondering if I should be embarrassed that we both have at least 3 colts shirts... Nope. Totally proud!!) Everyone was nice enough. They'd admit they didn't want us to win, but almost all had something positive to say about the Colts.

Here are some memories that I will never forget!!!

I found this picture at the mall and had to take advantage!

Morning of. Bring it on!!

Walking up to Mile High Stadium. The excitement is building...

Finally inside!!

Do I look excited at all?!

Gary Bracket giving autographs. We weren't quite close enough.
Here's Peyton walking out to warm up. Can you believe how close we were!!
Warm ups are going on behind us.
Here's Austin Collie's first touchdown! It was kind of fun to be the only ones cheering!! This picture was taken from our seats! They were crazy good seats!!!! (Colts are in the white. The second colt's player from the left, is Manning. Collie is in the middle of the end zone)
After the game there was a section where some players came out for autographs. We were gated off and the players had to come to us. Luckily not very many people knew about it. Probably only 100. Here is Reggie Wayne signing. Not quite close enough... dang! He's awesome and crazy fast!! Dallas Clark also came outside, but stayed on the other side. Bummer! I've had tons of questions about Austin Collie.... he didn't come out to sign.
Adam Vinatieri signing Taylor's hat!! Cool huh! Then he signed my jersey! YAY!!
Here is Dwight Freeney signing my jersey. He's amazing!! Look at how big his hands are. He also signed Tay's hat. H E A V E N !!
Ok, do I admit that I got a little tear eyed when I saw Peyton walk out?? Probably shouldn't tell the world that. It just shows that I am a true fan and not Taylor's shadow.

The security cleared out the other players before letting Peyton come out. See all his security? He didn't sign as many autographs as the others, but it also got a little wild once he came out. He stopped signing about 3 people away from me.

Here are our huge smiles! Great way to end!!!

Who is outside in crazy warm weather (100 degrees in the stadium) from 10:45-6:30 and doesn't get sunscreen?? Priorities, I guess.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An exciting day!

Sorry for the really unsteading video, I'm just grateful Kenadee figured out how to work the camera. Yay for Kolbi taking her first steps!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Taylor just got home from his long awaited hunting trip to Wyoming. It sounds like they had a good time; which I have a feeling that means this become an annual trip. Tay got a decent buck that he's happy with, not as big as he was hoping for, but still happy with it! I'm really glad Taylor took his camera cause he came home with some awesome pictures!! Wyoming looks beautiful! Maybe one year, I'll get invited to go... I'm not holding my breathe though!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vacation in the fog!

Ready for a picture overload? Here's an update from Washington during our first week here.
We've read many books together.
We've gone to the park...

We've had 2 birthdays. Luckily Fisher asked for a football cake, easy enough. Love those dimples of his!

Grandma Malone made a blackberry pie with the kids from the wild bushes on my Mom's property. The kids have loved picking the berries, and Grandma was so patient with my wild kids.

We've made some good memories snuggling. (Kolbi is teething to explain the constant fingers in her mouth. She has been quite the grouch, I hardly recognize who she is anymore with all the whining.)

Kolbi learned how to party. She started out politely taking small bites off the cupcake with her fingers....

But quickly decided this is the way to celebrate!

The house has been filled with beautiful music and (decent) voices.

Welcome to Sequim!

We went to see Courtney at work this morning at the coffee shop and got some hot chocolate. Court made me a white hot chocolate, yum! I got the best compliment, that a total stranger could have given me... It is a drive up shop with this window where we were. An 'older' man who was waiting in line (and apparently watching us) starting talking to me from his car window. I walk over there and he tells me that he thinks I am doing a great job with those kids of mine, and goes into a little detail. I was SO touched! That is the one thing I worry about everyday and beat myself up over everyday. That made my whole week seem better!!
The kids have played and explored outside a lot. Today they got totally soaked. It's worth the extra laundry to have happy boys like this!

We went to a store called Sunny Farms today. It's an old store that has some amazing produce. This trip I saw stuff that I've never seen before. Like these colored cauliflower, and also a purple bell pepper. Aren't they pretty?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My angel!

I guess I shouldn't call her my baby anymore. She is now a one year old. I can't believe how fast time really does fly by. And to think that 2 years ago, I was trying to convince myself that I could emotionally and physically handle a fourth child. You'll never regret having a child, but boy am I blessed to have Kolbi! I absolutely love her! She is my hardest, in a sence, because she requires so much from me and also she can't express her feelings at all.
She loves to eat! She'll put anything in her mouth, hardly ever spitting a 'reject' back out. She loves to be held. She loves to crawl around exploring and has recently found her nose.
You can't have a birthday in our house without a few tears. It's required. (and yes, I made her baby legs and onsie)

A crown seemed to fit. She is the queen in this household!

Here's to a great year having our family complete! I'm looking forward to many more!! Love you Kolbi kolbster!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The big 3!!

My little man turned 3 today! He is about as sweet as they come. He is pretty darn obedient and when he gets caught being naughty he says, "sorry, sorry, sorry!" Three sorry's, every time. Fisher is such a lovey. He loves guns and football just like Dad. His favorite color is yellow and he could talk your ear off any day. I picked him to share my bed with while we're in Washington. Last night he just kept touching my face over and over. It was kinda cute. He is very chill and happy with whatever he gets, no complaints.
We picked some wild blackberries for breakfast, then to the park for lunch today, with great grandma Malone and aunt Courtney. It was a little chilly (I have a feeling I packed for warmer weather... oops!) but we still managed to have some fun. He picked pizza for dinner and a football cake. Easy! I sure love this kid! There is something special about him; I just can't get enough of my Fishbone! Love ya buddy!!!